Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Chapter Nineteen- "Like fo' Serious"

Now, as I am assuming that you all know, Alessi has started her own little tradition when it comes with twins. She always chooses a favorite. Past favorites include Rodrick over Ricky and Jazmyn over Alicia. Now that Alessi has twins again, it's time for the more loved one to be revealed.
Drum roll please!


DASHIEL! *cheers*
Isn't this just an adorable picture? I mean, look at their faces! However, things get a little sad when you look a little bit lower...

Scotty: Mama me wanna be hewd too! Me like you ovah bwocks! Pwease Mama! Wove me Mama!

Alessi: Do you mind, Voice? I am cuddling with Dashie.
Which is all good and well, but what about Scotty?
Alessi: Scotty needs to wait his turn just like everybody else.
I thought you were changing for the better!
Alessi: But Voice, I have changed for the better! I ordinarily would not touch a toddler for so long.
You don't get it do you?
Alessi: I do! But Dashiel is just so cute!

Alessi: And besides, Dashiel loves me too! Right Dash?
Dashiel: If me say yes can I go pway with Teddy Bear?
Alessi: Yes.
Dashiel: I wuv you Mama!
Alessi: D'awwww! You see?!

Scotty: But Mama, I wheely wuv you! I wheely do!

Eros: So anyways, Mickey, that was the time that I traveled the mountains to get to school.
Mickey: Whatever, Squirt. I'm busy doing my Geometry.
Eros: Fine! I will just eat my cake in silence then!
Mickey: Oh thank God!

Eros: Oh nom nom nom!
Mickey: What are you doing?!
Eros: Sticking my whole head in a cake. You should try it sometimes.

A little after this all occured, I decided to send Alessi off on a little walk. And yes, she is tired, but as long as she acts like a selfish little pig I will continue to ignore her needs.

However, my dear readers, this isn't just any walk! This is a walk to introdruce Alessi to a poorly made Shane Dawson sim that I made a little while ago. Yes, yes, I know that it isn't the best made sim in the world, but hey, it could be worse. You should have saw him before I gave him a complete make over.

Alessi: Hi, I'm Alessi. What's your name?
Shane: Hi, I'm Shane Dawson.
Alessi: Ooh, Shane. Has anyone told you that you are mucho deliciousio?

Shane: Well, sometimes....
Alessi: Because, you see, I am a Mommy, but I would like to be a Mommy to be.
Shane: ...You want me to get you pregnant?
Alessi: If that is okay...

Shane: My life is messed up enough as it is. I can't see how this will effect anything.
Alessi: So you are cool with this?
Shane: Yes! In fact, I will carry you all the way there!
Alessi: Hurray! I know just the place!

Yes, the mausoleum. I was seriously curious about this place, since my sims have never so much have been inside it, never mind woohooing. So I was looking foward to this.
And that's when things got weird.

Alessi: Sup.
What are you doing out here already?
Alessi: We got caught kissing.
Kissing, huh?
Alessi: Yes, that's all we were doing!

Oh, really?
Alessi: Yeah I.... OH MY GOD! SHANE?!
Shane: Yep?
Alessi: Why in the frickin world are you naked?!
Shane: Kissing naked is one of my favorite things. It makes me feel so free!
Wait.... You really were just kissing?!
Alessi: I told you, we were just kissing!
Shane: But naked-ness is good for the soul!

Now, I was very confused about what just happened, so I decided that I would send Alessi and Shane back to the Bright house, because I wasn't sure if they woohooed or not, or if Alessi was pregnant or not.
Things get weirder here, though. Because here we see Alessi, waiting eagerly for Shane to come so she can get her smexy on. Now, I'm assuming that you all remember how the first few fathers would ditch woohoo for television.
Well, I think that we have a problem.

Shane: Hello Missy Muffins! Officer Alpaca is here for tea? Oh, joy! Wait, what is that Officer Alpaca? Missy Muffin's sister-in-law Betty Baskets is here as well! Oh sugar cookies, that is truly marvelous! This is a real celebration, is it not?

Alessi was evantually able to drag Shane away from his... fun, and convinced him to climb into bed with her.
Shane: *grumbling* This better be worth missing the tea party...
Alessi: It will be, I promise.
Shane: Okay then, let's get...
Alessi: Oh, hang on! My phone is ringing!
Shane: You are just going to leave me hanging for a phone call?!
Alessi: Well, I have nine kids out in the world as young adults. This could be an emergancy!
Shane: But this is my first time!

Alessi: First time?! It's your first time?!
Shane: Yes...
Alessi: Let's get it on!

I heard the lullaby. It's a good thing I did this just in case, or else there may have been no Shane Dawson babies!

Alessi: Shane? Shane, where did you go?!... Oh no! I sucked you in, didn't I?!

Shane: Peek-a-boo!
Alessi: Shane! Don't scare me like that!
Shane: Hehehehe!

Meanwhile, outside, Eros decided to have another go at the slide.


Eros: What happened? Am I dead? Did I go to Heck? Is that why my bum is burning so badly?

Awwww, look at you Alessi!
Alessi: I can't look at myself. It's psychically impossible!
No I mean.... *sigh* It's so cute!
Alessi: Is not! This is disgusting!

It must be! You don't look too hot!
Alessi: I don't feel too hot, either!

Alessi: Oh no! I think that I just threw up a little!
Run, woman, RUN!

And with that I leave you with this lovely picture of Alessi throwing up.

Happy belated Labor Day everybody!

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