Friday, October 28, 2011

Chapter Thirty Six: Apologies

Hey guys who may or may not be a fan of my challenge. Seriously, I am aware that this stupid thing has been all over the place lately. And I apologize, I really do. These glitches and constant changing of houses isn't fun for me, either. And I'm hoping that they aren't going to be happening anymore, although I really can't promise anything. This is also added on to the fact that I am in charge of an area in a haunted forest, an area where I am brutally murdered by clowns, and I have also been busy narrowly missing an F in two classes, so yes, I am stressed. And I probably going to be stressed until Thanksgiving break, which is in a month.
Well anyways, I decided I was going to give anyone who was patient enough to actually stick with me through all this (And at this point I don't know how many of you there are) a nice long chapter, with hopefully some good laughs (And I do mean hopefully). Unfortunetly, this chapter kind of starts off on a sour note, bec-
Alessi: What the frick is this?!
Erm, a chapter?
Alessi: Huh, what?
Alessi: I don't mean any stupid chapter, whatever that means! Why did you stick me in ANOTHER house?!

Uhhh... Surprise?
Alessi: This isn't funny! Seriously! Look at my wrist going right through the wall. That's a BAD sign! A really really BAD sign!
I know, and I'm sorry... There was a problem, and...
Alessi: 25 kids! 25 kids and four houses!
I know, I know!
Alessi: If we keep going with that pattern, we will have 12 more houses before the challenge is finally over!
Wow Alessi... That was pretty good math, actually.
Alessi: I'm not just a pretty face, you know!

Yup, that's right, new house. I'm sorry you guys, I realize this is all kind of confusing, and I know you all loved the last few houses, but my game is really really glitchy. So I had to make a new one.

I will give a proper tour once I completely finish the house, but for now this is the basic layout: Three bedrooms, one for Alessi, and two for the kiddies, as well as two bathrooms, a kitchen/dining room combo area (that needs more work), a playground equipted with a brand new trampoline, a giant swimming pool, a huge red colored nursery, a TV area with a new video game system, and also...
Alessi: OMG! It's Pinky! She's back!
I knew you would love that!
Alessi: Pinky, my baby girl! I missed her! Where has she been?!
Around. I didn't place her anywhere till I found a good permament home for you guys.
Alessi: Oh yes, yes! Thank you Voice... But I still hate the house.
Well, let's check out the master bedroom, shall we?
Alessi: But I don't wanna go in there! I HATE YOU!!!

Alessi: Oh... Hey nevermind! Love you again!
Again? When did you EVER love me?!
Alessi: Oh, I'm sure I did once...
And is that all it takes with you? A pink bedroom?
Alessi: Well, no. Look out the window on the right!
Umm... All I see is grass.
Alessi: Not your right, my right!
Alessi, we're facing the same way.
Alessi: Look, see? I have a great view of my Pinky!
Gee, you really missed that car.
Alessi: She's not a car, she's my baby! Don't ever call her that horrible word ever again!
Okay geeze, sorry....

Alessi was so excited about her new room, that she promptly fell asleep in it.
Alessi: Come into bed with me.... *snore* My new pink bed with me..... Come and roll on top of me.... *snore*

Skylar was busy doing her homework.
Skylar: This is rediculous! Why in frickin world would I ever have to prove that Triangle A and Triangle B are congruent?! This isn't important! Why is this a required class?!
I know your pain...

Eva and Lara were doing their homework too, except outside on the porch, at midnight.
Eva: Hey Lara, what is four plus sneakers?
Lara: What kind of question is that?!
Eva: A tough one! Help me out here!

Lara: I don't know... Disco ball?
Eva: Disco ball?!
Lara: Maybe?
Eva: That's a stupid answer!
Lara: Well, you asked me a stupid question!

Rachel, on the other hand, was busy doing other things.

Rachel: Dead? Dead?! Whaddaya mean dead?! I'm not dead, your dead! I WILL KILL YOU! *deep breaths* I am really tired of losing! Time to be VICTORIOUS!

Oliver: Wow, is this Mom's new house? It's so pretty! And so are those flowers! Are those hydreangas?

Alessi: Heeey Ollie...
Oliver: Hi Mom!
Alessi: What are you doing here?
Oliver: I just came to say hello!
Alessi: Ah, I see... *fake grin* Because I was under the impression that after I raised you little rugrats, I would never have to see you again!

Oliver: But Mom, I thought I was your favorite!
Alessi: No, that would be Stephen.
Oliver: Oh... Which one is Stephen again?
Alessi: *laughing* Oh please, who doesn't know Stephen?
Oliver: Uhh...
Alessi: *still laughing* Well, thanks for the laugh! But I'm gonna go inside now! Bye Ollie!

