Sunday, July 31, 2011

Chapter One- Heart of Steel

Here she is, ladies and gentleman, our soon-to-be mom of a hundred babies, Miss Alessi Bright!
Now just let me put her into the game and....

Alessi: Huh? Where I am? What happened?
Hello Alessi.
Alessi: What's that!? Who's there?!
I am your creator.
Alessi: God?!
What? No!
Alessi: Then who are you?
I am the one who created you. You are Alessi Bright, a sim. And you are to do the 100 Baby Challenge.

Alessi: Are you serious?
Uh huh
Alessi: But why?
Well I've read people's stories about making their sims do it, and I wanted to try it.
Alessi: That's stupid.
It doesn't matter if it's stupid. I control your whole world!

Alessi: Listen up, Voice!
That's not my name!
Alessi: I don't care! You can't make me have a hundred babies!
It could be worse. At least you have a big house, and....
Alessi: Well whoop-de-doo!
Can't you just pretend to be happy?

Alessi: Here, I'm happy!
That's the saddest smile I've ever seen...
Alessi: Well what do you expect?! You just told me I'm to give birth a hundred times...
Well, when you say it like that it sounds rather terrible...
Alessi: It IS terrible!
Just go inside, please, and let's see if you feel the same way.
Alessi: Whatever...

Ta-da! You like?!
Alessi: Where's the pink?
Alessi: My favorite color is pink, and you know that cause you created me!
Yes, but I thought a whole house filled with pink would be rather... tacky...

Alessi: See here, Voice!
Not my name...
Alessi: I don't care! You bring me to life for the sole purpose of torturing me...
Well, I wouldn't say torturing...
Alessi: Your making me give birth to a hundred kids!
Okay, so maybe it's torture...
Alessi: Material possessions are not going to make it any better! Especially if you aren't making them to my liking!
Go out the back door, Alessi. I have one more surprise for you.

Alessi: Oh my God! It's beautiful! It's perfect! Its...
Alessi: Oh yes, and so much more! Oh, thank you Voice! Thank you!
Not so fast!
Alessi: Huh?
The car is for driving from one baby daddy's house to another.
Alessi: No fair!
Agree to the challenge, or lose your precious car forever!
Alessi: *sighs* Fine... whatever.
Good girl.
Alessi: So, who's my first victim, excalty?
Well, let's go meet him, shall we?

Alessi: Ooh.
Be nice, Alessi.
Christopher: Hi, I'm Christopher Steel.
Alessi: I'm always nice!
Christopher: What....
Alessi: Ummm... I'm always nice to hot guys like you... you are so sexy...
Nice cover up, Alessi. *snickers*

Alessi: Shut up, Voice!
Christopher: Ummm... what?
Your probably the one who should shut up, Alessi.
Alessi: Oh, ummm... I'm crazy baby. Crazy for your sexiness that I'm sure is hiding under that ugly shirt of yours...
Oh, Alessi. What have I created?

Christopher: Oh, baby, I'm crazy for you, too. I can just make out with your hot face all day long.
Oh my God. Either this guy is some kind of idiot, or....
Alessi: I got skills baby!
Christopher: You've got way more than skills, hot stuff!
Alessi: Oh, you! *giggles*

Ummm... Alessi? Alessi!?
Alessi: Yum... so tasty.
Christoper: Oh yeah!

Alessi: Hey, wanna get physical?
Christopher: Oh yeah! I'll carry you all the way there!
I'd facepalm again, but I feel like I'd get a concussion.
Alessi: Ha ha!
Christopher: What's so funny, Gorgeous?
Alessi: How hot you are!
Christopher: Oh, you!
Kill me!

Strangely enough, when they got inside, Christopher put Alessi down and ran to watch some TV.
Alessi: Oh Voice, I just don't understand men!
I don't either, sweetie. I don't, either.

Alessi: Oh, Chris!
Christopher: Yes, Hotstuff? I'm a bit busy watching my stories right now!
Are. You. Kidding. Me?
Alessi: I'm in your bed, waiting for your hot self!
Christopher: *runs over and jumps into bed* Woohoo is so much better than TV!
No, duh!

Christopher: Oh, yeah!

Alessi: Oh, wow.
Have fun?
Alessi: Let's say I could definelty do that 99 more times.
Christopher: I will do it however more times you want me too!
Uh, no. Let's get out of here before he gets anymore ideas!
Alessi: Good idea!
Christopher: It sure is! Wanna go again?

Christopher: Hey, where are you going?!
Alessi: Later, loser!
Alessi: Well, he is!

Afterwards, Alessi strutted down to the beach to scope out some more men.

CycLon3: Achoo!

CycLon3: Hi, I'm CycLon3 Sw0rd!
Alessi: What?
CycLone3: I said, my name is CycLon3 Sw0rd!

They flirted a while, before started to hug and cuddle each other.
Eew, his hand is rubbing your hair.
Alessi: And?
CycLon3: And what?
Forget it...

They finally kissed as night fell, and it was strangely romantic...

...That is, until Alessi ditched him to go chat it up with some other guys.
Alessi: So, I like the color pink. Do you like the color pink?
Connor: Well, I...
Alessi: Pink is the color is pigs, and the color of Valentines Day! Who doesn't like pink?
Connor: Well...
Alessi: Pink is also the color of cotton candy, and I love cotton candy.
Let the man speak, Alessi!
Alessi: Shut up, Voice! Anyways, Connor, pink is what happens when red and white have a baby...

Alessi goes home to make herself some dinner.
Salad, really?
Alessi: Well, I need to keep my figure, don't I? Besides, it's my favorite!
Salad is your favorite?
Alessi: Oh, shut up!
Is that the only comeback you can come up with?

Alessi: Yay, it turned out BEAUTIFUL!
You sound like Buddy Valastro...
Alessi: Who that?

Alessi then attempted to get some sleep, but what she didn't know was that the next few minutes would show her how she was going to spend the rest of her life...

Alessi: Blech! This is disgusting!
More disgusting than guy sneeze getting on your hand?
Alessi: What?
Nevermind. But don't worry, this is actually a good sign!
Alessi: What sign? *barfs*
Your pregnant!
Alessi: Oh. Wow. Great. *barfs again*

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