Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Chapater Thirty Two: Fly Away Little Bird!

We start our story with... SMEXY FACE! (Bet you guys forgot all about that! But nope, they still do it!)

Oliver and Orion are a little like Joy I think. Meaning that they are always wanting to do homework! Like literally, instaead of exploring their new house, they just sit down in the grass outside and do their math.

Bradley isn't exploring the house either. He's exploring the flowers.
Bradley: How come?
Alessi: The hydreagas! You're in the hydreagas!
Bradley: But I love hydreagas!
Alessi: WHAT?! I disown you!
Bradley: Mom?!
Alessi: *sigh* Fine... Sorry! You are owned again!
Bradley: Uhh... Thank you?

A little while later, I found Alessi doing the last thing I would expect she would ever do, and she actually seemed to be enjoying herself...

Wow, I've never seen you so happy...
Alessi: That's because I've never been so happy! Wheeee! You should try this too!
Erm, no, I'm good...
Alessi: Oh come on! It'll change your life... That is assuming that Voices HAVE lives!
Seriously, no thanks!

Good for you, but...
Okay, that's it! Get off!
Alessi: No way! This is so freeing!
Well, you aren't free, this is a dictatorship! Get off the trampoline!

Alessi: Gee, this is weird.
What's weird?
Alessi: I'm really mad about being kicked off of the trampoline, I can't get this smile off of my face!
Wow, I've never seen you so happy!
Alessi: Yup!
Remind me to delete the trampoline later...
Alessi: HEY!
Oh calm down, I'm only joking. Now, anyways, ready to meet your newest baby daddy?
Alessi: Well...
If you have triplets, you get a break!
Alessi: Absolutely!

Alessi: Oh, hey! Look at that guy!
You like?
Alessi: I like? He's even sexy from behind!
Alessi: Who is he?

This is Zane Dixon, from Born to Baby 100 Baby Challenge! The poor challenge got cancelled a little while ago, due to technical problems, but it was great while it lasted :-(   Oh well, Zane's offspring will live on here.

Alessi: Hi there stranger!
Zane: .... Hi?
Alessi: My name is-
Zane: I don't care!
Alessi: ...Um, okay then.
Zane: Why are you at my house?!
Alessi: Well... I was thinking.... maybe we could have some woohoo? Possibly?
Zane: Depends.... How much do you charge?

Alessi: Eew, no! Not like that!
Zane: So what, then?!
Alessi: Look, you seem like a player. A heartbreaker! The type of guy that would step all over my heart with his big ole sneakers!
Zane: Well yes, that is exactly who I am.

Alessi: And you are the perfect example of a heartbreaker, too! Because you are HOT!
Zane: Why yes, yes I am!
Alessi: Yes, you are! You are so hot that I wanna take a picture of you!

Alessi: No, wait! I want to take a million pictures, and then keep them all in a box!

Zane: Well, you make a good arguement my dear, but really if that is all you got I'm leaving. Have to go rob some banks, you know?

Alessi: No, wait! Don't go yet!
Zane: Get out of my way, woman, or I will strangle you!
Alessi: I was almost eaten alive by a vampire! I am NOT afraid of you!
Zane: *eye roll* Why don't you just head on home?
Alessi: Can I... Do something first?
Zane: Depends, what is it?

With that, Alessi pulled Zane in to a deep, passionate kiss.

Alessi: Wow, you are a great kisser!
Zane: As are you my dear. Perhaps... Perhaps you may be of use to me in bed afterall...
Alessi: Success!

What's with the skeptical face you've got there?
Alessi: I'm not sure this is going to work...
Oh come on, Zane seems really in to you right now!
Alessi: Yeah, but that isn't what I'm worried about!

Alessi: Look at that tiny bed! How am I supposed to have woohoo in THAT?!
Erm, why don't you look in the other room?

Alessi: Oh hey look, a woohoo bed!
Yes, Alessi, a woohoo bed!
Alessi: I'm gonna get in it, and wait for the smexy beast to get on over!
Umm.... yeah, you go do that.

But what Alessi doesn't know is that at that very second, Zane is parked in front of the TV, watching th ROMANCE channel! (Anyone remember Josh?)
Zane: Wait here, my darling television! This won't take long...

