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Chapter Thirteen- You Take Me By The Heart When You Take Me By The Hand

Since Alessi was pregnant once again, it was birthday time in the Bright house!

Celio: Oh, hello little cake. Don't worry, I'm not gonna hurt you! I'm just gonna light you on fire and then eat you alive!

Alicia: Oh, Celio! Don't do that! You'll scare the cake!
Celio: Like I care about that, Squirt. I bet it wants to die!

Here is Celio all grown up! He looks pretty good, doesn't he? He recieved the Great Kisser trait, so all together is a brave mooch who is a genius, likes to be outside, and is a great kisser. But no Evil trait. Such a shame....

Alicia: Hey Jazmyn! Are you going to watch me blow out the candles?
Jazmyn: No, and Mom isn't going to either.

Alicia: Oh, well, ummm that's okay. Becoming a teenager isn't that big of a deal, is it?
Jazmyn: *laughing* Yeah it is!

Alicia: Well.... I wish that I will be loved by someone, like maybe a boyfriend.

Well, I don't know anything about a boyfriend, but I know that she is going to be a big heartbreaker! She rolled the Commintment Issues trait.

Jazmyn: Look out world! Jazmyn Bright is going to be a teen!

Alicia: Yay Jazmyn! Yay!
Celio: Woo!
Jazmyn:  That's right! Cheer you losers!

Jazmyn: Oh I just can't believe I'm this much closer to being an adult! Finally some power around here!

She turned out pretty. But I definetly think that Alicia is the hot twin. Jazmyn gained the Bookworm trait.

Finally, it was Ace's turn.
Alessi: Woah... woah! Stop the party!
What's wrong now?
Alessi: My phone's ringing!
And that's more important than your rockstar baby aging up!
Alessi: YES!

Alessi: I'm bored...
You are such a bad mom!
Alessi: Well, that's your own fault, Voice!
In what way?
Alessi: Ace would be my favorite if only I got my break!
Alessi: Well Ace has to suffer now becuase of your selfishness.

Ace grew up completely and utterly adorable, and rolled the Grumpy trait. How appropiate....

Now that the birthday celebration was over, it was time for Celio to leave.
Alessi: So, what are you planning to do?
Celio: Well, I'm going to go work at the hospital. I want to go live with my dad because you never even introduced me to him.

Alessi: Well, that's certainly ungrateful of you! I raised you all by myself!
Celio: What about Casper?
Alessi: Well, Casper is a loser, and he ran out of house with pee running down his leg when your birthday cake caught on fire. He doesn't count for anything.
Celio: Well, you aren't that great of a mom, anyways. Always chatting with a Voice that isn't even there.
The boy speaks the truth!
Alessi: Shut up, Voice! Celio....
Celio: This is what I am talking about, Mother.
Alessi: But...
Celio: Goodbye Mother.

With that, Celio walked out, and drove directly to the hospital to get a job. He also met a tiny hungry invisible man there. Once he got the job, he went and moved in to his dad's house.

Alessi: If hurting my delicate little feelings wasn't bad enough, that boy left his stupid ugly little goldfish here!
I think that he did that on purpose.
Alessi: Not to mention that he broke the TV before he left!
The TV is broken?
Alessi: Um, yeah...
You know what that means!

Alessi: Oh no, Voice! Please have mercy!
Alessi: First the bathtub, now this?!
Oh just quit complaining and get on it... and don't electrocute yourself while your at it!

Careful Lessi! Careful Lessi! Careful Lessi! Careful Lessi! BE CAREFUL!
Alessi: Shut up!

Alessi: Ahhhh I'm tried!
You just poked the TV with a screwdriver, and you're tired?!
Alessi: I think I'm going to go sleep for the rest of my pregnancy...
Have fun...

Meanwhile, Ace chased Alicia out of the kitchen in a dynamic game of tag.

Their chase made it all the way outside to the backyard, and tthey then ran around wildly for about two hours.

However, Ace soon grew tired and went inside to rest, leaving Alicia to stand around in the dark for the rest of the night.

Meanwhile, Jazmyn was up to her old hijinks.
Jazmyn: Uhhhh what is this?

Jazmyn: Oh the sink broke.... well I'm too tired to fix it right now! I'm going to go take a nap!

Alicia ended up being the one to fix it.
Alicia: Maybe Mom will love me if I start to fix things instead of breaking them? Although I doubt that would ever happen...

Alicia then mopped up the mess while Jazmyn watched her mom's soap operas.

Alicia had began to take an intrest in painting. She at first didn't have any luck with it...

But finally she created this. It's not actually finished yet, but it is sort of adorable. Just like Stephen's cute little cloud painting, I think that once this one is done I will stick in the nursery.

Ace has started to play with the rocket ship obsessively. Like  he will sit down and play with it for hours and hours and hours.
Ace: Commander Rick Roberts is zooming through the universe on search of the formula to save the people of earth from a fatal diease! He discovers that the formula is on a planet called Zorgi when all of a sudden...

Ace: BLACKHOLE! Rick Roberts is sucked in but luckily his trusty monkey assistant knows the way out! But the monkey is actually evil!

The next day, while the kids were at school, Alessi was busy playing foosball when all of a sudden...
Alessi: Oh, Voice! I feel funny!
You are probably in labor!

Alessi: Oh, this is sooo bad!
Why? After you pop this one out, you get your break!
Alessi: But those fish are going to watch me give birth!

Alessi, I really don't think....
Alessi: It's just so creepy disturbing! AHHHHHH!
Alessi: It's coming out! It's coming out!

Alicia: Hey Mom! We're hom...... OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT?!

Ignoring that lovely picture that you just got in your head, please welcome baby #10 Mickey Bright!

He was born with the traits Couch Potato (just like his grandma Maia!) and Eccentric.

Now that Alessi has had ten kids, she will be taking a small break. Meaning that as soon as Ace becomes a teen, she will be going back to her normal routine. Which just basically means that there will be one chapter about sweet nothings, then a birthday chapter, and then the baby daddy update. I might combine the birthday and daddy chapters together, because it makes things less painful for everyone, but probably not.

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