Oliver: You are a crazy ape, Mom. You really are.

Alessi: Oh, Voice!
Alessi: Is it time yet?
Time for what?
Alessi: Woohoo!
You just had a visit with your son, probably ruined his spirit, and now you want woohoo?!
Alessi: Yep!
You do know that you are gonna get pregnant, right?
Alessi: Uh, whatever. I could just go for a little woohoo right now is all.
*sigh* Okay then, let's go...

Alessi: Really? Did we REALLY have to come to his house?
Alessi: But I want public woohoo! I haven't had that in a while!
Well boo hoo for you!
Alessi: Blah!

Sebastian: Hi, I'm Sebastian Vanderghast!
Alessi: Heeey! I'm Alessi!
Sebastian: Why are you at my house?
Alessi: Well, let me in and I'll tell you!
Sebastian: Erm... Okay?

Sebastian: Oh, I really hate the door! I really really hate the door!

Sebastian: So, umm, what do you want?
Alessi: Oh, yes! See, I hate kids. I hate them very much.
Sebastian: Alright...
Alessi: They are smelly, like rotten leftovers!

Alessi: However, I am being forced into having your baby, or babies, as it may be.
Sebastian: Wait, wha...
Alessi: So, how bout it? Wanna get this thing done? Perferably in public?

Sebastian: Well, that all depends.
Alessi: Depends on what?
Sebastian: I think I am too young to be a father...
Alessi: I'm too young to be a mother. And a grandmother...
Sebastian: Buuut... If you wanna woohoo right now, I promise we won't use protection!
Alessi: Hurrah!
Sebastian: Assuming I'm not expected to pay child support.
Alessi: Oh don't worry, Voice has got money all covered!

Alessi: Voice, I feel offended!
Why? He ditched you for TV?
Alessi: No, even worse!

Alessi: Yup.
He ditched you for READING?!
Alessi: I know, right?!
Dear God! What is wrong with that guy?
Alessi: I was hoping you knew!

Alessi: Hey Sebastian, put down that book and cuddle with me *hugs*
Sebastian: Erm... Okay.
Alessi: Isn't this cozy?
Sebastian: Actually, it is!
Alessi: You know what would be even more cozy?
Sebastian: No, what?

Alessi: Oh, yeah! How is this?
Sebastian: Really good!
Alessi: Let's keep going than, shall we?
Sebastian: Let's!

I feel you guys have read enough of this to know what happens next, so let's skip foward a little.

Eva: Hi Mommy!
Alessi: Um, hi.
Eva: Can I ask you a question?
Alessi: No.
Alessi: Whaaat?!
Eva: Huh?
Alessi, just help your daughter.
Alessi: Silence, Voice! You may be forcing me to have 100 babies, but you can not force me to be a good mother!

Eva: Well, that was disturbing.
Lyric: Get used to it kid, it happens all the time.

Alessi: What is this?!
I can not believe that you don't know by now....

Alessi: Behahfithfnidjmsglar!
And now you know.
Alessi: Ugh! I think it's coming out of my eyes!

Alessi was puking a whole lot. And she did it everywhere, even when I sent her to the bookstore.

Not too much longer after I sent her there...
Alessi: Look! A baby bump! And an ugly shirt!
Parker: Oh hey, I know you! You are my wife's mom.Woow... You're a grandmother, and you're pregnant AGAIN?! That's messed up lady! Messed up!

Autumn: Oh God, it's Mom! And she's pregnant AGAIN! Look away Autumn. Just look away!
Oliver: I'm out of here!

Eros was there too, in his snazzy suit. And he brought along a stalker...

This is Kai. My friend Ashley made her, and I stuck her and Ashley's simself in the town, so maybe more of Alessi's sons can get married and have babies.

Unfortunetly, Kai ended up becoming the local paparazzi. Which means she basicly stalks Eros everywhere.

Joy invited Alessi to a party later that evening.
Alessi: Hey look, a fancy pool... Hey wait a second... This place seems fimilar....
It does?
Alessi:Yeah, and I can't figure out how....Oh I know! Ace was concieved here!
Alessi: Oh, that Mike Posner! He was so good to me! And to Pinky, too!
Yes, and now Joy, Kevin, Dane, Eros, and Ace all live here!
Alessi: That's pretty gross, actually...

Erm, what's the swimwear?
Alessi: Well, I'm hoping this is going to be a pool party!
I'm shocked you aren't in your bikini! You love showing your body!
Alessi: Hey, I'm pregnant! I'm sure that no one wants to see all of that hanging out!

