Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chapter Twenty Seven: Alessi Goes to the Library

Why are Alessi and Bradley going into an apartment building you ask?

Because Autumn lives here with her fiance, VJ Alvi.
But why is Autumn wearing those ugly clothes, you ask?

Because she just gave birth to this little cutie, Mackenzie Bright. And yes, I am well aware that the floor is glitchy... My game is just, well, yeah. And I also don't know why Kenzie has blonde hair, when her parents have red and blue hair, but it suits her well I think.

Alessi: *sigh* Look at him, all hot and blue haired. He'd be a perfect baby daddy, or perhaps step daddy to all my little tykes?
No, absolutely not!
Alessi: But why?
Because you are NOT sleeping with your daughter's fiance!
Alessi: How come?

Bradley: Whoa, who that cutie?
Kenzie: Hi me is Kenzie.
Bradley: I is Bradwey. I wike you.

Kenzie: Me too. Wanna be mah boyfwiend?
Bradley: Ah course I do!

Uhhhh.... What are doing Alessi?
Alessi: Making myself an alcoholic drink.
You are here to meet your grandbaby! There is no reason you should be drinking!
Alessi: Yeah there is. You go off and deny me a hunk.
But he is the father of your grandchild!
Alessi: So?
*sigh* Okay, just go grab Bradley. I was going to wait till tonight but it's obvious that you need this now.
Alessi: What?
A surprsie.
Alessi: Okay... Can I at least get some vodka in me first?

Alessi: Come on Brad-Brad, time to go. Say goodbye to your neice.
Bradley and Kenzie: NEICE?!

Alessi: Some surprise this is!
It's the library...
Alessi: But I hate reading! And also thinking in general.
I am aware of that.
Alessi: So why did you bring me here, exactly?!

Alessi: Ooh, look! A beefcake!
So now you understand my reasoning?
Alessi: You yes I do.... But do I really have to give birth AGAIN?!
Yes, Alessi, you do!
Alessi: *sigh* Whatever... I'm in it for the woohoo, that's all.

Lucky: Ooh, hey hot stuff! My name is Lucky Swan, what's yours?
Alessi: Hi, I'm Alessi. What's a stud like you doing in a nerdy old place like this?

Onyx: Oh God... YOU again!
Alessi: Hello Onyx.
Lucky: You know this guy?
Alessi: He's the father of my son.
Onyx: ..... Son?

Alessi: Forget about him, Lucky. I like you better.
Onyx: LIES!
Alessi: No, no lies. You're like a rock, Lucky. A hot, hot rock.
Lucky: Hehehe... Thanks.

Alessi: And you know, I'd bet that you would make beautful babies as well.
Lucky: Probably.
Alessi: Great!
Lucky: They would be interesting little things, though. Because I'm not a human, I'm an Imaginary Friend.

Alessi: Hahaha, you're a funny guy, aren't you Lucky? I know you aren't an Imaginary Friend, because I can see you!
Lucky: No, see, there was this potion...

Alessi: Oh Lucky, enough with this talk, just hold me!
Lucky: Ooh, you feel nice in my arms.
Alessi: I'd feel nice somewhere else, too.
Onyx: Filthy dirtbags....

The two then began to kiss... really really passionately. Like literally, I think they got a little too into it.

Alessi: You know, we can continue this on in somewhere less.... public.
Lucky: Hehehe, I'd love to!
Alessi: Good... And we should get out of here fast, before Onyx realizes that his son is right in the other room.
Lucky: *laughing* Okay, let's go!

With that, Alessi ditched Bradley at the library, before heading down to Science Faucilty to woohoo Lucky.

Not sure if this was the greatest idea in the world, though. I mean, they are woohooing in a labratory. Where they do experiments. What if they, like, suck up something harmful?

They both look okay though. I'm assuming that there won't be any side effects from this...

Alessi: I did a great job in there! I think that I deserve some flowers!
Lucky: Well, if you get flowers, I get money.
Alessi: Say what?!
Lucky: I'm just saying, you should pay me for all my hard work.
Alessi: You... You are a disgusting weirdo!

Lucky: What is wrong with you?
Alessi: Well, a lot actually. See, this freaky voice talks to me in my head, and she is forcing me against my will to bear and raise 100 babies that I don't even want!
Lucky: Uhhh...
Alessi: And the voice is such a hater, too, and she hates me and my Alessi-ness. She dislikes every descistion I make, and she is always telling me lies about my children. Like how my sweet little Clover is actually some kind of evil monster!
Lucky:... I think you should leave now.
Alessi: *eye roll* Well, you asked!

See this girl? Her name is Casie Edwards, and Kevin brings her home nearly every day. Me thinks the boy's smitten with a certain little lady.

Kevin than ran off to go make a lovely dinner to impress his lady friend. However, I'm not sure a salad is the right food to impress a girl. She may get the wrong message.

Casie: Wow, there sure are a lot of dirty dishes in here.
Joy: Yeah, my Mommy doesn't clean that much. I'll wash them as soon as I'm finished with my homework.
Casie: Thanks, Sweetie.
Clover: Nah, don't clean them. I kind of like the smell.
Casie: How could you possibly like the smell?
Clover: Because I think it's what a dead body smells like.

Joy: Clover, you scare me sometimes.
Clover: Good! Mwahahahaha!

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