Saturday, August 6, 2011

Chapter Seven- See Ya Next Fall!

Casper isn't afraid of the dark anymore. He constantly sneaks out in the middle of night to play.

However, he seems to have a new thing to worry about.
Casper: Oh my God! So scary! I can't stop myself and it goes so fast! I think I just peed myself! Ahhh!

Autumn kept herself busy tending to Rodrick's needs. Rodrick was defienetly the favorite of her brothers, and she did her best to spoil him rotton.

Autumn loved her little brother so much that she was actually willing to potty train him.
Autumn: So kiddo, going potty isn't that tough. I do it all the time!
Rodrick: Tell me more!

Ricky, on the other hand, was the forgotten child. Maybe because his hair was different from everyone elses. Or maybe because everyone pities Rodrick because he has one less trait than he's supposed to. Either way, though, Ricky is treated like he doesn't exist.
Ricky: Mama! Me so hungwy I eat hand!
Alessi: Oh shut up, Ricky. Your cries of hunger are hurting my ear.

Alessi: Oh, you shut up too, Voice! You promised when Stephen was a baby that you would let me parent however I wanted to.
Well, I tried that. But you ended up traumatizing Casper. Remember?

It wasn't long after this that Alessi got her baby bump.
Alessi: The alien is back!
You said you wouldn't call the baby an alien anymore!
Alessi: I think it is this time, though. I mean, Lorn WAS blue.
True enough. I'll let this one slide.

And since Alessi was now offically expecting, it was girly birthday cake time!

Ricky was up first.
Alessi: Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday blow out the frickin candle I have other things to do!
Like what? You don't have any friends!
Alessi: Stay out of my life!
I GAVE you your life, and I will sure as heck take it back!

Ricky grew up handsomely, and rolled the trait Eccentric.

Rodrick was up next.
Alessi: Awww sweetie. Need some help blowing out your candles?
Rodrick: Yes Mama.
Alessi: Shut up, Voice! You are ruining my sons birthday!
You ruined Ricky's birthday!
Yes it is. No one can hear me, but everyone can hear you.

Alessi: Nevermind Voice, sweetie. Let's blow out your candles! Ready?!
Rodrick: Mama's losing it.

Rodrick grew up absolutely adorable, and recieved the bookworm trait. It's also the first time that I'm usung the curls, and I think that I'm in love with them!

After the twins were done aging up, it was Casper's turn.
Rodrick: YOU GO BRO! WOOO!
Casper: Please shut up, you annoying little twit!

Rodrick: Ha ha! We are the same age now! I'm not younger than you anymore!
Casper: Oh, you just wait till my fangs come in! Your the first I'm taking down!

Ooh, heeellllloooo Casper! He didn't turn out horrible, huh? He recieved the Coward trait, which is fitting, considering all the things he's been afraid of through out his life.

Finally, Alessi's only daughter so far, Autumn, was to become a young adult.
Ricky: Hey, Autumn! I'd rather fall off the slide then be here!
Autumn: Hey Ricky, guess what?
Ricky: What?
Autumn: Shut up!
Alessi: Hey, there's another party going on?

Autumn: *sigh* Neglected again...
Alessi: Hurry up and blow out your candles, sweetie.
Autumn: *grumbling* I wish that I can get the heck out of this house...

Autumn grew up quite well, I think, except for her nose. Although, in the words of my friend Maddy, "It adds character." She recieved the Party Animal trait. So altogether, she is a friendly, charismatic good girl who is absent minded and likes to party like an animal.

Because she planned to leave the house ASAP, she decided to get the goodbyes in quickly. She first spent some quality time with her precious Swimmington, since she decided to leave him there so that Casper could suck his blood and not Rodrick's.

She then chatted with each of her brothers, none of who were too saddened by her leaving.

Finally, Autumn hugged her mom, and then made an observation.
Autumn: There's no tears.
Alessi: It was harder letting go to my first baby.
Autumn: Whatever, you never cared.
Alessi: Not true!
Yeah it is!
Alessi: Oh, Voice. This isn't a good time!
Autumn: You care about some stupid imaginary voice more than you do me!
Alessi: No, sweetie, I don't! I hate Voice!
Love you too, Alessi!

Autumn: Whatever, Mom. I'm not holding a grudge. Just be good to the baby in your belly for me.
Alessi: Autumn... it's kicking!
Autumn: *Puts hands on stomach* Oh, cool.
Alessi: Please, just stay a little longer! I think the baby wants to meet you!
Autumn: I promised myself I was going to leave this horrid house the second I was able to, and you know what, I am!

And with that, baby #2 walked out of the house without telling anyone where she was going.

After Autumn left, nobody knew what to do with themselves. They all tried talking and acting like a family, but it didn't exactly work out.

The twins snuck out every night around midnight to play tag until the bus came the next morning.

Casper took up painting, and since he was a vampire, he mastered it almost immdediately. He made a ton of money for the family.

Alessi attempted to take up chess, but it didn't really go so well.
Alessi: This is tough, Voice.
How so?
Alessi: Well, I am facing the smartest opponet ever!
You're facing yourself.
Alessi: That's the problem! I'm too smart for my own good!
I seriously doubt that's the problem.

Alessi instead turned to watchings soaps to pass the time.
Alessi: Oh no! Why, Nick?! Why would you leave your wife while she is PREGNANT?! *weeps*

Alessi, her mind melted from staring a TV screen 24/7, was almost relieved when she finally went into labor.

That is, until she realized that she was giving birth to an alien thing. Casper's birth apparently traumatized her as much as she traumatized Casper.

The birth wasn't horrible however, it was almost pleasant. She safely delievered baby #6, Celio Bright.

He was born with the traits Loves the Outdoors and Genius. I'm a little disapointed that he isn't blue, and I'm not really sure where the dark skin comes from. However, he is adorable, and I am thrilled that he has Lorn's hair and eyes.

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  1. Celio could have gotten his skin from his dad, even if he is blue. You have to pick a color and tone(richness of color) for each sim's skin, so he probably got his mom's skin color and his dad's skin tone.