Saturday, December 24, 2011

Chapter Forty Two: Christmas Special!

Twas the night of the twenty fourth
And the cold winds did blow
But there's no Weather Expansion Pack
So there was not a bit of snow

A house sat defiantly
At the edge of the sqare
Unknowingly preparing
For the magic that is to happen there

The babes slept soundly
Safe in their beds.
While nightmares of their mother's sketchy maternity wear
Flashed through their heads

And there on the porch
A strange man stood with a grin
No one came to the door
So he had to break in

And then through the night
There rose such a clatter
Good parents would awaken
To see what was the matter

But Alessi stayed sleeping
All silent and chill
She cared nothing for her children
So she chose to stay still

But I forced her out of her slumber
And out to the hall
And what she saw right then
Was not what she expected at all

The house was filled to the brim
With toys and decor
Alessi seemed especially unnerved
By the tree near the door

She cursed the Voice loudly
Thinking this treatment wasn't fair
Until she noticed a little ways off
A strange man in a chair

He clutched her young infant
But Alessi cared nothing for that
She wanted this man's babies
Though he was a bit fat

The children all gathered around him
With joy twinkling in their eyes
They were very escatic
About their Christmas surprise

Buffy got a teddy
A friend for her to love
Boo recieved a top hat
And a pair of white gloves

Shane got a baseball
And a new cap
And Dennis hugged his new blankie
And took a long nap

And little cat Tuxie
Got a gift too
A brand new cat house
For whatever cats do

But Tuxie didn't appreciate it
In fact he was quite upset
So he murdered the easel
And made a huge mess

Alessi walked out
In a big fashion-not
But Boo couldn't help but express
That his mother looked hot

Alessi grabbed the strange man
And pulled him into an emabrace
The kids all watched them
And there was a scowl on each face

Alessi said his white hair
Made her feel shy
Than she expressed that she thought
He was a hot guy

She asked him if she could
Get a gift too
The strange man nodded
And followed her into her room

Shane watched them go in horror
With an angry scowl on his face
 His mother had ruined Christmas
She was such a disgrace

The two entered the room
And crawled up on to the bed
As dirty ideas
Flew through the two's heads

They cuddled a bit
But that's not where it ends
Alessi's not content
With just being friends

She pounced on top of him
And they quickly locked lips
Alessi pulled the blankets up over
And under they slipped

Woohoo was done that christmas morning
With Father Christmas himself
But he forgot to take off his shoes
The silly old elf!

And what happened after that?
Well, who can really say?
But we all know that Alessi's stomach
Grew three sizes that day

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Dear new readers/loyal readers/lurkers/haters/Maddy,

I am sad to announce that this challenge is going to be on hiatus for a while now. I know it just got off of hiatus, and I am extremely sorry, but this has to be done. My mom saw my progress report, and well, it was not pretty. Basically it was a scream fest, which ended up with me in tears, and hiding in the bathroom from my whole family. It was not a pretty sight, as you can imagine, and it gets even worse.

Because of my grades, I am losing my basic freedoms. My social life is being severed, my after school activities will probably have to bereplaced for studying, and my computer is only to be used for homework. Which means, of course, no sims. Which means no Alessi, which of course means no story.

I guess it is fair for me to say that I understand if you are frustrated with me. I constantly let you guys down with many hiatus's, short stupid little chapters, and weeks and weeks between each chapter. But I do promise that i will sneak behind my mom's back just once to make the christmas special, and hopefully it will make up for this all. Hopefully.

With that is my goodbye, at least for now. But if I can't get myself on to honor roll in the next month or so, this may be a very long, long hiatus. But I swear I am going to do everything humanly possible to get this challenge rolling again. I really want to see that 100th baby.

Again, I offer a thousand apologies, and I hope that you all are still around by the time I start this whole thing back up. But I would completely understand if you were not.

Goodbye for now,

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Chapter Forty One: Friendship is Magic!

Hark! It's the great white whale!
Alessi: You JERK! You know I'm preggers!
Yes, yes I do!
Alessi: I don't ordinarily look like this... Do I?!
No, actually, quite the oppo-
Alessi: I can't believe it! I'm FAT!!!! *weeps*
Alessi, I was just kidding!
Alessi: Lies!!

