Saturday, October 15, 2011

Chapter Thirty Three: Fourth of the Way There!

Bradley has become extremely close with his baby sister Skylar, and is helping her find her way through life before he turns into a young adult and has to leave.

Bradley: Oh, come on Skylar! Money isn't everything, and it isn't going to win you Mom's love.
Skylar: Oh.

Bradley: I think the secret of it is strength. In order to gain Mom's affection, you need to grow into a strong, independant woman.
Skylar: How?
Bradley: Get into politics. Become the mayor... Heck, become the leader of the free world! Memorize all the flags of the world.
Skylar: Fwags of the world?
Bradley: Yes, flags of the world.

Bradley: You need to come up with great ideas! Get the lightbulb above your head!
Skylar: Wightbulb, wightbulb!
Bradley: Yeah, now you're getting it!

Bradley wasn't so good with Lyric, however.

Bradley: Mom, could you help me out here?
Alessi: Ugh, no! I wouldn't touch that with a ten foot pole!
But I thought you loved Lyric?
Alessi: I do.
Bradley: You do what?
Alessi: I just hate crying babies, that's all.
Bradley: Then why do you keep having them?!

Alessi: Babies just disgust me in general, with their crying and their diapers. They're everywhere!
Yeah, like in your belly...
Alessi: Oh yeah, would you look at that... Hey, Voice, do you think I'll have triplets?
Not a chance.
Bradley: Triplets?! You just said you hated babies!
Alessi: Hush up, Bradley! Now go to the kitchen and get your birthday on!
Alessi: Yes, really! Now go!

Bradley: Finally! It's time for me to find the love of my life!

Oliver: Haha, that's funny!
Alessi: Hush, Oliver. You'll get him mad at you.
Bradley: What's so funny?!
Alessi: Bradley, I'd prefer you didn't raise your voice at him.
Oliver: Haha! You can't yell at me, so I can say whatever I want!
Bradley: *sigh*

Wow, look at him. He's so hot! *drools* But... umm.... *ahem* anyways, he gained the computer whiz trait, so all together he is a sloppy computer nerd who like kids and is a perspective soon-to-be star. Interesting mix there...

Orion: *sigh* Teenage-hood, here I come...
Alessi: You're so moody!
Orion: Yes, well, I'm sorry that I am not looking foward to the hormones and the puberty!

Orion: *sigh* I'm going to pray now...
Alessi: Oh, hey... interesting...
Oliver: Hahaha, you are a freak!

Look at him, all hot and what now! Orion aged up well and gained the Over Emotional. Eh, he was that already, nothing new here.

Bradley: Hahahahaha!
Oliver: Please do not laugh at me...
Bradely: You laughed at, and insulted me, dear brother. This is called a taste of your own medicine.
Oliver: You're a jerk!

Bradley: Here, I have the twirly thing, are you happy now?!
Oliver: Very... *sigh* Anyways, going to make a wish now..
Bradley: Good for you...
Oliver: I wish to be extremely smexy like!

Well, for the most part, he got his wish. He inherited his father's muscles, which is always good. And his face isn't too bad either. I think that maybe once he grows into himself a little more he'll be a real heartbreaker. Anyways, he rolled the Childish trait.

Alessi: Oh hey Bradley, you're taking Skylar to her cake?
Bradley: Yup!
Alessi: Good, I didn't feel like doing that. I'm gonna take a nap. Call me when it's Lyric's turn!
Orion: Huh... Never noticed how beautiful this lot is...

Oliver: Hahaha, Skylar's got no friends!
Skylar: Bwaddy!
Bradley: Just ignore them, sweetie. It's your birthday, celebrate!

Bradley: Come on Sky, I'll help you blow out your candles.
Skylar: Okays.

Awww, look at this little cutie! She aged up well and rolled the Coward trait. (We don't need a repeat of what happened with Casper...)

Oliver: Hehe... That's a good looking birthday ca- What, you didn't make that, right?
Alessi: No...
Oliver: Whew, thank God!

Alessi: Just ignore him, sweetie. Come on, let's blow out your candles.
Lyric: Otays...

Gotta say, Lyric is pretty cute! She has some pretty big cheeks though, but then again, so do I. She rolled the neat trait.

Skylar: Oohhhh..... Bradley's leaving?! But what if giant rockets crash into our house?!

Skylar: Bradley, do you REALLY have to leave?
Bradley: If Mom's going to have more babies, I need to leave so there's room for them.
Skylar: But, I'll miss you!
Bradley: Oh Sky, you are my baby sister. You make me happy, and I love you. When you are older, you can live with me, I promise.
Skylar: *sniff*

Bradley: Bye kid, I'll miss you.
Skylar: Bye bye, Braddy.
Lyric: Mom, can I have a hug too?
Alessi: Later, okay sweetie? I'm a little busy right now!

Erm, what are you doing exactly?
Alessi: Rubbing my stomach like a genie's lamp.
Alessi: Because maybe if I rub the right way, triplets will come out!
I see.
Alessi: And then I get a break!
Sweetie, you are not going to have triplets. That isn't going to work.
Alessi: You'll see! It'll work! You'll see!

Orion has taken over the family tradition of SMEXY FACE!!!!!!

He also works out a whole lot. Which is impressive, since he's doing it not for the impression of girls, but for his own health.

Oliver has surprisngly taken up a calm hobby... Painting!

Skylar was trying to be brave and lead her sister down into exploration. However, it didn't really turn out too good...

Skylar: Oh no, I'm so far away from home! What if I get buried alive here?! Will this be my grave?!

Lyric: Oh come on, don't be such a drama queen!
Skylar: I am not a drama queen! I'm just a little... More aware of the horror of the world!
Lyric: Who would want to bury you alive?!
Skylar: OPRAH!

Alessi: I feel... Something.... Something different...
What kind of different?
Alessi: It's weird... And it hurts more than usual!

Alessi: Ahhhh!
Just regular labor?
Alessi: No, it's like super labor!

And that was when my game glitched out on me. Alessi kept having baby after baby after baby... and after the eighth one I decided I needed to get them out. So I moved them back into the original house, which had been slightly edited since then. I promise I'll get them back into the other house, this is just probably for right now.

Well, after all that, Alessi gave birth to baby # 23 Eva Bright.

She was born with the traits Good and Artistic

And this is her sister, baby #24 Rachel Bright.

She was born with the traits Brave and Loner.

And finially, this is baby #25 Lara Bright.

She was born with the traits Brave and Couch Potato.

I can't believe it... TRIPLETS?!
Alessi: Yup!
But how?!
Alessi: I told you! I told you rubbing my stomach would work!
And how did two of them get random hair colors?
Alessi: I dunno, the rubbing works in mysterious ways...
That sounds really sketchy.
Alessi: Yeah I know...


  1. LOL! I love the trips <3 even if NONE are blonde! Ah well, still adorable!!

  2. I have a favorite... Rachel! She's adorable!!! And you are a babykiller. You should have let those eight babies LIVE!!!!!!! But I'm glad you're moving them back to the other house... that one was waaaay prettier with the hydrangeas!!!