Saturday, October 8, 2011

Chapter Thirty: Twins Out, Twins In

You look a little... Green...
Alessi: A little?! I'm waaay green! I'm- *gag* Oh God!

Well, we figured out the source of the green-ness, haven't we? The salad you had for lunch.
Alessi: This isn't funny! Can't you do something?!
Alessi: The vomit! I can't take this anymore! I really can't!
I'm surprised you haven't gotten used to it yet.
Alessi: How can a person get used to this! I feel like I have an eating disorder!
Well, you don't, and if I could do something about the vomit, I would. It isn't the most attractive thing to watch.
Alessi: And it's not the most pleasant thing to do, either.
Well, yes, because your happiness is my concern *snickers*
Alessi: What did I ever do to deserve this?!

Later that evening, Alessi tried her hand at parenting her own children.
Alessi: Come on, Orion. Please go to sleep!
Since when do you care?
Alessi: Since he's been keeping me up at night.
Don't you usually sleep right through it?
Alessi: Well yes, but this one has some serious lungs on him.
Orion: Me is hungwy Mama.
Ah, see. There's your answer.
Alessi:... What's my answer?
Feed him.
Alessi:... Um, okay... Usually the teens do that...
Do you want to get any sleep or not?
Alessi: *sigh* Come on Orion, let's get some warm milky.
Orion: Hurray!

Orion: Milky! Yay!
Alessi: Drink up, sweetheart!
Alessi: What is it now, Voice?
You're loving your son! And he isn't even the favorite twin!
Alessi: I am not! I'm just acting!
No way! You can't act!
Alessi: I can too! Here watch, I'll do you!
Oh God...

Alessi: Oh look at me, I'm Voice! I'm so perfect and innocent, except for when I make girls give birth over and over and over again! I act like a god, a god without mercy, but that's okay, because everyone is supposed to forgive me because I CREATED THEM!
That's wasn't like me at all!
Alessi: Really? Because I think seriously I nailed it.

Alessi then went out into the living room and danced all her troubles away, when....

Alessi: Lookie Voice, I gots a baby bump!
Why the sketchy maternity wear?
Alessi: Well, I'm not the one who chooses it! Besides, it's all comfort and stuff...
Well, what about your children? You'll scar them for life!
Alessi: Well, tough for them!
We'll see about that!

Alessi: Ahhh... WHAT DID YOU DO?!
I changed your maternity outfit.
Alessi: Into THIS?! Is this lace?!
It's better.
Alessi: For who?!

With that, it's par-tay time!

Joy: It's my birthday! Finally, I can get away from Clover!
Clover: You can never get away from me! I will follow you any where you go!
Alessi: And besides, why on Earth would you ever want to get away from Clover? She's a deleight!
Joy: Did you even hear what she just said?

Joy: Oh well, you two can't ruin my party! I'm just too happy about escaping! Yaaay! Happy birthday to me!

Here she is! Here is our beloved little Joy! And she turned out pretty, huh? She gained the Charismatic trait, so altogether she is an excitable absent minded vehicle enthusiast who is good at charisma and art.

Clover: Is everyone watching?
Alessi: Yep!
Clover: Because it's my turn now, SO YOU ALL BETTER BE WATCHING!

Clover: Hmm.... What to wish for, what to wish for...

Clover: Oh, I know! World peace!
Joy: Really?!
Clover: No, you idiot! *laughing* You should of saw your face! All full of hope and stuff!
Alessi: *laughing* You're so funny, Clover!
Clover: Yes well, I really wish for... WORLD DOMINATION!!!!
Alessi: That's my girl, planning big!
Joy: *facepalm*

Well, here is our evil little princess. She's pretty, although I personally think that Joy is a little bit prettier. Oh, well, anyways, Clover rolled the Handy trait, so altogether she is an evil vegetarian who is very handy and a brave flirt.... Some of those don't really make sense together, but okay.

Bradley: Just a minute!
Alessi: But it's time to blow out your candles!
Bradley: But I'm making my wedding cake!
Alessi: Wedding cake?
Bradley: For the girl I'll fall in love with when I become a teen!
Alessi: You won't ever become a teen if you don't get over here NOW!
Bradley: *sigh* I'm coming....

Bradley: You know, I've been thinking, and I think the universe is trying to tell me something.
Alessi: And what could it be possibly saying?
Bradely: There's just been so many signs! I mean, my girlfriend turns out to be my niece, my wedding cake went unfinished. What if... What if I'm not meant for love?
Alessi: Big whoop! I've never been in love before, and look how happy I am! *twitch*
Bradley: *gulp*

Well, here's a teenage Bradley! He's all hot like I think, even with that random face he's making. Those muscles don't hurt, either. *ahem*, So anyways, so Bradley rolled the Family Orienated trait, making him able to have some good looking grandbabies! Yay!

