Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chapter Thirty Four: The Consequences of Having Triplets

So, before we begin, I would like to formally announce that THE UNIVERSE HATE ME! *ahem* It's just not my day. At all. And to top it all off, my frickin game glitched on me AGAIN!

I've decided that the house was the cause of the glitching, since this particular glitch only really happens in that house. And since I've had trouble transporting the other house over, I decided to just grab a random house that I got off the exchange a while back and have them stay there till I can either A) Get their other house or B) Make them a new house.
So yes, this is them, all lined up outside their temporairy home. Arlo Bunch is there too, for no reason at all.

Isn't the house just stunning? I wish I could say I made it, because then I wouldn't be having such a bad day, but no, I got it off the exchange. If you would like to download it, it's avaible here. Also, here is a video of it being built.

I didn't really change the house too much, aside from turning one of the spare bedrooms into a small nursery.
Alessi: Elch! It's so dull and gray!
Oh hush, you! It's only for a little bit!
Alessi: I don't want my children sleeping in this place! Even if they are evil army babies!
You would rather them be passed out on the floor?
Alessi: Long as the floor had some color, yes!

Arlo: Eew! This house is disgusting!
Orion: Really? Cause I think it is a really beautiful lot!
Arlo: Nuh uh!
Orion: Uh huh!
Lyric: You guys are both such losers!

Skylar: Oh no, another new house! Oh, I hope there's a telescope here! I need to keep an eye on the aliens so I don't end up getting probed!
Rachel: I has a booger on my finger!

The boys are really good with the trips. They are always helping out and playing with them. Oliver adores little Eva, whilst Orion is partial to Lara.
Of course, that only leaves Rachel....

Alessi: Who's a tickly little munchin? Who is? Who is?
Rachel: *giggling* Me is Mommy! Me is!
Seriously? You have a favoirte triplet?!
Alessi: Sure do!
You're a bad mom....
Alessi: You're the one who forced me into motherhood! This is all YOUR fault!
You could at least put in an effort!
Alessi: Hmmm.... That idea doesn't really appeal to me...

Lyric: I'm in the mood to see some singing and dancing... Footlose is in theaters! Let's go!
Skylar: Huh? Now?
Lyric: Why not?
Skylar: We should at least ask Mom first, shouldn't we?
Lyric: Look at her over there, playing with the baby. She won't even know we were gone!
Lyric: I doubt she would even care anyways.
Skylar: *sigh* Okay... But if we catch on fire on the way there, I'm blaming you!
Lyric: Sure...

The two entered the theater, and it was by then it was really close to their curfew. Though, of course, Alessi didn't even know they were gone.

They emerged two hours later...
Lyric: Sooo... Did ya like it?
Skylar: It... It was... TERRIFYING!
Lyric: It wasn't a horror movie...
Skylar: Not even a horror movie could be that scary!

Skylar: Besides, it was too long. I'm so hungry!
Lyric: Huh? Why didn't you just eat some popcorn?
Skylar: No way! Corn isn't supposed to puff up like that! I bet that it's EVIL!
Lyric: *facepalm*

Meanwhile, back at the Bright manor, everyone is still standing around right where we left them. Even Arlo is still there! And promise you, freewill is all the way up!

What are you sill doing out here?!
Alessi: I refuse to even set foot in that place!
Why? You don't like it?
Alessi: I didn't say that... I'm just sick of being moved around so much!
Oh, well.... Just think of it like a summer home!
Alessi: What's a summer?
*sigh* At least go put the babies in their cribs!
Alessi: But I don't wanna!
Hey! You're the one who wanted triplets! You need to take responsibilty for them!
Alessi: *grumbling* Well at least I have a body attached to my voice....
I have a body!
Alessi: But do you have friends?
Oh come on, what friends do you have?
Yeah, that's what I thought!

With that, I was forced to make Alessi and the boys put the girls down in their cribs. And I do mean force. Alessi kept stopping and refusing to go, and the boys kept taking all the long ways!

But Orion quickly made up for it a little later on by making dinner without me telling to! *happy sigh* This kid is seriously earning some brownie points with me!

Oh, and just so you guys know, we don't need to be looking for Tragic Clown anymore. I know for a fact that he's dead and buried in the cemetery by the Goth house.

Eva: Mommy! Me is hungwy!
Lara: Me too! Me too!
Alessi: How can you guys possibly be hungry? You ate like eight hours ago!
Erm, you know they need to eat more than once a day, right?
Alessi: Normal babies do! But these three are triplets, they digest differently.
What kind of stupid logic is that?!
Alessi: It's not stupid, or logic! It's SCIENCE!
Well, then how do you explain those two screaming their heads off?
Alessi: They're just weird. But my lovely Rachel is the normal one! SHE'S not hungry!

Rachel: Mama, me is weally hungwy!
Alessi: Oh, Rachel! You're a weird one too!
Or your hypothesis was proved wrong!
Alessi: Nooo! I don't have any hippopotamus!
No, a hyposthesis.
Alessi: Hibiscus? I hate those flowers! Just like the hydreagas!
Alessi: High Pith?
Just go feed your babies already!

Eva: Mmmm! I wuv my milky!
Rachel: Gimme the milk and no one will get hurt!
Eva: Neeevvvveeeerrrrr!

Meanwhile, downstairs, Oliver, Lyric and Skylar were all starving to death, but no one was touching the food that Orion had so kindly made for them. Perhaps they thought that Alessi had made it? Either way, I still had to force them to eat it. And I think that once they actually sat down to eat it, they enjoyed it a whole lot.

Skylar: Hey Orion, that was a really great sandwich!
Lyric: Yeah, it WAS a really good sandwich!
Orion: Guuyyys it wasn't a sandwich...
Lyric: *laughing* Yeah, sure!

So you finally got them all down, huh?
Alessi: Yeah, finally!
Lara: Mama me is tired.
Alessi: Me is tired too, Lara. TIRED OF ALL THE CRYING!

Oh come on, what did you expect?! It's three babies!
Alessi: I expected they show some respect for their elders!
That's confucianism, I think.
Alessi: Confusion Prism?
Oh no, we are NOT starting that again!
Alessi: Oh, but I-
Eva: Mama! Mama!

Alessi: Oh hush now Eva.
Eva: Waaaahhhh!
Alessi: What can possibly be wrong now?!
Eva: Me wonley Mama!
Alessi: But I'm holding you right now...
Eva: Still wonley!
Ooh... Have fun with that Alessi!
Alessi: Can't you just watch them for a while, Voice?
I can't sorry! Don't have a body, remember?
Alessi: Grrr!

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