Saturday, November 26, 2011

Chapter Thirty Nine: SURPRISE!

Hello readers! First thing I would like to say before we start is that I am very sorry about the hiatus. Life is just really crazy right now, and lately I've been tired, stressed, or too busy doing other things to really worry about this. But I'm back! Not sure how often chapters will be coming out, but I'm back!
Alessi: Oh, finally!
Hello Alessi. I have missed you very much.
Alessi: I can't say the same. It's been nice not having to hear your constant blabbering everyday!
So why did you say "Oh, Finally!"?!
Alessi: I did not!
Ummm... Yes you did.
Alessi: ....Well, maybe I did, but that does not mean i am happy to see you!
Oh really?
Alessi: Yes! it just means that i have a surpise for you, as all.
A... Surprise?
Alessi: Yup!
Should I be scared? Because I feel scared....
Alessi: Don't worry, you'll love it!
Okay then... Well moving on....
Alessi: Moving on?! What about my surprise?!
It can wait. I think it's time to age the triplets up and kick them out of the house.
Alessi: Oh yes, yes! Everyday I've been living with them I feel the threat of Zanes baby army coming for me!
You aren't concerned Zane may go after the girls?
Alessi: Eh, I'm sure they can take care fo themselves!

Eva: Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday, I get away from Big Brother, this feels like a dream!
Glad to know you love me too...
Eva: *screams* Get away from me, goverment spies! Get awaaaay!

Sabrina: You never fail to make me laugh, you giant peice of fruitcake!
Eva: Leave me alone! You... You are on THEIR side!
Sabrina: On who's side?
Eva: THEIR side!
Sabrina: Erm... Okay?

Lara: Oh Eva, just ignore her! Make a wish and blow out your candles! Today is the first day of the rest of your life!
Eva: Oh, I know what i am going to wish for! For Big Brother to just leave me the heck alone!
I feel so loved....
Eva: *screams*

After her hysterics, Eva aged up into a really beautiful young lady.... That is, if we ignore her hair fusing with her hood back there. Yeah, let's just ignore that! But anyways, Eva aged up with the Dramatic trait, which I suppose compliments the Insane trait nicely. Altogether she is a dramatic whack-a-doo who is is a kind artist but is afraid of her own shadow.

Rachel: It's my turn! It's my turn!
Yes! Happy birthday Rachel!
Rachel: Thanks, Echo.
Sabrina: Hey Rach, you think we can speed this along? This party is so boring that it makes me wanna do my homework!

Rachel: Okay, okay... Umm... I wish that my family wasn't so weird!
Sabrina: Haha, that's such a stupid wish!
Eva: It sure is! We are plenty normal! Right Big Brother?
Erm, right...
Lara: Hurry up guys! I'm starving! I need cake in my mouth pronto!

And here's Rachel! Aint she pretty? She looks a ton like her dad, I think. Anyways, Rachel aged up well and rolled the Green Thumb trait, which doesn't make any sense because she hates the outdoors. Hmm... Well, altogether Rachel is an insane loner who is brave enough to garden inside.

Lara: I can't wait to nom nom nom on this birthday cake!

Lara: I wish for a big family someday!
Alessi: Someday? Have one now! Take my kids! Take all of them! In fact, take over the challenge for me! Ppppllllleeeeeeaaaasssseeeee!
Lara: ?

Well here is our youngest triplet! She's the only one spared the insane trait (Aww...) and the only one who actaully inherited one of her parents hair color. Maybe the hair color had something to do with the insanity! Who knows? But Lara aged up well and gained the Shy trait, so altogether she is a shy mooch who is brave enough to watch TV with little kids. Yes.

This is a picture of Lara pre-makeover. The game gave her her mother's night gown and a similar hair style too. I just thought it was funny...

Before the girls left, they spent some quality time playing with Tuxie, and....
Alessi: Enough about the stupid cat! What about me?
What about you?
Alessi: I did promise you a surprise...
Oh... Well okay, Alessi. What is it?
Alessi: Yay! Follow me to the bathroom!
Alessi: Oh, come on!

Alessi: Surprise!
Alessi: You like?
Alessi: Is that a yes?
Alessi: Look, before you say anything, you do want me to have 100 babies!
Alessi: And you left me alone for nearly a month, and of course I was craving some woohoo, so....
Alessi, all I want to know who the father is!

Alessi: Umm... The father?
Yes, Alessi! Who. Is. The. Father?!
Alessi: Umm, well.... Is that really important?!
Yes, yes it is!
Alessi: Oh... Well... Ummm....
It's Bryce, isn't it?
Alessi: *nervous giggle* Who's Bryce?
Your daughter's boyfriend...
Alessi: Joy is too evil to have a boyfriend!
I never said which daughter!
Alessi: Oh... Umm.... Oh look, my phone is ringing!

Alessi: Oh, hey Joy.... Ummmm no.... Is that what Bryce told you?
I knew it!
Alessi: Shut up Voice! *to Joy* Bryce is a liar... A hot, smexy liar....
You have no shame....
Alessi: Well, Joy! Do you have idea how many babies I'm supposed to have?! And Bryce has some good genes, and... Hello? Joy? Hello?
She hung up on you! You sicko....
Alessi: I am not a sicko! I was desperate!
You could have waited till I gave you a guy...
Alessi: But I wanted to surprised you...

Meanwhile, at the pond right across the street, another one of Alessi's kids was getting into fishing. And you know what that means!

