Sunday, October 2, 2011

Chapter Twenty Eight: Fifth Of The Way There!

Alessi: *grumbling* Why am I here?
Celio and his girlfriend live here!
Alessi: Sooo?
You don't care enough about your children to visit them?!
Alessi: I have so many children, and there are only so many hours in the day.

Kaylyn: Hey! Alessi, right? Celio's mo...
Alessi: Why are you wearing those hideous clothes?!
Kaylyn: Excuse me?
Come on Alessi, be nice for once!
Alessi: Well it isn't my fault she's dressed all hideously!
Kaylyn: Are you only here to insult me?! Because I don't have to take this!
Alessi: No, just let me in! Because Voice won't leave me alone otherwise!
Kaylyn: ....Voice?

Alessi: Okay Voice, I'm in!
Great, now head into the kitchen.
Alessi: But I wanna go HOME!
Kaylyn: Go home, then!
Alessi: Shut up, both of you!
Just go into the kitchen!
Alessi: FINE!
Kaylyn: .....

Alessi: Hey, what's that thing?
It's your grandson.
Alessi: I have a grandson?!
Kaylyn: What is wrong with you?!

Alessi: Hey cuteness *scoops up baby* What's your name?
Jared: My name is Jawed!
Alessi: Jawed? That's a funny name.
Jared: You silly, Gamma!

Alessi: He's a cutie, Voice. Has a funny name, though.
His name is Jared.
Alessi: Well then, why did he say Jawed?

Kaylyn: That woman concerns me, Celio. I don't want her holding our child.
Celio: Oh come on, Kaylyn. My mom may be a nut, but she's harmless.
Kaylyn: Even so, she's a bad influence, and I want her out!
Alessi: I can hear you, you know! And don't worry, I'm going! And don't expect me to come back!

Alessi: That was horrible, Voice!
I'm sorry, Alessi. But hey, at least you met your grandson... Right?
Alessi: Pfft, whatever.

The next morning, Alessi got her baby bump. I was a little disturbed that she spun into the gross sketchy maternity outfit...

Luckily I have Master Controller now, so I just changed her maternity wear to something that wouldn't screw her kids up more than they already are.

And just in time for the par-tay!

Alessi: Make a wish, Kev! But not a stupid one, like to be a rebel *snickers*
Kevin: Hey, that was a legimate wish!
Alessi: Yeah, but what kind of rebel can YOU be?!

Kevin: Whatever, you aren't gonna ruin my excitement!
Alessi: Even if I say that you will never find love?
Kevin: That doesn't even put a damper on things! Because I'm finally gonna get out of here! Whoo!

Awww, look at our little cutie, all grown up! He gained the Ambitious trait, so altogether he is a heavy sleeping virtoso who hates the outdoors because he is an amitious perfectionist. An... interesting mix, to say the least...

Joy: Is this really a good idea?
Alessi: It's just a birthday cake, Joy.
Joy: Yes, but what if Clover rigged it to explode? Or what if she poisioned it?
Alessi: Clover would never do that!

Joy: You never believe me! My birthday wish is that you can finally see whay Clover really is!
Alessi: I KNOW that she is a sweetheart. You're the one who needs a reality check!

Look at the pretty lil Joy! She is incredibly beautiful I think, and she also looks a ton like her daddy. She aged up well and rolled the Artistic trait.

Clover: It's my birthday!
Kevin: Great, the evil little twit is about to become a sociopathical teenager.
Alessi: Kevin, leave her alone on her birthday!

Clover: Okay, it's time to murder the candles!
Kevin: Murder the candles?
Clover: Blowing them out will kill them, I think.
Kevin: I'm not sure that's how it works...
Clover: *blows on candles* Come on little guys, the faster you die the faster I become a teen!
Kevin: Dear God....

And here's the sociopath, all aged up into a pretty teenager! I think that Joy is the better looking twin, though that's just me. She rolled the Flirty trait, which means that she got a little peice of Alessi (Noooo!) and also that she is going to flirt with her victims before finally finishing them off. Or maybe she'll flirt them to death. Hmmmm....