Alessi: For shame! I must hide my belly! Go unborn offspring! Go hide all the way in the back! Make Mommy look skinny!
Why must the weirdest, most disgusting things come out of your mouth?!
Alessi: Whaaat?! I was being serious?
I thought that you outgrew loathing your children! Now you hate them because they make you fat?
Alessi: Okay one, I will never outgrow my hatred for having 100 babies...
*sigh* Fair enough...
Alessi: And two, I don't hate this baby! I actually kind of like it!
Alessi: Yes! It serves as a momento of my fun in the hot toob...
What does Shane serve as a momento of?

Alessi: Shane? Who's Shane?!
Your son...
Alessi: Stephen? Rodrick? Mickey?
Your BABY son! The one you just had a little while ago!
Alessi:....Oh yes, the blonde one. I remember him now.
You forgot your own child?!
Alessi: When you've popped out as many as I had, names sort of become a blur.
Uh huh...
Alessi: So it isn't MY fault I can't remember Shaun!
Alessi: Same difference!

Poor little Shane is constantly neglected and left in his crib. The only one who truly cares about him is his big sister, Jaycee, and she's at school most of the day.

Jaycee tried to be there for him as much as she could. She pretty much potty trained him and was also the one who taught him how to walk and how to talk. Both were kind of outcasts in their family, since Jaycee was the ignored twin, and her sister's evil, and Shane is just plain forgotten.

Tuxie has also made a new friend.
Buffy: Yay Tuxie! Claw Mom's good desk! Harder! Deeper! Go go go!
Tuxie: Mawr!
Buffy: Yaaay! *giggles* Mom's gonna flip!

I also have a quick announcement:
I sent Jaycee down to the grocery store to pick up some bubble bath before she aged up, and I spotted this young man.

This is Byron Bright, Autumn's son. I never showed him to you guys. I kept forgetting and putting it off for another chapter, and now he is a child. So, I'm sorry about that, but better late than never, right?

I also saw Cathy, Alicia and Parker's little girl. Isn't she just beautiful?

But getting back in to the story, it's party time!

Sabrina: Mwahahaha! I can't wait to finally be rid of all you LOSERS! Once I finally leave this place, the world will be miiine!
Alessi: You should talk to Joy. She has the same dream!

Jaycee: Ha ha! Well I just wish to find my love monkey!
Alessi: You look like a monkey.
Alessi: Wellll I'm not in to lying!
Sabrina: I'm not either!

Here is our lovely, yet evil,  little Sabbie. I am really happy how she turned out. She is beautiful! Anyways, she gained the Dislikes Children trait, so altogether she is an evil snob who makes messes all tries to make it look attractive for the guys, but she hates kids.

And this is Jaycee! She is... Okay looking. She isn't beautiful like her sister, but she's pretty on the inside... Right? Hmm... Well, like I told my little sister, let this be a lesson towards you. Big lips don't equal attractive, no matter what the plastic surgeons tell you!
Well, moving on from Jay's over all appearance, let's talk traits. She gained the Athletic trait, so altogether she is a lonley athlete who likes being daring outside, and is super smart.

Alicia's other daughter, Elissa, showed up just then, in time to watch the rest of her uncles and aunt age up.

Jaycee: Yaaaay! *blows horn*
Buffy: Keep that peice of crap away from my ear unless you want it shoved down your throat!
Boo: When do I get a turn?!
Buffy: When I'm done!
Boo: No fair! No fair!

Alessi: Make a wish, Buffy!
Buffy: Don't tell me what to do, old lady!
Alessi: OLD?! *cries*
Buffy: *giggles*
Boo: Is it MY turn yet?!
Buffy: GO AWAY!!!

Buffy: Yay! Happy birthday to me!
Boo: I'm doing it now! I don't care what anyone has to say about it!
Boo, be patient! Let your sister age up!
Boo: But Monster...
Buffy: *twitches* You did NOT just call me that again!
Uh oh....

Well, dispite all of that... Trouble, Buffy did age up very pretty! She rolled the Animal Lover trait... So wait, she's a mean spiritied animal lover? So is she mean to the animals, or just people? Hmmm....

And because Boo was being impatient, he aged up at around the same time as his sister. Isn't he handsome?! I was pleasantly surprised! I was a little disapointed that the curls didn't look good on him anymore, but eh, he looks good with this hair! Anyways, Boo aged up well and rolled the Genius trait... Hmmm, Insane AND Genius? Maybe he'll realize that I'm not a monster...