Alessi: No! No! Nooo!
His name is Fillipe!
Alessi: Jaycee should have nameed him Disgusting!
That's what I should have named you...
Alessi: Rude!
I'M rude?! You slept with your daughter's boyfriend!
Alessi: I thought we got past that!
Of course we didn't! And Joy won't, either! You know you hurt her very much?
Alessi: She's evil! She feels no pain!
She isn't... *sigh* You know what, I'm done talking about this!
Alessi: Oh, thank God!

After all of this, it was time for the three girls and one boy to age up to get ready for the new baby.

Jaycee: Hurray! Sabrina, it's our birthdays!
Sabrina: I can see that *muttering* Stupid little moron...
Jaycee: Hey!
Alessi: Just blow out the candles and make a wish already! Yeesh!

Jaycee: I wish for a pony!
Sabrina: I wish you will just die off already!
Jaycee: Your a big meanie!
Sabrina: No, duh!

Well, neither one of them got their wishes, but they both turned out lovely! Let's take a closer look, shall we?

Our evil little Sabbie is pretty, isn't she? Although i always knew she would be. Anyways, she gained the Flirty trait, which means we may have a future serial killer in our midsts? You know, the kind that will lure you into her home with nothing but her body. You two will fall into a passionate embrace and then as soon as you are comfortable or as soon as you aren't looking she will take a knife and then...... I apologize for the nightmares you may or may not get from that little image there!

I was pleasantly surprised with how Jaycee turned out. This is definetly a big improvment on how she looked as a child and toddler. And she gained the Athletic trait, which means either she is going to be big and muscular or small and skinny. Hopefully some where in the middle...

Alessi: Ugh, okay! Let's hurry up and get this over with!
Get your daughter's birthday over with?
Alessi: Yes! She's still an extremely creepy little toddler!
You disgusting woman....

Buffy: Mommy, me is being a child?
Alessi: Yes, yes... *whispering* The eyes.... the eyes! The frighten me!

Buffy aged up adorable! Although, since she IS a Halloween baby she is a bit gothic. But eh, no big deal, she's still cute! Buffy rolled the Mean Spirited trait, which means she is going to give Alessi a run for her money for treating her so bad. (Mwahahahaha!)

Alessi: Okay, Boo, let's blow out your candles!
Boo: Where candles Mommy?
Yeah... Your facing the wrong way!
Alessi: Oh, who cares! We can still party, can't we?
...Your too lazy to turn around, aren't you?
Alessi: Make that too tired!
Jaycee: I'm out of here!

Alessi: Come on Boo, let's blow out the candles!
Boo: Where am I blowing?
Sabrina: Ugh, I can't believe I'm RELATED to you!

Awww! Aint he adorable? Although my sister thought he was a girl and questioned why I made him look like Annie >.< Oh, well, YOU guys know he's a boy, right?!
Anyways, Boo aged up well and rolled the.... INSANE trait! Oh, yes! Yes! Yeees! We say goodbye to two whackos, but hello to a new one! It's just too perfect!

Alessi: Voice! Voice! Help me!
Alessi: The... The... The cat!
What about the cat?
Tuxie: Mew?
Alessi: Oh shut up, you stupid cat!
Alessi, I don't really think...
Alessi: It won't leave me alone! It's watching me sleep!
Alessi: Don't say aww! it's horrifying!

Alessi: Just look at him! Look at his eyes!
What's with you and eyes?
Alessi: I see murder in them!
I think he just wants to play.
Alessi: He wants to KILL me.
We all do, Alessi. We all do.

Alessi: That's it! I'm taking matters into my own hands!
Where are you taking him?!
Tuxie: Maow?!
Alessi: I'm gonna stick him in the bathtub!
Your going to drown him?!
Tuxie: Hissss!
Alessi: Huh? No! I'm just gonna bathe him!
Bathe him?
Alessi: Yeah, so maybe all of his evilness will be washed away!

Alessi: Okay, come on cat, let's... AHHHHH! AHHHHH! AHHHH!
Alessi: *crying* This isn't funny!
That's what you get for sleeping with a daughters beau!
Alessi: *weeping*

Alessi is able to get him in the bathtub, but she's too afraid to get him wet.

He then runs off to go roll around in some garbage.

Boo: La la la la la!
Hi Boo!
Boo:.... Sabrina? Are you trying to scare me?
No, I'm not Sabrina! I'm just trying to introd-
Boo: Leave me alone Sabrina!

Boo: You are not going to scare me this time, Sabrina!
Boo, sweetie, I am not Sabrina!

Boo: Well, then what are you then?
Well, techicinally I am your creator....

Boo: Oh, I get it! Your one of the monsters Sabrina created!
No, I said I am your creator, not that I was created... And Sabrina makes monsters?!
Boo: Yup! It's very nice to meet you Mr. Monster!
I'm a girl...
Boo: Okay then, Mrs. Monster!
I am not married!
Boo: *sigh* Can I just call you Monster, then?
I'd prefer you didn't, actually....
Boo: Tough!
*sigh* Another insane kid, another weird name...

Alessi: AHHHH!
Still crying over that scratch?
Alessi: No, I'm in labor you MORON!
Hehehe... I knew that!
Alessi: Ooooh... I forgot how bad this hurt! AND how gross this is! It's gonna take forever to get this outfit cleaned!

Sabrina: Oh hey look at that... Your in labor? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Alessi: Not funny, Sabrina! NOT FUNNY!
Sabrina: Lol!

Well, after a while she gave birth to her first baby in a whole month, baby #33 Shane Bright.

He was born with the traits Genius and Loves the Outdoors.

Ain't he a cute? I actually think that he is the first blonde baby ever! Strange considering that Alessi has had 30 babies, but eh, whatever. Now I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things. You guys may not remember, but I used to update very day during the summer. That is, of course, never going to happen again, but I at least need to start doing it at least weekly.


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