Monday, August 1, 2011

Chapter Two- Hey Stephen

Hey Alessi
Alessi: What do you want now, Voice?
How's the pregnancy going?
Alessi: How do you think it's going?! My back hurts, my hairs falling out, I puke every couple of hours...
It's great that you have to do this 99 more times, huh?
Alessi: Please, shut up.
That's just the hormones talking.

Alessi tried keeping herself busy during this horrible point in her life. She got into foosball.
Alessi: I love these tiny people that I can control!
That's kind of how I think of you.

She also spent a lot of time with CycLon3, which was starting to worry me. I didn't need her falling in love before the first baby was even born.

During one of his visits, he whispered in Alessi's ear that he wanted some woohoo.

Alessi: Oh, see, I would love some woohoo too, but I can't.
No, you can not.
CycLon3: And why not?
Alessi: Because I am with child.

CycLon3: Wow! Nice work!
Alessi: *Giggling* Oh, you!

After CycLon3 left a little while later, I decided that I needed to talk to Alessi.
Alessi: What is it now?!
You know after CycLon3 gets you pregnant you can't be with him anymore, right?
Alessi: Oh, I know. And I'm very happy about that.
You are?
Alessi: Oh yes. He's kind of a freak, you know? All he ever talks about is computers and he also uses his internet username as his real name. I mean, who does that?!
So you aren't in love with him?
Alessi: Sometimes I wonder about you, Voice.

Hey, what are you doing?
Alessi: What does it look like? I'm making myself some breakfast!
Alessi: Yup!
What happened to keeping your figure?
Alessi: I'm having cravings, okay?! Pregnancy is a horrible, horrible thing!

Ha ha, fail!
Alessi: Oh no! They aren't beautiful like my salad!
You know what that means...
Alessi: No... Voice, please have mercy!

Fridge cereal for breakfast!
Alessi: Eew, it tastes like a million dead things wrapped up in one big dead thing!
Um, how do you know what that tastes like?
Alessi: I'm not sure... maybe I had another life before you created me and locked me inside this torture chamber?
I seriously doubt that...

Alessi: That was horrible.
It could be worse.
Alessi: It was the most horrible moment of my life!
Wait a few hours, things will get worse...

Alessi: Oh my God what is this?!
The baby's coming...
Alessi: Ah, this hurts! I need drugs! I'm going to the hospital!
Awww that's cute! You think I'm going to let you go to the hospital!

Alessi: Wait... WHAT?!
I've decided that you are only go have home birthes
Alessi: BUT WHY?!
Because it's easier and the bab...

I hate to say it but I'm really starting to pity Alessi...

...However, she isn't in labor long before she delievers baby #1, Stephen Bright.

He was born with the traits Artistic and Genius.

Hey Alessi, where are you going?
Alessi: I'm tired. I just delievered a baby.
So your just going to sleep?
Alessi: Well I have nothing else to do...
How about watching Stephen?
Alessi: Nah...
Or call up CycLon3 to have some woohoo?
Alessi: *thinking* Hmmmm...

Alessi: Hey big guy.... uh huh.... Hey guess what! I had my baby!.... Yeah, that's right! We can woohoo now!... Uh huh.... uh huh... Kay, see ya in a bit!

Alessi: What do I do until he gets here?
Play with Stephen?
Alessi: But that involves energy!
So does woohoo!
Alessi: *sighs* If I go play with him will you get off my back?
Well, you will still have 99 other kids to screw up so... I guess I can loosen up a bit...
Alessi: I'll take it.

Alessi: Tell me this, Voice. How is it that a kid with the genius trait doesn't understand that the stick-thingy is used to play the xylophone and is not for eating?
Maybe because you need to teach him that?
Alessi: I thought you were going to get off my back...

CycLon3 finally came over and Alessi ran outside to greet him.
Alessi: Hey big guy, I've missed you...
CycLon3: Missed you too, babe.
Alessi: Ready for woohoo?
CycLon3: Oh yeah!

However, just like Christopher before him, CycLon3 hurried over to the TV the second he had the chance.
Alessi: I just don't get it, Voice! Is something wrong with me?
No, Alessi. You have a bit of an attitude but... I think that guys are just weird...
Alessi: I guess... I wish they would stop choosing television over me, though.
Aww sweetie, it's okay! I'll get you some really great guys, I promise!

Alessi evantually convinced CycLon3 that woohoo is better than the kids channel and they did it several times... apparently in their jeans.

CycLon3: That. Was. AMAZING!
Alessi: I'm still tired...

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