Monday, October 10, 2011

Chapter Thirty One: More of a Tour than a Chapter

So, as you can probably tell by the title, this isn't a chapter. Not really, anyways. See, earlier today I got on to my game to get Alessi pregnant with the next father, when I realized that my game had glitched out... again. Anyways, long story short, I had to create a whole new house for the baby challenge. I know for sure that I am going to be changing it around a ton, and I think that Alessi will only be here temporarily. But still, this thing caused me a lot of back break.
Sometimes I really hate this game.

Alessi: What happened?! Where am I?!
This is your new home!
Alessi: New home?! I didn't ask for a new home!
No you did not, and I didn't want to give you one either.
Alessi: Well, why did you then?!
It's... Complicated, okay?

Alessi: But I don't want to live here! It's all ugly like!
It took me two hours to build this!
Alessi: Well, you should have taken longer!
Well, I would of but... Oh, forget it. You want a tour or not?
Alessi: If I say no, will I still have to live here?
Alessi: *sigh* Fine, whatever...

Here is the entrance way.
Alessi: Looks empty...
Yes, well, it will be filled up more when your kids start to create things and what not.
Alessi: What not?
Yes, what not. Now, look to the left.

Here we see the doorways to the bedrooms and bathrooms.
Alessi: What is that thing next to the chess table?
A sculpting station.
Alessi: Really? Cause it looks like one of them storage containment things were cut in half and set on fire.

Now, go through the archway on the right, and we will enter the living room.
Alessi: That looks more like a window than an archway.
No, it is not a window.
Alessi: Well, I don't want to walk through it. I'd be like a sparrow to a window.
Oh, just do it!
Alessi: Fine! But if I get a concussion I'm coming after you!

Alessi: Huh... I guess it wasn't a window after all!
Told you! *sigh* Anyways, this is the living area. Notice the big screen TV?
Alessi: I hate this yellowish color! Why couldn't have it been pink?!
Oh, just wait for it. You'll have all the pink you need!
Alessi: Yay!

Through the archway is the kitchen.
Alessi: Ugh, that yellow color again!
It's more tan than yellow...
Alessi: You said there would be pink!
Oh, just be patient!
Alessi: Patience is something I lack.
That's not all you lack...

Back through here is the dining area.
Alessi: Why is the hall behind it all slanted?
Just because Tabs isn't good for taking pictures.
Alessi: What does that mean?

Back down the hall, this way.
Alessi: We were just here! And where is the pink?!
Calm down, I'm getting to it!
Alessi: Get to it faster!

In this room is a small gym.
Alessi: Pretty empty in here.
Uh huh.
Alessi: But what's the point of a personal gym anyways? Are you hinting that I'm fat?
Oh please! You're a twig!
Alessi: Why thank you!

Right next door to the gym is the bathroom.
Alessi: Ick! This is worse than the yellow!
How so?
Alessi: Look at all this black and white! It's like 101 Dalmations in here!
Well, you don't have to use this bathroom. There's another one.
Alessi: There's TWO bathrooms in this house?!
Uh huh. We'll see the second one in a bit. Now, follow me down the hall, and through the first door.

Here is the Red Bedroom.
Alessi: There is not enough beds in here for all of my children!
Oh yes, I know. See that white door over by the dresser.
Alessi: How could I possibly miss it? It stands out!
Well, go through it.
Alessi: You're so demanding....

Alessi: Ooh, two bedrooms!
Yup. The house was so big that I added a second bedroom. This is the Blue Bedroom.
Alessi: Two bedroom, two bathrooms! Things ARE looking a bit better!
Ah yes, that reminds me. Head back out into the hall, and then turn right and head into the next room.

Alessi: Oh yes, this bathroom is better looking than the first.
Good, so you won't have to walk to gym to pee then.
Alessi: Oh, I wouldn't do that... I'd just go in the backyard.

Okay... moving on, just exit the bathroom, and go through the door on the right.

Alessi: Oh, here's the nursery!
Can't have 100 babies without a nursery!
Alessi: Actually, I was hoping that you would forget that part...
How could I possibly forget that? And what about your break?!
Alessi: *eye roll* Whatever... I'm bored with this room. Where's my room? AND THE PINK?!
Your room is actually our next stop. Just head out, turn right, go through the next door, and I think you'll be happy with what you see.
Alessi: *grumbling* Stupid Voice, telling me my emotions...

Alessi: Whoa....
You like?
Alessi: It's so.... PINK!
So I'm guessing you like it?
Alessi: Wow! Wow! Wow!
You like it?
Alessi: Yes, yes! Thank you Voice!
Well, our tour isn't over yet!
Alessi: But I wanna hang in here!
Oh come on, let's just see the backyard first!
Alessi: *sigh* Fine...

Alessi: Ugh. I absolutely loathe hydreagas!
Hey, just like Madonna!
Alessi: Who that?
Alessi: But why did you put so many hydreagas?
Just cause I like them.
Alessi: Well, I don't!
Hey, I gave you the pink room! It's time you learn the meaning of the word compromise!
That's what I thought!

But don't you just love the new playground?
Alessi: It's surrounded by hydreagas!
Yeah, but look at that gorgeous view of the ocean!
Alessi: But the HYDREAGAS!

But look, a trampoline!
Alessi: It's touching the hydreagas!
You're so picky!
Alessi: You're the one who put the flowers there! This is YOUR fault!

Look, a swimming pool!
Alessi: What's wrong with just driving down to the community pool?
This one's cleaner!
Alessi: It's surrounded by those flowers.
You can save gas.
Alessi: I don't have to get gas!
Hmmm.... true.... Well, this makes you look rich.
Alessi: Oh, why didn't you just say so?!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of our tour. I leave you with this picture of the backyard. It looks better from above than below.
Alessi: No it doesn't! I can still see those flowers!
Get over the flowers already!


  1. Lolz! I like the new house WAAAY better than the old one, just sayin' :) The nursery was cute! And the back yard (Yes, HYDREAGAS and all)is really, reeeeally pretty!!!

  2. Love it! If this is just a temp house, the new one must be absolutely fabulous!

  3. Alessi is both picky and rude... What are her traits??