Friday, September 9, 2011

Chapter Twenty: I'm In Love With The Party Crasher!

Uhhhh..... What are you doing?
Alessi: What does it look like?
I don't know, actually.
Alessi: Well, I got so frustrated playing myself at chess that my eyes got all crossed.
Meaning, you lost to yourself again.
Alessi: No! I am just such a good opponent that no one, not even myself, can beat me!
Whatever you say to make the pain go away, Alessi.

Alessi: Oh, look Voice! I got my baby bump!
Yes, I can see that.
Alessi: I wasn't sure, because Voices don't have eyes.
Well, then, why did you tell me to look?
Alessi: I was trying to be nice. You know, not point out your disablity.
I don't have a disability!
Alessi: That's what people with disablities say.

On that lovely note, it was party time!
Mickey: Yay, I get to become a young adult! But how will Dashiel fare without me here?

River McIrish: Boooring! I would rather be play foosball than be here!
Eros: Well, then what are you doing here? You weren't even invited! I mean honestly, you are so mean and nasty you make me wanna take a bath... and I hate bathes!

Uhhhh... what's wrong with you?
Alessi: Hormones. Please make it stop.

Alessi: Oh, look, it's Mickey's birthday. Go and get em Mickey! Go get em baby #10!

Mickey: Thanks, Mom. Now let's see, what do I wish for....

Mickey: Oh, I know! I wanna be the wealthy CEO of a major corporation!
Alessi: *laughing* Like THAT'S ever gonna happen!
Alessi: I mean.... you can be anything you want as long as you BELIEVE!

And here is out Hespepo boy, all grown up! He is a cutie! And I see a bit of his grandma Maia in there, I just can't put my finger on where. Hmmmmm.... so anyways, Mickey aged up well, and rolled the Shy trait. So altogether he is a shy eccentric who is excitable, likes to work, and sit on the couch like a potato. I have a feeling that he would have conquered the business world just fine, if only he hadn't gotten the Shy trait. Oh, well.

Eros: My turn! My turn!
Alessi: Yaaaay.... but where's Mickey? Shouldn't he be here?!
River: I'd rather be home playing in Sandi's toxboy than at this lame party!
Mickey: No one invited you! GO HOME!

Eros: Everybody shut up! I'm gonna make a wish! *clears throat* I wish to...

Eros: .... To rule the world! Mwhahahahaha!
Alessi: Oh God, not another Celio!

And here is our little Casper look-a-like! I did give him the same hair, yes, but he looked so good in it! Anyways, Eros recieved the Innapropiate trait, one that Casper also possessed. Seriously, I mean, if Eros was a vampire, he and Casper could be twins!

Alessi: *angry sigh* Can't I age up Dashiel first?!
Alessi: But why?!
Scotty: It my biwthday Mama!
River: I am soooo tired of this screwed up family.
Eros: Than go home, unless maybe I will KILL you!

Alessi: Kay, let's get this train wreck over with!
That's not very nice Alessi.
Alessi: Oh shut up Voice.
River: Geez, this woman this nutso!
Eros: That tears it! Prephare to DIE!

And here is our wittle forgotten child! He is adorable! He gained the Unlucky trait, which pretty much fits the whole situation very, very well.

Alessi: Last, and certainly not least, the adorable, the irresistible, the diamond in the rough.... DASHIEL!
Treating your kids like a side show, huh?
Alessi: Dashiel doesn't seem to mind.
Dashiel: Yay! It me birthday!

Dashiel: Wook Mama, fiya!
Alessi: No, no! Dashiel, no, don't touch the fire, sweetie!
Dashiel: Is so pwetty! Go to the wight!
Alessi: No, no! Don't go to the light!

Dashiel ended up not going to the light, and now has the Shy trait. It goes well with the Loner trait he already has. So now he is really anti-social.

The birthdays conclude pretty late in the evening. River has escaped unscathed, and Alessi is asleep, dreaming of...... whatever the heck that thing is. A diaper? A napkin? Who knows? Point is, Mickey won't leave till the morning.

But I don't really want Mickey to leave. He is a saint, he really is. The first thing he does once he is done cleaning up from the party is make his brothers some breakfast. And then the poor guy rolls a wish to order some pizza. Poor, overworked Mickey.

And then he goes off and unclogs the toilet! Seriously, he's like a free maid or something!

But the time for goodbyes must come *sniff*
Mickey: So, Mom, as you know I am an adult now.
Alessi: Young adult, actually.
Mickey: *sigh* Yes, well, the point is that I'm going off on my own.
Alessi: Yeah, I figured that, I...
Scotty: Mommy? Can you help me with...
Alessi: Scotty! Can't you see that I'm busy here?!

Mickey: Mom, you will always be important to me. And all my siblings *feels tummy* Even you, little one.
Alessi: Awww, how sweet!
Scotty: Mom, please, I really need....
Alessi: Shut up, Scotty! We are having a moment here!

Scotty: Pfft, fine! Whatever! Leave your child defenseless in the world! That's just great!
Alessi: Yes, yes. Now run along now. I need to chat with your brother for a little while.

Meanwhile, in the bedroom, Eros is dreaming abut revenge on River for ruining the birthday parties.

He asked a few of her friends, and finds out where she hangs when she isn't at school. So he heads down to the local park, where he runs into Ricky.
Ricky: Awwww, look, it's my baby brother!
Eros: Hehehe... just smile and walk away Eros... just smile and walk away...


Anyways, Eros found River, and attempted to kiss her for revenge. She refused to get anywhere near him.

Eros started to cry when his plan failed instantly, and River, suddenly feeling a bit of good in her heart, let him cry on her shoulder.

River than tried cheering Eros up, and even though he never told her why he was so upset, she understood. They chatted for about three hours straight, when...

....They kissed. And for real, not because Eros wanted to break her heart in some revenge scheme, but because at that very moment, he liked her. He liked her a whole lot.

And you gotta admit, they are a cute couple. What shall we call them? Hmmm.... I know! Riveros! It sounds all spanish and whatnot, and both of their full names are in it! Ta-da!

Scotty: Hi Mommy! What are...
Alessi: Silence, Scotty! I am busy writing my newest novel!

That's right! Alessi had finished "Is That a Banana in Your Pants?", and it was a bestseller! So now she is working on, "What Happened to the Man Without Pants?"

Dashiel also enjoyed writing. He was a quiet kid, and perferred to be left to his own devices. He actually got a story published. It was called, "A Rabbit Habit".

Alessi was observing his writing skills when all of a sudden her eyes stared at each other.

She was in labor, which shouldn't be surprising at this point.

Well kids, here he is! Baby #14 Dane Bright!

He was born with the traits Clumsy and Insane (Finally, an insane one!)

Dane is named after Dane Cook, not because Dane is a mixture between Shane and Dawson. He is named after Dane Cook because, well, it was the first thing I thought of when I saw that he had the insane trait. And I'm a little tired of all the boys. I mean, they are all so cute, but Alessi has had eleven boys and three girls. But hey, at least Dane isn't a redhead!


  1. Yaaaaay Taylor Swift! Her music shall bring world peace! X) And what's with Boss in the background? Is Ricky in coherts with him!? Boss is his grandfather and it is a family business... Dun dun duuuuun!!! Also, I think River has been involved in other stories I've read... I don't particularly like her or how her children come out. Good luck with those grandkids!

  2. Your game hates boys doesn't it how odd. Love the story and your little arguments with Alessi. It's quite amusing how awful a parent she is to some kids but great to the others. I did like it when she said normally I leave the toddlers for longer than this

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