Sunday, October 23, 2011

Chapter Thirty Five: Alessi Finally Gets a Break

Alessi: VooOoiIiicCccCeeEe!
Alessi: Can I please have my break now?
You already had your break!
Alessi: No I didn't! I have had to take care of three screaming toddlers! I haven't slept a wink!
At least you aren't pregnant!
Alessi: This. Isn't. Funny!
Okay, okay. I see your point.
Alessi: Really?!
Yes. I'll give you some more relaxing time...
Alessi: Oh, thank you! Thank you!
...If you can be nice to Eva. Right now.

Alessi: How's this?
Looks like you are gnawing on her head...
Eva: Mama me is tiwed...
Alessi: Good for you!
Alessi: Whaaaaaaaaat?!
Go put her to bed! And be nice about it!
Alessi: Okay, okay! Whatevs...

Alessi: Good night Evie! Don't let the bedbugs bite! Oh, your hair is so pretty!
Eva: Mommy, you is scawing me!

Alessi: Well, Voice?
You scared her.
Alessi: By being nice?
It was more creepy than nice. But you DID try.
Alessi: So I can have some relaxing time?
Sure. After everyone has their birthday.
Alessi: No fair, no fair!
Well, if they don't age up, you will have to care for three screaming babies...

Orion: Is it really time for me to become a young adult?
Alessi: Yes, yes! Now hurry up and blow out your candles!

Orion: Ah yeah! Finally I can get away from this family!

Alessi: Look, we have seven birthdays to get through. That is ALOT of birthdays! And if we don't get through all of these soon, I'm never going to get to my relaxation time! So please, for the love of God, just blow out your candles!
Orion: Okay, okay! I'm blowing them out, I'm blowing them out....

He didn't turn out to shabby, huh? Orion aged up well and rolled the Star Quality trait, so altogether he is a good outdoorsman who is easily impressed and is a star quality athlete. Or something like that.

Alessi: Yay, Ollie! Blow out your candles, baby boy!
Oliver: Okay, I-
Skylar: Do I really have to blow into this thing? What if I choke?
Lyric: That's what she said!
Alessi: That's what who said? Voice? You can hear Voice?!
Lyric: No it's a jo... *sigh* Nevermind...

Alessi: Yay, okay! Come on Ollie, birthday time!
Oliver: Okay, okay! I wish to have cool hair!
Lyric: *giggles*

He's pretty good looking, huh? Lucky makes good babies! Anyways, Oliver gained the Easily Impressed trait, so altogether he is a childish artist who is innapropiate and impressed with his light sleeping.

Skylar: Oh, it's my turn...
Alessi: Yes! Now hurry up!
Lyric: What's wrong, Sky?
Alessi: We have no time for this! Hurry up Skylar!

Skylar: I'm fine, I'm just worried that the candles will set the house on fire.
Lyric: Oh no, that won't happen!
Alessi: Yeah, that only happened like, twice! Now, age up already!
Skylar: *gulp*

Aint she a cute little coward? I was hoping that she would get the neurotic trait, cause a cowardly neurotic would be fun to play with, but no. She got the Loves the Outdoors trait. But wait, so she's afraid of everything except the outside?

Lyric: This is weird...
Skylar: What is?
Lyric: We're twins, and you are a teen and I am a child...
Skylar: My birthday comes first, that's all... Stop trying to scare me!
Lyric: I am not! I'm just saying, it's really weird.

Lyric: Well, I'm going to just age up right now, so that I won't feel so weird anymore.
Skylar: I really hate blowing into this thing...
Lyric: *laughing* That's what she said!
Skylar: You're such a child!
Lyric: Shut up!

Alessi: Yay, Lyric! Hurry up and blow out the candles, Sweetheart!
Oliver: Why is your arm sticking out of the fridge?
Oliver: The fridge or Mom?
Skylar: Both!

Here's Lyric all grown up into a beautiful teen! She still has those big cheeks, though I have them too. In fact, she's kind of looking like me a little bit... Well anyways, she gained the Lucky trait. Which means she will have a long and happy life! I think, anyways...

Eva: Is my birthday Mommy?
Alessi: Hush, and blow out your candles!
Eva: *hugs* I wuv you Mommy!
Alessi: Geez girl, you are really stressing me out right now!

Eva: Look Mommy, I look just like you!

Well, she doesn't look like Alessi anymore ;-) She's really beautiful, isn't she? (Thanks for the hot dad, Zoe!) She aged up well and gained the Coward trait. Oh, great, now we have two cowards in the house!

Alessi: Hey, Rachel Bear! You ready to become a child?
Rachel: Yeah!
Alessi: Great! Then let's do it quickly, okay?
Rachel: Otay.

Alessi: Well Rachie, let's get this over with!
Rachel: Momma the candles awe pwetty!
Alessi: OMG! Your right!

Isn't Rachel just plain adorable? I decided that I need to give the kids some more assessories, so Rachel ended up with glasses. But she was dubbed my friend Maddy's favorite, and Maddy wears glasses sometimes, so it kind of fits, you know? Anyways... Rachel gained the Hates the Outdoors trait. Which means she will be royally ticked off when ever she walks outside for two seconds to catch the bus... I really hate this trait.

Alessi: Oh, Voice! This is waaay more tiring than I thought it would be!
How are you tired? You're just standing around watching people age up!
Alessi: Yes, but this is taking soooo long!
Don't worry, Lara is the last one having a birthday today!
Alessi: ...Promise?
I promise.
Alessi: *sigh* Okay...

Lara: My birthday, Mommy?
Alessi: Oh, yes, Lara! Come on sweetie, birthday time!
Lara: Okays, Mommy! Can I has some cake now?
Alessi: No cake! Just aging up!
Lara: You a bad pewson!

Lara never did get a slice of cake. Poor little darling. But she did age up to be adorable. I love her beautiful blue eyes! She aged up with the trait Mooch. Hey, good for her, she will never he homeless!

Alessi: Sooo.... I'm done now, right?
Uh huh.
Alessi: So I can go party to sleep or something?
Well, it would be nice if you said goodbye to your sons before....
Alessi: Ahh, but you promised-
Oliver: Hey, Mom?
Alessi: *grumbling* Great I'm going to have to do it now, huh?

Oliver: Hey Mom, hydreagas have taken over the entire house!
Alessi: *screams*
Oliver: Bwahahaha!
Alessi: *gasp* Don't DO that!

Lyric: Good God Oliver!
Oliver: What?! Mom is a lunatic! This is hilarious!
Lyric: You are such a loser!
Oliver: I know what you are but what am I?
Lyric: Only children say that!

Meanwhile, Orion was walking around the house making these faces. At this point I figured it was best if Alessi got out of there.

She headed down to peaceful, quiet beach, where she fell asleep as the sun set.

I've decided that I feel a little sorry for her. She has had 25 babies after all, and she was just stuck raising two sets of twins and one set of triplets. So I decided not to bother her, even when it got dark. I just let her sleep.


    The 'That's what she said' things, omgomg. Can we say great placement xD

    And btw..UNlucky is the trait that givesw you longer life. Grim thinks a sim' entertaining' when unlucky :3

  2. Grace,

    I need you to read this forum page.

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    If you want to, post Alessi's Backstory Here:

    Happy Simming!