Alessi: Okay Shep...
Alessi: Erm, right... Come on.... Shane,This is the last party. Let's just get this over with!
Buffy: Mom, you are disgusting! You are more disgusting than a trash can! Not only do you talk to something that isn't there...
Alessi: Voice sooooo exists! Your weird because you DON'T talk to her!
Uhhh.... That's not really how that works...
Buffy: Am not! Your a weirdo and you treat your kids like crap!
Alessi: It's not my fault I'm forced to have 100 babies!
Buffy: *jaw drop* Whaaaaa....?

Alessi: *sigh* Okay, now that Buffy is speechless, let's just finish this up, shall we?
Shane: *giggle* Mommy, is my birthday!
Alessi: Yes, yes come on Sherlock!
Alessi: Whatevs! Come on, blow out your candles already!

Well, here's Shane as a child. He's adorable, isn't he? Hold on to that, though, because he is now Hot Headed! Hehehe, this will be interesting....

Hi Boo!
Boo:...Monster, if you don't mind, I am very busy right now!
Boo: I am playing chess against a very worth opponet!
...Thats the computer player
Boo: And he is very good at this game!
He doesn't exist...

Boo: I don't judge, Monster. And besides, you don't techicinally exist either!
Boo: So, if you excuse me, I need to get back to trying to win now!
Have fun with that...

Meanwhile, Buffy has been fully embracing her new Animal Lover trait. She and Tuxie have been spending every second together. They play, cuddle, and Buffy grooms him until his coat shines.

Buffy finally found a friend, and she doesn't even find the urge to be mean to him (Unlike everyone else in her life...)

And Tuxie looks like he is in looove!

The next morning, Jaycee and Alessi bonded a little bit, since Jaycee and Sabrina were about to leave.
Alessi: *whispering* I have a confession to make...
Jaycee: What?
Alessi: I was forced to give birth to you by a mysterious voice...
Well when you put it like that, it sounds horrible...
Alessi: It WAS horrible!
Jaycee: Mmmhhhmmmm....
Alessi: Don't eyeball me like that, girl!

Jaycee: I'm not eyeballing you, Mom. Just, ummm, promise me that when I'm gone, you'll be nicer to Shane and the twins... And this new baby too.
Alessi: Awwww do I really have to?
Sabrina: Sup losers! I'm just gonna be making my way out now...
Alessi: No, Sabbie, wait!
Sabrina: *growls*

Sabrina: I don't wanna talk to you! I have places to go and people to rob!
Alessi: Oh Sabbie, my dear, I am going to miss you so much!
Jaycee: Huh? What about me?
Alessi: I already talked to you!
Jaycee: But aren't you gonna miss me?!

Sabrina: Oh, Jaycee! *laughs* No one is going to miss you!
Jaycee:...Not true!
Sabrina: Oh come on, you are ugly! I mean, your lips are huge!
Jaycee: Yes, but....
Sabrina: *deepens voice and pulls on face* Oh look at me, I'm Jaycee! I am unlovable and afraid to admit it!
Jaycee: I do NOT talk like that.... And besides, I don't care what you say! I LIKE how I look!
Sabrina:.. Are you BLIND?!

The two left soon after. Poor Jaycee ended up deciding to stay with her sister. Why, I don't know, but I hope that she realizes that a proper revenge against her would be to tell the world about her peeing herself as a child... Although, she'd probably have to flee the country if she did that.

Sabrina, in a final act of defiance at her mother, leaves a rotting pile of food on the floor, whcih completely stinks up the house.

That evening, Jaycee called her little brother.
Shane: Hi Jaycce! I am sooo glad to hear from you! Where did.... Wait, what do you mean you left?! I thought... Well, I wanna get out of here too!

Shane: Mommy doesn't even know my name! I wanna run away and come live with you!

Alessi: Aah! My stomach! My stomach!

Alessi: Sawyer! Sawyer! Call the cops, Sawyer! I'm squeezing a baby out of me!
Shane: She's yelling at me, Jaycee! And she STILL doesn't know my name!

Well, the cops never showed up, but Alessi still gave birth to baby #31 Dennis Bright.

He was born with the traits Friendly and Eccentric

Isn't he just plain ADORABLE?! I'm thrilled that he inherited the Moore family hair color. My friend Maddy suggested the name, and it seems to fit him. Though, I was hoping for a girl so i could name her Aubree, but still, Dennis is too cute for me to be mad at him ^.^