Alessi: Come on Bradley, be happy! It's your birthday!
Bradley: Me never be happy again.
Alessi: How come?
Bradley: Me got a bwoken heart.
Alessi: How do YOU have a broken heart?

Bradley: Me woved Kenzie.
Alessi: Kenzie? Your neice?
Bradley: Uh huh.
Alessi: Wow. Disgusting. I don't even want to touch you anymore.
Bradley: Me sowwy.
Alessi: Just hurry up and blow out your candles so I'll never have to hold you ever again!

D'aww, cuteness! Bradley rolled the Star Quality trait, which of course means that we have a little drama queen on our hands!

Kevin: Oh, cheer up Brad! Things can't be THAT bad!
Bradley: Yeah they can! Mom thinks I'm disgusting!
Kevin: And why would she think that?

Bradley: Because I fell in love with my niece, but I didn't know she was my neice!
Kevin: Who?
Bradley: Kenzie.
Kevin: Autumn's daughter?
Bradley: I don't even know who Autumn is! Mom has just had too many kids!

Alessi: Hey Bradley, get out of my way. And take a bath while your at it. You smell horrible!

Alessi: So Kevin, I heard that you were leaving.
Kevin: That's right, I am.
Alessi: And you weren't going to say goodbye?
Kevin: I didn't think that you wanted to say goodbye to me. You never liked me. You even threw out my fish!
Alessi: That wasn't me, it was Voice!
It was not! It was a glitch!
Kevin: Still though, you've always spent more time with the imaginary voice than you did me!

Alessi: Oh Kevin! *hugs* I'm sorry! I know I'm a crappy mother, but you have no idea how stressful all this is for me!
Bradley: Hey, can I get a hug too?

Joy continues to be the sweet little outcast. She spends all of her free time painting.

Whilst Clover spends her's elsewhere...
Clover: Hey you, stupid trashcan! You are NOT looking at me like that!

Clover: Haha! Now if I ever catch you sitting straight up again, you know what's coming to you!

Clover: Oh wow, this person has planted fire fruit in their yard. It looks rare, and it must have been difficult to plant and care for..

Clover: Oh well, it's mine now! Mwahahaha!

However, Clover wasn't completely heartless. She still felt a connection to her twin and wanted to include her in her evil plot that she had been hatching since she was a child.
Clover: Come on Joy, just think about it! In order to have complete world domination we need to rob that place of all it's diamonds, and then...
Joy: No way, Clover! I'm not helping you do anything illegal!

Clover: Please, Joy? Please just consider? I'll let you be the queen!
Joy: But I don't want anyone to get hurt, and I know that's what your entire plan is based around!
Clover: You will not get hurt if you join me! Otherwise, you will suffer!
Joy: Whatever. I'm not helping you in any way shape or form.

That evening, Clover started her revenge against Joy.
Clover: Oh Mother, look what Joy did!

However, Alessi would never find out about the busted sink, because at that very moment she was in labor.
Hurts that much?

Alessi: Hehehe, just kidding!
Huh? You aren't in labor?
Alessi: Oh no, I am. It just doesn't hurt me anymore!

It doesn't?
Alessi: Okay... So it hurts a liiitttttttllllleeee bi... AAAAAHHHH!
Uhhh... You okay?
Alessi: Just peachy...

Well, after that lovely display, Alessi gave birth to Baby #19 Orion Bright.

He was born with the traits Good and Athletic

And here is also Baby #20 Oliver Bright.

He was born with the traits Artistic and Light Sleeper.

Although it seems that we are headed back to the usual pattern of all boys, I am thrilled with these two. First off, they are completely adorable, and not to mention they both inherited their father's gorgeous hair color! Actually, since Kevin left, there are no redheads in the house, except for Alessi of course. But I'm especially happy because with the birth of these two, we are offically a fifth of a the way done!

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  1. Woooow. Twenty kids. And the pink hair is unique! Yaaaay for girlie hair and WORLD DOMINATION!!!!! ...What??? I don't want Clover to kill me either...