Friday, September 2, 2011

Chapter Seventeen- Flying Pillows

So before we begin, I would like to quickly say that we came very, very close to never seeing Alessi and her eleven children ever again. You see, the game became horribly glitchy and people started to disapear, so I had to do an emergancy evacuation to another file. So, long story short, everything is fine. There are still problems, but for the most part everything is in one peice, and Alessi is still working my last nerve *sigh* Why I decided to go through all that work to save a stuck up little brat who hates my guts, I don't know. I don't think she even deserves to live, but whatever. You guys still get your story, and Alessi and me still have to make each other miserable.

So here is Mickey. Alessi has been trying to cut down his TV time to protect his fragile little head, but much like a drug addict, it isn't so easy.
Mickey: Television, television, television, television, television, television, television....
Come on Mickey! You can beat it!
Mickey: Television, television, television, television....
This would work better if he could hear me....
Mickey: That's it, I'm watching QVC!

Mickey: Ooh, ah! What a great deal! And it's so pretty! From Mexico, you say?!
This family is hopeless....

Meanwhile, Ace is outside on the porch teaching Eros how to walk.
Eros: Eew, wook at the icky newspapuh!
Ace: Come on Eros! Come to Acey!

Eros: Run way from the newpapuh! Run way!
Ace: You're doing it, Eros! You're walking!

Alessi, being the wonderful mom that she is, decided to miss her son's first steps to instead meet the next baby daddy.
Alessi: Yes, Mike, I will pull it just like this....

That's right, the next baby daddy is Mike Road.  Well, techicically speaking, he is the first, since this is a whole new game, but yeah.

Alessi: I'm serious, Mike! I will stay all night, even past when the moon comes out, and we can woohoo all night long.

Alessi: And no drama, either. A one night stand, I swear!
Mike: That sounds perfect! How much do you charge?
Alessi: No money. I do this for babies!
Mike: Wha....?

Before Mike could question it, Alessi leaned in and kissed him.

Which then led to more passionate kissing, or, as my little sister calls it, "open mouth kissing".

Mike: I'm not going to have to pay child support, am I?
Alessi: Nope!
Mike: Perfect, let's go!

Alessi: *sigh* Where's Mike? Why is he keeping me waiting?
Maybe he's watching TV?
Alessi: Oh, I thought for sure that you left! You have been so quiet the past couple of days! But sadly, you're back!
You couldn't survive without me, Alessi.
Alessi: Yes I could! Look, I snagged a baby daddy all by myself. WITHOUT your help!
And you also lost him all by yourself, WITHOUT my help.

Mike: Sorry, I had to make a phone call.
Alessi: Ha ha, I didn't lose him!
Mike: Who did you lose? Who are you talking to?
Alessi: Forget about all that, baby. Just hop in bed with me and we will get things started!

Mike: Okay, I'm a little nervous.
Ha ha, Alessi! You fail!
Alessi: *stuttering* There... there's n..nothing to be n...nervous about.
Mike: Well, what if you have a freaky STD or something?
Alessi: Well, I'm going to honest with you...
Mike: Okay...
Alessi: I once had woohoo behind a tank, and...

Mike: Woohoo behind a tank?! Girl you beast!
Alessi: Why thank you!
Mike: Let's get it on!

They really did get it on. I mean, look at that pillow fly!

Alessi: Admit it, Voice! I did good!
You did okay, although if I was helping you would have done waaay better.
Alessi: Well I'm sure I'm pregnant now, and I did it all by myself.
It takes two, Alessi. It takes two.
Alessi: You mean Mike? Well he didn't have anything to do with it! I'm the fertile one!
Whatever you say...

Alessi did the stride of pride all the way back home, and walked right past Ace playing with Eros.

Ace: Seriously, Mom? Don't you have enough kids to neglect already?
Alessi: Nope!

Eros: *giggling* Mommy walking funny! She is dancing?
Ace: Uhhhh yeah..... sure..... why not?

You look proud.
Alessi: I just had woohoo!
Alessi: All by myself!
Uh huh. No help from me what's so ever.
Alessi: That's right! Yeah!

Mickey: Uhhhhh...... have fun, Mom?
Alessi: YEAH I DID!

Hey, Alessi?
Alessi: What  can you possibly want from me, Voice?!
I just wanted to say I was sorry for yelling at you over the whole vampire-lady thing, although I do not think that I over reacted, and also for basicly calling you stupid.
Alessi: YOU'RE apologizing?!
You seem surprised.

Alessi: Well, yeah. Because you are a jerkwad.
You start it. You always start it.
Alessi: It doesn't give you permission to finish it!
Well, I... I...*sigh* Whatever! Do you forgive me or not?
Alessi: Let me think about it. No.
But why?!
Alessi: I need you to know how I really feel about you.
Uhhhhh okay?

Oh my God! Are you puking?!
Alessi: This is how I feel about you! Get it?!
Ewwww! Okay, okay! I get it!

Alessi: Well, now I can forgive you.
Uhhhh why?
Alessi: I just wanted to express my feelings as all.
That is strange, but also kind of sweet. And please note the "kind of".
Alessi: *laughing* Oh, Voice...
I'm serious.

Ever since Alicia had left, Ace had been trying to fill in her shoes and be a the best big brother that he could be. He spent a whole lot of time with Eros, so maybe he won't end up horribly screwed up.
Ace: Good night, Eros.
Eros: No leave me!
Ace: I need to leave, Eros!

Ace: Goodnight, Eros.
Eros: Me kill you! In your sleep!
Ace: That's nice. Now go to sleep.

Alessi: Awww, Eros feeling lonley? Here sweetie, I'll cuddle with you.
Are you being.... loving?!
Alessi: If you can apologize, I can at least put in an effort, right?
Hey, that's good! I was a postive influence on you!
Alessi: I wouldn't go that far...

Alessi and Eros started to spend a lot of time together. The two would sometimes sit down and watch some early morning television, Alessi on the couch and Eros on the floor.

One day while watching reruns of the Brady Bunch, Alessi got up and spun into.... this lovely, um, outfit. Also notice where her hand is. It is covering something that I would not show you on here.

Is that your... maternity wear?!
Alessi: Yep. And I love it!
How could you ever love THAT?!
Alessi: Cause, it gives me room to breathe!
Okay, seriously?! What kind of picture do you think that you just gave me?!
Alessi: He he he he....

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