Sunday, December 4, 2011

Chapter Forty: The Hot Toob

Alessi: *sniffes*
Hey Alessi... What's wrong?
Alessi: I miss the Trips...
Eva, Lara, and Rachel?
Alessi: Yeah...
But you were so excited to get them out of the house!
Alessi: Idk... I guess I miss their weirdness. They made me seem less insane.
Well, you still have Boo.
Alessi: True enough, but also I'm worried...
Worried about what?
Alessi: Their freak of a father and his stupid baby army...

Alessi: If he touches a single hair on their pretty little heads...
I don't think i've ever heard you call ANYONE pretty besides yourself!
Alessi: I will rip his intestines out of his guts and tie them around his legs.
Okay first, ew. And also I don't think a whimpy little sim like you could possibly defeat that evil over lord...
Alessi: Whimpy?! I beat up the vampire lady, didn't I?! Oh, just you wait, I'm gonna...
Jaycee: Erm, Mom. Why ar eyou talking to yourself? Should I be concerned?
Sabrina: Well of course you should be concerned, my dear twin. Our mother is a lunatic!

Sabrina: Pfft. Mother, sometimes I wish I could stand you in front of this dart board and aim for your cornea!
Alessi: My WHAT?! That sounds dirty, young lady!
Sabrina: ...Cornea?
Alessi: Yes!And dirtiness is not welcomed in my house!
What about your sketchy maternity wear?
Alessi: Except THAT!
Sabrina: Except what?
Alessi: Oh, shut up Sabbie!

Jaycee chose that moment to sneak away to play with baby Shane. She's the only one to ever give the kid any sort of attentions.
Jaycee: Okay Shane, come to Jaycee!
Shane: In a minute! Me has to finish chewing on my hand fiwst! It tastes gooood!
Jaycee: Oh, come here you!

Jaycee and Shane look good together, huh? It'll be a shame when Jaycee becomes a young adult and moves out.

Buffy: Ugh! I hate school! I hate hate hate school! I want to just DROWN education and bury it in the backyard!

Boo: Yeah! I hate school! In fact, I'm going to burn a hole in my homework with my eyeballs!
But Boo, that's not even possibe!
Boo: Oh, hi Monster!
Buffy: You did NOT just call me monster you ketchup headed little LOSER!
Boo: Ummm... I didn't....
Buffy: You did! You did! I heard you! And now you are going to DIE!
Boo: Touchy...

In slighty depressing news, Tuxie is very very lonley. The poor little kitty never gets any attention. No animal lovers in this group of kids, I guess...

Still, he tries to get some love...
Tuxie: Mew?
Sabrina: I am not talking to you, you stupid filthy litte beast!
Tuxie: Mawr!
Sabrina: I'm not looking at you, either!

Sabrina: Ugh, honestly! Everyone in this house is either a freak, or a loser, or an ANIMAL!
Tuxie: Hiss!
Sabrina: At least, Tuxie, you aren't like my mom. She's all three.

Tuxie ended up playing all by himself... Again.

I've been working on beautifing this house. I'm not so good at exterior designing, but I have been trying....
Alessi: Uhhh.... Voice?
Alessi: What's that?

A telescope!
Alessi: Uhh... no. Next to the telescope.
The deck?
Alessi: Grrrr....

I'm just messing with you! This is a hot tub...
Alessi: A what?
A hot tub!
Alessi: Oh... Erm... What does it do?
Well, it's for relaxation and it offers several health benefits, such as skin care and stress relieving...
Alessi: *yawns*
...And you can woohoo in it!
Alessi: *gasp* Thank you! Thaaaaaank you!

Alessi: Does this hot toob thing...
It's a hot TUB!
Alessi: Whatever... Does it come with a gun?!
Alessi: There's a creepy guy haning around my Pinky! And I need to protect mah baby!
That's not a creepy guy... That's the next baby daddy!
Alessi: What?! Nooooo!

This is Noah Moore, from The Revenge Baby Challenge. I actually used his brother, Onyx, earlier on in the challenge (He's Bradley's father, if you remember back). So there's gonna be a lot of little Witch grandbabies running around.

Alessi: Heeeey Mr. Mysterious!
Noah: Hey, who are you calling Mr. Mysterious?!
Alessi: Erm..... you?
Noah: And what is THAT supposed to mean?!
Alessi: That you are creepy, and apparently very angry...

Alessi:...But hey, you DO have very nice muscles... And an even nicer face!
Noah: Hehehehe... Your pretty as well!
Alessi: You know, I do have a new hot toob I've been meaning to break in...
It's hot TUB!
Alessi: Whatever...
Noah: Whatever? I didn't even say anything yet!
Alessi: Well, ummm... Do you wanna go hot toobing or not?!

Noah: Yes! I love bubbles!
Alessi: And there may be a extra surprise for you in there...
Noah: Ooh, bonus! I'll meet you there!

Alessi: So, Noah, you ready for your surprise?
Noah: Sure am! Is it a giant teddy bear?!
Alessi: Uhhhh no?!
Noah: A lollipop?
Alessi: Uhhhh...
Noah: What is it?! What is it?!
Alessi: Just close your eyes and lean in close...

Noah: Mmmm.... Tastes like strawberry!
Alessi: You aren't too bad yourself...
Noah: I like this better than a teddy bear!
Alessi: I knew you would... And there's more too...
Noah: Really?!
Alessi: Follow me under, and leave those shorts behind...

I decided that it was probaby best if I didn't put any dialouge in... You know what they say! A picture is worth a thousand words! And three pictures is worth so much more....

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