Alessi: Hey there, Zane! What took you so long?
Zane: Just thinking about you, baby!
Alessi: Awwww!
Psst... Alessi, don't listen to that jerk!
Alessi: Oh, shut up Voice!
Zane: Did you say something, Alessi?
Alessi: Oh, nothing! Now come on, hop on in and we can get started!

Alessi: Wheeee!
Zane: Mwahahaha!
Alessi: ....What?
Zane: Umm, I mean.... Wheee?
Alessi: Wheee!

Zane: Okay, now that we are all done, I feel obligated to tell the mother of my unborn child this.
Alessi: Obligated? What does that mean?
Zane: It means... Oh, forget it! *sigh* Look, see, I'm building up an army...
Alessi: ...Why?
Zane: DON'T INTERUPT ME! *clears throat* So, anyways, my army will be built up of all my babies, and you-
Alessi: Uh, no! I'm stopping you right there!

Alessi: Lookie here, mister! I don't care how evil or powerful you are! No one touches my babies, and no one forces them into some freaky army thing! Don't you dare ever come near me or my children ever again!
Zane: Huh? Are you talking back to me?!
Alessi: Yes, yes I am! Now get out of my house!

Zane: What are you talking about, lady?! This is MY house!
Alessi: Fine, I'LL leave then! *marches out*

Skylar: Look Bwaddy, Momma home!
Bradley: Oh yeah, look she is!
Skylar: Hi Momma!
Alessi: Shut up, Skylar!
Bradley: Mom, that wasn't...
Alessi: Hush Bradley! Now, where is Lyric?
Bradley: Ummm... In the nursery, I think!
Alessi: You THINK?! *walking away* Sometimes I think that you don't even care about these kids!

Alessi: Hey Lyric girl!
Lyric: Hi Mommy.
Alessi: You wouldn't believe the day that Mommy just had!

I can't believe that you are still choosing favorite twins!
Alessi: Well, Lyric is way more cuddlier than Skylar!
Well, I still think that you should be more considerate about that child's self esteem!
Alessi: I'm building character!
Lyric: Yeah!
What about Orion?
Alessi: What about Orion?
He seems rather depressed if you ask me.
Alessi: Well, nobody asked you!
You kind of did...

Orion: I love the pool! The cool water makes me feel so much better about myself!

Oliver: Hey Orion! What's up?
Orion: I'm swimming! The water's great, why don't you co... What is that in your hand?!

Oliver: I'm out to catch the great flounder!
Orion: But there is no great flounder! Especially in the swimming pool!
Oliver: Well, I've tried everywhere else! This is the only place that I haven't checked! I know it's here! I just know it!

Orion: Hey, watch your hook!
Oliver: Oops, sorry! Should of warned you before-
Orion: Ow! That hurts!
Oliver: Oops!

Alessi: Mmm! Who made the waffles?
Bradley. You know, he's really good at taking care of his little siblings...
Alessi: Whatever. I'm just glad there's some fresh waffles waiting for me.

Hey, you might want to go outside. I think Oliver accidentily hurt Orion and they could both use a hug...
Umm, about that hug...

Since Alessi was busy stuffing her face, I sent Bradley off to Alicia's place to meet the newest grandbaby. Why he brought Skylar, I don't know, because he was cruelly traumatized when his mom brought him to meet Kenzie when he was a toddler.

Alicia wasn't home, however. Skylar then disapeared back to the house (random...), so Bradley whipped out his cellphone and chatted with Dane for a while.

I ended up searching for Alicia after she didn's return home by dark, and I discovered her down at the beach. She was leaving, and i didn't feel like following her around any more, so this is the only picture I got of her new baby daughter, Elissa (That's the letters in Alessi mixed up. It's the perfect name)!

Meanwhile, back at the Bright residence...

Alessi: Ugh! Evil army baby!
Is the vomit coming out of... your nose?
Alessi: Actually, my eyes.
Alessi: The baby is doing this! It's evil! Just like Joy!
Clover! Clover is the evil one!
Alessi: I question your sanity sometimes, Voice!

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  1. You take such good angles and pictures. I loved loved loved the ones on the tramp! :E Amazing update btw!