Friday, September 16, 2011

Chapter Twenty Two: Dance Dance Dance!

Whatcha doin?
Alessi: Shut up Voice! I'm busy!
With what?
Alessi: Writing my newest novel.
The one about the guy not wearing any pants?
Alessi: Maybe...

Alessi: Okay, now I'm getting frustrated!
About what?
Alessi: Writing is hard! You don't even know!
Well, actually...
Alessi: Look, I just need to de-stressify myself.
And how are you gonna do that?
Alessi: The way I always do...

Alessi: ....By standing up, crossing my eyes, and staring up at the ceiling!
How does that help?
Alessi: It calms me.

Alessi: Oh, look! A baby bump!
Alessi: Not yay! I'm tired of this!

Alessi: Can't I like, have another break? Pleeeeeaaasssseee!?
No. You've only had four since you're last one!
Alessi: ONLY four?!
Four isn't a lot when you're aiming for a hundred.

Since the boys were all in school, and Alessi was borderlining near exhaustion, I let her sleep and dream about... teddy bears, until they got home so that I could age them all up.

When they all got home and I woke Alessi up, I saw that she was wearing this. I don't know where this came from or how it got in my game, but I frickin love it! It's so cute, and Alessi works it! Where can I get one for myself?!

Eros: Finally, I am going to become of legal age to marry my River!
Alessi: Yeah, like THAT'S gonna happen!

Eros: Please God, make it so that me and River will be together forever!

Look at our handsome man! I am impressed, he's really good looking! He aged up with the trait Easily Impressed, so altogether he is an easily impressed friendly slob who is innappropiate and loves the outdoors.

Scotty: Yay, it's my turn!
Alessi: Yes, yes, hurry up so Dashiel can go!

Eros: Ha ha, Scotty! You are such a loser!
Dashiel: Oh come on, Eros. Be nice!
Alessi: Hehe, twirly thing!

Scotty: Oh, you just wait! All of you! I will be the better man! You'll see! You'll all see!

Well, here he is! All puppy dog cute and innocent looking. He aged up with the trait Good Sense of Humor, which he will probably need to keep himself entertained when he is being ignored.

Alessi: Go Dashiel! Go Dashiel! Go Dashiel!
Dashiel: Does everyone have to stare at me?
Alessi: Oh come on! Stop being so shy!

Scotty: Oh, I can't watch this!
Eros: Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Mom's making you all uncomfortable!

Aaaand here is Dashiel after he finally agreed to blow out his candles. He's a cutie! He aged up with the trait Easily Impressed. I am confused at the purpose of this trait, cause it doesn't do anything or add any new interactions. Unless I haven't noticed it. Idk.

Alessi: Ready to age up now, Danie?
Dane: No! Not till Ghostie goes way.
I'm not going anywhere Dane.

Alessi: Come now, Voice. Stop harassing the boy.
But I'm not harassing anyone! It's not my fault that he can hear me!
Alessi: Likely story!
Yeah, cause it's true!
Alessi: Whatever. Come on Dane, time to age up now sweetie!
Dane: But Mommy...
Alessi: DANE! I wanna go back to bed! You are aging up NOW!

With that, Dane was forced against his will to become a child. He recieved the Loner trait, which officially means that I will be his only friend! But not anytime soon, I think, because he looks a little disgruntled.

Alessi: Well that was a enough effort for one day. I think that I am going to go sleep for eleven more hours.
Oh no you don't!
Alessi: But why?!
I think Eros wants to talk to you.
Alessi: Awwww but that's not FAIR!

Eros: Hey Mom.
Alessi: Hey...
Eros: I just wanted to let you know that you were a great mom...
Alessi: Yes.
Eros: But it's high time that I go out on my own, and pursue a relationship with River.

Alessi: Well sweetie, I've been meaning to talk to you about that.
Eros: Oh God...
Alessi: I have a bad vibe about that girl, that's all.
Eros: Well, I love her! And I don't care if you don't!
Alessi: But Eros, I'm only trying to help...
Eros: I don't want your stupid help! I'm leaving! NOW!
Alessi: Eros! Please!

He's gone, Alessi.
Alessi: Yeah, I know.
Are you... crying.
Alessi: I'm upset that he won't listen to me, but I'm proud as well.
In what way?
Alessi: He's independant. He can stand up for himself.
But he stood up against his mother!
Alessi: For a girl that he loves. And although I'm sure that he will face heartbreak, it's not because of him not protecting her.

The heartbreak was coming faster than anybody expected, however. Eros noticed right away that something was wrong when River refused to make eye contact with him.
He soon learned what was wrong, however.

Eros: You're.... You're breaking up with me?
River: Yes Eros, I am.
Eros: B-b-but why?!
River: You're already a young adult, and I'm still a teenager.
Eros: But River, I want to wait for you!
River: But the thing is, I don't.

Eros: Well, I guess we have nothing to talk about then.
River: Yeah, I guess so.

Meanwhile, Dane was having some trouble of his own.

Dane: Ghostie? I'm just in here to play with my toys. Please don't haunt me!
But Dane, I would never haunt you!

Dane: Well, then, why do you keep on bugging me then?!
I don't try to, I swear. Your mother is the only one who I torture.
Dane: Why would you do that to my mom?!
Have you met your mom?

Dane: Ugh, you're disgusting!
I'm sorry!
Dane: Don't even talk to me!

Scotty has been acting envious of his brother lately. He's always scowling and making faces at him.

I don't think that Dashiel deserves it, however. He is still the shy guy he has always been. He has spent a lot of his time painting, writing, and just plain sitting around and enjoying alone time.

Alessi, on the other hand, spent every free second she had during this pregnancy dancing away.

She danced while Scotty prephared dinner.

Scotty: Mom, stop it! You're such a freak!

She danced while the boys were doing their homework.
Dashiel: Is she still...
Scotty: I can't look!
Dane: This is horrible!
Scotty: First that stupid Voice, and now this!
Dane: I wouldn't call the ummm.... Voice stupid.
Scotty: What, do you hear it too?! Are you a freak too?
Dane: Mommy's not a freak! Lay off!

She danced her way right into labor.
Dashiel: Oh God, what's happening?!
Alessi: Don't worry Dashy, it's only labor.

Dashiel: Labor?! Oh God, what do I do?!
Alessi: Nothing. I just stand here and give birth. It's no biggie.
Dashiel: Ahhhhh WHAT?!

Well dearest readers who I may or may not have, here is our newest Bright child, baby #15 Kevin Bright.

He was born with the traits Virtoso and Friendly.

Yes, another redheaded little boy. Now, of course I love all of Alessi's kids, but come on! 12 boys and 3 girls?! That hardly seems fair! Not to mention the fact that like 3/4 of Alessi's kids are redheads! Come on, can I please have some variety here?!


  1. ...Now Scotty looks like Dashiel with that hair and Dashiel looks like Scotty!!! :/ I loved Dashiel with the short hair! He's still cute now, though. It just lets you know how identicle these twins are!!! And tell Dane I say Hi!!! And that if the ghostie is scaring him too much... He's always got his Aunt Maddy!!! ;)

  2. If it's variety you're looking for, try using the Grim Reaper as a daddy...