After Bradley aged up, something funny happened. A weird glitch with the birthday cakes... No one would age up. Which means that I had to do it manually with Master Controller, so no party pics for the twins.

But here's Orion. He's a cutie, isn't he? He aged up well and gained the Over Emotional trait.

And this is Oliver. I think that he is pretty indentical looking to his brother, but still rather adorable. He aged up with the trait Innapropiate.

Joy: Mom.... Mom, can you please wake up?
Alessi: *snore* Building blocks *snore* Building blocks, take me away....
Joy: But Mom, I want to say goodbye before I leave!
Alessi: Blocks... *snore* Building blocks....

Instead of trying to say goodbye to her mother, Clover was running around causing trouble. First she busted the laptop...

And then she left a muffin on the floor, and it turned moldy and attracted bugs.

When she was finally done, she ran off to join the criminal career, so that she could work with other evil people to achieve her goals of finishing off her sister, and then conquering the world.
Clover: After I take over the world, all the toothbrushes will be mine! Mwahahaha!

Joy ended up giving up trying to say goodbye to her mother after over an hour, and she left to go get a job in journalism. She chose journalism only because she was tired of no one listening to her about Clover, and if she was a journalist she could share her thoughts and opinions with the world.

Clover ended up moving into a ratty little shack near the criminals warehouse so she has easy access to the equitment she needs for world domination, whilst Joy chose to move in with her brothers Dane, Ace, Kevin and Eros, mostly for protection, but also because she never really got to know any of them.

Orion is a lonley boy. He's always playing all by himself.
Orion: Oh Mommy, I love you so much.... I love you too, Orion! You are the best son in the entire world... So I'm the favorite twin then?.... Yes, you are! Do you wanna go out and party with me?... That sounds great! Will there be girls there?....... As many girls as you want, Orion!..... Thanks Mommy, you're the best!

Oliver: So Mom, what is your opinion on blocks?
Alessi: Hmh... It depends, are they building blocks?
Oliver: Yeah...
Alessi: Then I love them! They are excellent toys and none of my kids play with them!
Oliver: Oh... Cause I don't really like them that much. I was actually gonna ask if we could get rid of them...

Anyone else think Bradley is really hot? Even with those funny faces he makes, he should have no problem getting a girlfriend, right?

However, he just can't seem to get a break. Every girl in the school keeps on turning him down. And I can't imagine why! I mean, come on, what girl wouldn't want those muscles?!

Alessi: What?!
You're cleaning?!
Alessi: Well, yeah...
That's amazing!

Alessi: Well things around here were looking kind of gross. I even cleaned up that muffin that Joy left on the floor.
Umm... Clover left the muffin on the floor.
Alessi: *Laughing* Yeah, like Clover would ever do that!
Well, she did. And also, since you're on a roll cleaning, why don't you go and work on fixing up the laptop?
Alessi: Sure, no problem!

Alessi: Hello? Is this Franky's Repair Shop?
Alessi: Yes, I have a laptop in need of repairing.
This isn't what I meant!
Alessi: Shut up! Oh no, Franky, I didn't mean you! Uh huh, uh huh, okay, see you in an hour!

That was rediculious, Alessi!
Alessi: Nuh uh! You told me to make sure the laptop got repaired and I did!
I meant do it yourself!
Alessi: I don't see why I should! What if I get electocuted and the baby dies?
I don't think that could really happen from a laptop...
Alessi: Well, then, Voice, have YOU ever repaired a laptop before?
How do you think you still exist?!

I would be perfectly okay with this, however, if the repairman they sent was cute. You know, a guy to keep in mind as a baby daddy. But no, we get an ugly one instead.

I gotta admit, though, he did a good job fixing the laptop up. In fact, during her pregnancy, Alessi wrote two books: To Be a Platypus, and Planet Alessi X.  Just as she was about to start her third book...

Alessi: Ooohhhhh!
Bradley: What's going on in here?
Alessi: Having a baby, Bradley!

Bradley: Labor, huh?
Alessi: AHHH!
Bradley: Kay, going to bed! Night, Mom!

Here she is! Baby #21 Skylar Bright.

She was born with the traits Friendly and Genius

And this is Baby #22 Lyric Bright

She was born with the traits Heavy Sleeper and Excitable

What's with the happy face?
Alessi: You know, I've have twelve kids since my last break.
Alessi: Well, it hardly seems fair! I need another break!
You seem just fine to me.
Alessi: I'm dying I think. No person can have that many kids in a row without becoming extremely injured in one way or another!

Alessi: Please, Voice! I promise I'll fix a thousand laptops, all by myself! No charge!
That's not nessacary. You're right, actually.
Yep. I'm not THAT cruel, I'll let you have a short break, after the 25th baby.
Alessi: Really? Only three more kids! Yay! Triplets here I come!
And what possibly makes you think that you can have triplets? Or that you can even handle triplets, for that matter?
Alessi: You don't give me enough credit sometimes, Voice.

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