Alessi: OMG! Who is that hunk?!
Oh hush. That's Joy's new beau.
Alessi: How did evil little Joy get a nice peice of raw meat like that guy?
Joy isn't... *sigh* Just please promise me you won't use him as a baby daddy.
Alessi: Well....
No! No! Nooooo!

NOW what are you doing?
Alessi: Showing Mr. Hot Hunk my fabulous dance moves!
Oh please, like anyone could possibly be impressed by-

Bryce: Ooh, hey! Nice moves you've got there, baby!
Alessi: Oh, these old things? *Does the sour patch* Tee hee!

That next day...
Alessi: Oh, hey Joy! No no, I did I have fun at your party I promise... No, I was NOT flirting with your boyfriend! No, no, I was not!

Alessi: Oh but Joy, I wish me and your boyfriend could have a fling... I mean, think about all the beautiful babies me and him could have... Hello? Helllloooo? *hangs up* Oh, well. She has always been an ungrateful little shrew...

Eva: If anyone even dares to try to rob me of my beautiful painting, I will rip their eyeballs out of their pathetic little head!

Alessi: What a happy memory this is!
What a happy memory what is?
Alessi: Well, I didn't get to go swimming at Joy's hunk party...
...Not a hunk party.
Alessi: So I was going to go swimming here!

Alessi: And now I am swimming in my own water!
Eew eew! TMI! TMI!

Well, all grossness aside, Alessi gave birth to this little cutie pie, Baby #26 Sabrina Bright.

She was born with the traits Slob and Evil, which means that she will murder someone, and not clean up the mess.

And this is her slightly less adorable, though cute in her own way (possibly...) twin sister, baby #27 Jaycee Bright.

She was born with the traits Loner and Loves the Outdoors (I smell hippy!)

So yes, remember back like ten chapters ago when I really really wanted a little girl? Well, I have had seven girls in a row, and four out of the seven are redheads. So now things being twitched around, and I want some boys! And perferably boys with different color hair that would be nice...

Anyways, going back to the first paragraph of this chapter, I apologize for... Well, how screwy my game is, and my stressfulness, and the fact I haven't been posting chapters as much as I usually do. Life is just, you know, life. And I hate it so, with a burning passion. But there is nothing I can do about it. However, I am working on getting you guys a halloween special, so don't lose your patience with me yet!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Chapter Thirty Five: Alessi Finally Gets a Break

Alessi: VooOoiIiicCccCeeEe!
Alessi: Can I please have my break now?
You already had your break!
Alessi: No I didn't! I have had to take care of three screaming toddlers! I haven't slept a wink!
At least you aren't pregnant!
Alessi: This. Isn't. Funny!
Okay, okay. I see your point.
Alessi: Really?!
Yes. I'll give you some more relaxing time...
Alessi: Oh, thank you! Thank you!
...If you can be nice to Eva. Right now.

Alessi: How's this?
Looks like you are gnawing on her head...
Eva: Mama me is tiwed...
Alessi: Good for you!
Alessi: Whaaaaaaaaat?!
Go put her to bed! And be nice about it!
Alessi: Okay, okay! Whatevs...

Alessi: Good night Evie! Don't let the bedbugs bite! Oh, your hair is so pretty!
Eva: Mommy, you is scawing me!

Alessi: Well, Voice?
You scared her.
Alessi: By being nice?
It was more creepy than nice. But you DID try.
Alessi: So I can have some relaxing time?
Sure. After everyone has their birthday.
Alessi: No fair, no fair!
Well, if they don't age up, you will have to care for three screaming babies...

Orion: Is it really time for me to become a young adult?
Alessi: Yes, yes! Now hurry up and blow out your candles!

Orion: Ah yeah! Finally I can get away from this family!

Alessi: Look, we have seven birthdays to get through. That is ALOT of birthdays! And if we don't get through all of these soon, I'm never going to get to my relaxation time! So please, for the love of God, just blow out your candles!
Orion: Okay, okay! I'm blowing them out, I'm blowing them out....

He didn't turn out to shabby, huh? Orion aged up well and rolled the Star Quality trait, so altogether he is a good outdoorsman who is easily impressed and is a star quality athlete. Or something like that.

Alessi: Yay, Ollie! Blow out your candles, baby boy!
Oliver: Okay, I-
Skylar: Do I really have to blow into this thing? What if I choke?
Lyric: That's what she said!
Alessi: That's what who said? Voice? You can hear Voice?!
Lyric: No it's a jo... *sigh* Nevermind...

