Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Dear new readers/loyal readers/lurkers/haters/Maddy,

I am sad to announce that this challenge is going to be on hiatus for a while now. I know it just got off of hiatus, and I am extremely sorry, but this has to be done. My mom saw my progress report, and well, it was not pretty. Basically it was a scream fest, which ended up with me in tears, and hiding in the bathroom from my whole family. It was not a pretty sight, as you can imagine, and it gets even worse.

Because of my grades, I am losing my basic freedoms. My social life is being severed, my after school activities will probably have to bereplaced for studying, and my computer is only to be used for homework. Which means, of course, no sims. Which means no Alessi, which of course means no story.

I guess it is fair for me to say that I understand if you are frustrated with me. I constantly let you guys down with many hiatus's, short stupid little chapters, and weeks and weeks between each chapter. But I do promise that i will sneak behind my mom's back just once to make the christmas special, and hopefully it will make up for this all. Hopefully.

With that is my goodbye, at least for now. But if I can't get myself on to honor roll in the next month or so, this may be a very long, long hiatus. But I swear I am going to do everything humanly possible to get this challenge rolling again. I really want to see that 100th baby.

Again, I offer a thousand apologies, and I hope that you all are still around by the time I start this whole thing back up. But I would completely understand if you were not.

Goodbye for now,

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  1. It's ok your studies are more important than Alessi even though we do love her to bits. I need to get back to the sims myself but I love Alessi and I am sure we can wait to see her have the 100th child and her party she is bound to have once she's done and that rest she's always wanted a big huge rest. I wonder if she will not be able to resist woohoo though and the possibility of more ignored children due to her love for woohoo