Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Chapter Nine- Fire Burnin'

One evening, Alessi started to type something up on the computer.
Alessi: *typing* So, space explorer Stephen hurdled through the...
Uhhh what are you doing?
Alessi: Writing a book.
YOUR writing a book?!
Alessi: Why all the surprise?
Nevermind that. What's it called?
Alessi: Stephen Searches the Universe
Oh, of course...

Suddenly, Alessi jumped up and spun into her maternity wear.
Alessi: Lookie, Voice! It's my baby bump!
What are you wearing?!

Instead of telling her kids about their new brother or sister, or setting up a birthday party so that everyone could age up, Alessi hopped in her car and drove to Christopher Steele's house for a party.
Alessi: I am SO excited!
I thought that you hated Christopher!
Alessi: But Stephen lives with Christopher!
Is Stephen the only kid that you actually like?!
Alessi: Pretty much, yeah.

But Stephen wasn't there. Alessi did get an eyeful of Christopher looking at Beau Andrews and liking what he saw.

Beau's wife, Victoria, saw it as well, and reacted with sticking her hands through her waist.

Alessi: It's not fair, Voice! Where is my Stephy?!
Look, it's Autumn! Go say hi!
Alessi: Haven't you been listening?! I wanna see Stephen, not Autumn!

Alessi: I'm leaving! Worst party ever!
Oh, come on! This choosing of favorites needs to stop!
Alessi: It's not doing any harm. I love all my kids, but some I love some more than others. What's the big deal?
Autumn just wants her Mommy, and you didn't even say hi to her!
Alessi: But I didn't come for Autumn, I came for my precious Stephy!
And you don't see anything wrong with this?

The next morning, it was time for all the kids to celebrate their birthdays.

Casper was up first.
Casper: Yes! I can't believe that I'm FINALLY going to become a full vampire!

Ricky: Yay, Casper! I'm so happy for you!
Casper: So I am! Now I can suck the blood out of all you losers! Mwahahahaha!

With that, red sparkles surrounded Casper, and small black bats flew around him as he completed his final transformation.

Casper turned out pretty nice, didn't he? He gained the Lucky trait, so altogther, he is a cowardly, good, eccentric, lucky, innaproppiate acting vampire. Not the greatest mix of traits, though he didn't end up with any truly horrible ones.

Ricky was up next.
Ricky: Mom? Mom, are you going to watch me blow out my candles?
Alessi: Whatever, Ricky. Just hurry up and blow them out, already!

Casper: Ha ha! Mom hates you, you loser!
Alessi: Come on, Casper, that isn't nice.
Good girl, that's acting like a mom! Stand up for your son!
Alessi: Thank you, Voice. I'm trying my best.
Casper: Ha ha, Ricky! Mom likes a Voice more than you!

Ricky: *sigh* I wish to be the hot twin...

Ricky turned out rather handsome. He's always making that face, though. It's kind of sad. He recieved the Friendly trait.

Rodrick: Ha ha, Ricky! I was cuter as a toddler and child, and now I'm going to be a lady killer!
Alessi: Make a wish and blow out the candles, baby.

Rodrick: No, I don't need to make a stupid wish like my brother! Because I KNOW that I am going to be the hot one!

Rodrick turned out handsome as well. He gained the trait Loner, which is opposite of the one that his twin brother got.

And, last but not least, it was Celio's turn.
Alessi: Oh nom nom nom! Tasty head!
Stop that!
Alessi: Oh, I do love getting on your nerves, Voice.

Alessi: Okay, Celio, now that I got Voice all worked up, it's time for you to blow out your candles!
Celio: Finally! I'm gonna be a bad bad boy!

Just as Celio started to blow out the candles, the cake turned black and orange, like an ember, and the fire alarm started blaring.
Alessi: Okay then.... let's just walk away...
Aren't you going to do something?!
Alessi: I am doing something. I'm walking away.
Do something else!!!!
Alessi: No, because if I ignore it, it'll go away.

But it didn't go away. The whole cake literally burst into flames.

Casper nearly wet himself when he saw the flames, and vampire-ran over to Alessi.

Alessi: You are a full grown man now, Casper, as well as a full fledged vampire. Save yourself.

So he did. Casper vampire-ran outside and watched the fire from the safety of the other side of the window.

Ricky ended up being the one to take action, and he put the fire out himself.

By the time the firefighter got there, the danger was gone.
Alessi: Check it out, I'm soooo pregnant!
Casper: Celio? Is it safe to come inside?

Celio finally aged up a little while later, and isn't he just the cutest little blue haired little african american boy you ever layed your eyes on? He recieved the mooch trait.

The whole fire incident humiliated Casper. What kind of vampire runs from danger like that? He didn't even consider himself worthy of being a creature of the night anymore.

He vampire-ran out of there as fast as he could, without sucking anyone's blood, and without changing out of his sleepwear. He was too embarassed. In his eyes, he was a disgrace to vampires everywhere.

He didn't even say goodbye to anyone. He did, however, leave the portrait he made of his mother.
Alessi: That was his goodbye present?! It's HORRIBLE!
Alessi! It was a labor of love!
Alessi: Of come on, it's not even a real painting! Just a bunch of colored dots!
It was a nice thought....
Alessi: You can't even tell that it's me! Honestly! I wish I have a kid who can do better portraits, because this is just plain disappointing!

After the fire thing, the rest of Alessi's pregnancy was extremely boring. I pretty much fast fowarded through the whole thing. Alessi did nothing but work on her book.

Rodrick, besides the fact that he didn't have the Neat or Perfectionist traits, became OCD and started to become obsessed with cleaning.

Celio and Ricky were lazy and spent most of their time sleeping.

Ricky did sometimes watch the soaps that his mom used to. They ended up brainwashing him as well.
Ricky: *laughing* Oh Billy, what will you think up next?!

His brain got so screwed up that this happened.
Ricky: They're heeeerrrreee...

Unfortunetly, before a clown doll could pop up or ghosts come out of the closet, Ricky got to work fixing the TV and everything went back to normal. And by normal I mean boring.

Alessi: AHHH! That's sooo mean!
I'm sorry. You and your sons were just boring me.
Alessi: Ohh... ooowwww! This huuuurrrttts!
Come on, tough it out!
Alessi: Can't I like take a break after this one? For a little while? Please?!
How about after your tenth one?

Alessi: Okay! Let's pop this sucker out and get another daddy!
Alessi: I WANNA BREAK!!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, let's welcome to the world baby #7, Alicia Bright!

She was born with the traits Clumsy and Brave.

And let's also welcome baby #8 Jazmyn Bright!

She was born with the traits Friendly and Genius.

I'm soooo happy I got girls! I was convinced that Autumn would be the only one! So I was thrilled when Alessi had two! Not to mention that they are adorable, and I'm also really happy that one isn't a redhead!

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