Alessi: Yay, okay! Come on Ollie, birthday time!
Oliver: Okay, okay! I wish to have cool hair!
Lyric: *giggles*

He's pretty good looking, huh? Lucky makes good babies! Anyways, Oliver gained the Easily Impressed trait, so altogether he is a childish artist who is innapropiate and impressed with his light sleeping.

Skylar: Oh, it's my turn...
Alessi: Yes! Now hurry up!
Lyric: What's wrong, Sky?
Alessi: We have no time for this! Hurry up Skylar!

Skylar: I'm fine, I'm just worried that the candles will set the house on fire.
Lyric: Oh no, that won't happen!
Alessi: Yeah, that only happened like, twice! Now, age up already!
Skylar: *gulp*

Aint she a cute little coward? I was hoping that she would get the neurotic trait, cause a cowardly neurotic would be fun to play with, but no. She got the Loves the Outdoors trait. But wait, so she's afraid of everything except the outside?

Lyric: This is weird...
Skylar: What is?
Lyric: We're twins, and you are a teen and I am a child...
Skylar: My birthday comes first, that's all... Stop trying to scare me!
Lyric: I am not! I'm just saying, it's really weird.

Lyric: Well, I'm going to just age up right now, so that I won't feel so weird anymore.
Skylar: I really hate blowing into this thing...
Lyric: *laughing* That's what she said!
Skylar: You're such a child!
Lyric: Shut up!

Alessi: Yay, Lyric! Hurry up and blow out the candles, Sweetheart!
Oliver: Why is your arm sticking out of the fridge?
Oliver: The fridge or Mom?
Skylar: Both!

Here's Lyric all grown up into a beautiful teen! She still has those big cheeks, though I have them too. In fact, she's kind of looking like me a little bit... Well anyways, she gained the Lucky trait. Which means she will have a long and happy life! I think, anyways...

Eva: Is my birthday Mommy?
Alessi: Hush, and blow out your candles!
Eva: *hugs* I wuv you Mommy!
Alessi: Geez girl, you are really stressing me out right now!

Eva: Look Mommy, I look just like you!

Well, she doesn't look like Alessi anymore ;-) She's really beautiful, isn't she? (Thanks for the hot dad, Zoe!) She aged up well and gained the Coward trait. Oh, great, now we have two cowards in the house!

Alessi: Hey, Rachel Bear! You ready to become a child?
Rachel: Yeah!
Alessi: Great! Then let's do it quickly, okay?
Rachel: Otay.

Alessi: Well Rachie, let's get this over with!
Rachel: Momma the candles awe pwetty!
Alessi: OMG! Your right!

Isn't Rachel just plain adorable? I decided that I need to give the kids some more assessories, so Rachel ended up with glasses. But she was dubbed my friend Maddy's favorite, and Maddy wears glasses sometimes, so it kind of fits, you know? Anyways... Rachel gained the Hates the Outdoors trait. Which means she will be royally ticked off when ever she walks outside for two seconds to catch the bus... I really hate this trait.

Alessi: Oh, Voice! This is waaay more tiring than I thought it would be!
How are you tired? You're just standing around watching people age up!
Alessi: Yes, but this is taking soooo long!
Don't worry, Lara is the last one having a birthday today!
Alessi: ...Promise?
I promise.
Alessi: *sigh* Okay...

Lara: My birthday, Mommy?
Alessi: Oh, yes, Lara! Come on sweetie, birthday time!
Lara: Okays, Mommy! Can I has some cake now?
Alessi: No cake! Just aging up!
Lara: You a bad pewson!

Lara never did get a slice of cake. Poor little darling. But she did age up to be adorable. I love her beautiful blue eyes! She aged up with the trait Mooch. Hey, good for her, she will never he homeless!

Alessi: Sooo.... I'm done now, right?
Uh huh.
Alessi: So I can go party to sleep or something?
Well, it would be nice if you said goodbye to your sons before....
Alessi: Ahh, but you promised-
Oliver: Hey, Mom?
Alessi: *grumbling* Great I'm going to have to do it now, huh?

Oliver: Hey Mom, hydreagas have taken over the entire house!
Alessi: *screams*
Oliver: Bwahahaha!
Alessi: *gasp* Don't DO that!

Lyric: Good God Oliver!
Oliver: What?! Mom is a lunatic! This is hilarious!
Lyric: You are such a loser!
Oliver: I know what you are but what am I?
Lyric: Only children say that!

Meanwhile, Orion was walking around the house making these faces. At this point I figured it was best if Alessi got out of there.

She headed down to peaceful, quiet beach, where she fell asleep as the sun set.

I've decided that I feel a little sorry for her. She has had 25 babies after all, and she was just stuck raising two sets of twins and one set of triplets. So I decided not to bother her, even when it got dark. I just let her sleep.