Friday, August 5, 2011

Chapter Six- Feeling Blue

It was time for three birthdays in the Bright house. Now that there were two new babies in the house, Stephen, Autumn, and Casper all had to age up.

First up was Casper.
Alessi: Come on, Vampy. Blow out your candles!
Please don't call him that. It's not his fault he's a vampire.
Alessi: What are you talking about?! You named him after a ghost!
Carry on....

Casper grew up even more adorable then he was before! He gained the Innappropiate trait.

Autumn was up next.
Autumn: I hope I don't have to do the dishes at my own party!

Alessi: Just blow out your candles and make a wish!
Autumn: Hmmm.... I wish that I will never have to clean anything ever again!
Alessi: Never going to happen!
Autumn: I know....

Autumnn grew up rather pretty, though her nose continues to bother me. She got the Charismatic trait.

And finally, last but certainly not least, the first baby ever born in this challenge, Stephen, was going to become a young adult.

Autumn: Yay big brother! Whoo! YAAAAAY!
Alessi, watch Stephen blow out his candles.
Alessi: I can't! My baby boy is all grown up now! It's just too hard!
Autumn: Mom, please stop talking to Voice. This is about Stephen not you.
Listen to your daughter, Alessi. She is very smart.

Casper: Ha ha! Mom's going to have a meltdown because of you, Stephen!

Alessi: Oh, it hurts so bad...
Hold in the tears, Alessi. Hold in the tears!
Alessi: I'm trying, I'm trying...

Alessi: *hysterically crying* NOOOOO! NOT STEPHEN! AHH! NOOO!

Well, Alessi caused a scene and I missed Stephen blowing out his candles, but here is what he looks like when all's said and done. I think he turned out rather smexy, though I have a crush on Anthony from Cake Boss, so that's not saying much. He recieved the angler trait. So all together he's an artistic genius who's over emotional, sleeps lightly, and likes to fish. Nice mix.

Right before he was to leave, Stephen grabbed his mom and pulled her into a hug.
Stephen: I love you, Mom.
Alessi: *weeping* Then why won't you stay?!
Stephen: Well, I'm moving in with my dad to get to know him.
Alessi: Well, that's nice, I guess.

Stephen: I love you, Autumn, Casper, the twins, and any other kids you'll pop out sooo much!
Alessi: I love you too, Stephy.
Stephen: Just promise me one thing.
Alessi: What's that?
Stephen: Don't listen to Voice anymore, okay?
I hate this kid!
Alessi: Oh don't worry, I try not to!

And with that, he was gone. I found Alessi a few hours later staring out the window, crying.
Alessi: Oh Voice, my first baby is gone!
It's going to be okay, Alessi.
Alessi: How do you know? What if he gets hurt? Or worse?
He's a big boy now, sweetie. He can take care of himself.
Alessi: Umm, Voice?
Alessi: Some woohoo might make me feel better.
You sound like your addicted to doing it.
Alessi: Please, Voice.
Fine. You do need to have some more babies soon anyways. Tomorrow morning I'll take you to your new guy.
Alessi: Thank you, Voice.

Alessi: What am I doing at the park?
I told you I was taking you to the next baby daddy!
Alessi: I thought you meant his house.
Alessi: Well where is he?
Look around and see if you can see anyone... unusual.

Alessi: I don't see anyone unusual.
No one?
Alessi: Well... do the Bunches count?
No... well yeah. But I'm not talking about them!
Alessi: Well I don't see anyone else who is weird!
Why don't you look by the swings.

Alessi: I don't see anyone!
A little to the left...
Alessi: Okay but I don't... HOLY BLUE GUY!
There you go.

Lorn: Hi, my name is Lorn Quinn.
Alessi: Hi.... ummm.... I'm sorry... why are your blue?
Alessi: Whatever, Voice!
Lorn: What?
Alessi: Uhhh.... nothing.... sooo.... you aren't a smurf, are you?
Lorn: Noo...
Alessi: Oh thank God! Because if you were, I wouldn't woohoo with you!
Lorn: Oh, so you wanna woohoo do you?

Hey Alessi?
Alessi: Hmmm I'm a little busy here.
Lorn: Who are you talking to?
Why don't you head into that theatere over there?
Alessi: Why?
Lorn: Why what? Do you wanna kiss or not?
Just do it!
Alessi: Uhhh Lorn... wanna go tour the theatere?
Lorn: Oh yeah, sure.

So the two excitedly raced to the theatere.
Alessi: Why am I going in here, exactly?
You'll see....

Meanwhile, Autumn was trying to teach Ricky to walk.
Autumn: Come on, Ricky! Come to Autumn!
Ricky: No!

Autumn: You disapoint me, Ricky.

Checking back in with Alessi, we find tiny little hearts flying out of the top of the theatere.

So it was fun then?
Alessi: Fun? Fun! Oh heck yeah it was fun! I've never had so much fun in my entire life!
Where's Lorn?
Alessi: Oh who cares about Lorn?! All I know is that I am very, very satisfyed.

Alessi then began to do the stride of pride all the way home, as she sang at the top of her lungs.
Your phone is ringing.
Alessi: Voice! There is no time for that! Now, where was I? Oh yeah..... IT FELT SOOOO GOOD!
Just don't walk in the house singing that...
Alessi: Stop interupting me!

By the time Alessi had gotten home, Autumn had given up on Ricky and was now trying to teach Rodrick how to walk.
Autumn: Come on Roddie, don't be like your brother! Walk to me, Roddie!
Roddie: Ka Otton!

Autumn: Yes, Rodrick! Good job! This is why you're my favorite!

Casper was busy as well. He was always on his mom's computer, playing chess against random people on the internet.
Casper: Huh? Why would you make THAT move?

Casper: *sigh* Stupid noob...

Casper was also taking an intrest in Swimmington. Ever since the twins were born, Autumn had been spending time with them and not her precious pet, so Casper began feeding him.
Casper: Eat up little fishy. And when you grow big, I will suck your blood! MWAHAHAHAHA!

Alessi! Did I miss your morning sickness?!
Alessi: Yup.
Was it blue?
Alessi: Yeah, like I look to see what color my puke is!
Well, next time you puke, can you see if it is blue?

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