Sunday, September 25, 2011

Chapter Twenty Six: Evil, Evil, Evil

Have you been randomly puking all over the place?

Did you spin into sketchy, innapropiate maternity wear?

Did birthday cakes randomly appear in your kitchen over night?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are pregnant.
And also, it's party time :-D

Alessi: Whoo! Whoo! Yay! Yay!
Dane: Ha ha, yeah! Young adult time, baby!
Happy birthday Dane!
Dane: Yay, Ghostie! I'm gonna be a young adult!
I can see that. Now blow out your candles and make a wish!
Alessi: Oh, get out of here, Voice!
Pfft. You can't tell me what to do Alessi!
Alessi: Can so!
Dane: Come on Mom, leave Ghostie alone!

Alessi: Just ignore Voice, Dane.
Dane: But I'm not talk to a Voice. I'm talking to Ghostie.
I'm both Voice AND Ghostie!
Dane: Huh?!
Alessi: Ignore her, Dane! Just blow out candles and wish for grandbabies!
Dane: Yay, grandbabies!

Here he is the apple of my eye, all grown up *sniff*. I'm gonna miss our crazy lil walnut.... Anyways, Dane aged up well and rolled the Charismatic trait. So altogether he is a clumsy, insane, loner who know how to make a sale because he is charismatic. Yeah, something like that.

Kevin: Yeah! Finally! Not gonna be a little kid anymore!
Dane: What's wrong with being a little kid?
Kevin: All I did was clean! But now that I'm going to be a teenager, I'm starting fresh.

Kevin: I'm gonna be a rebel!
Alessi: *snickers*

He doesn't look much like a rebel, does he? Looks more like he'd be in high school drama club. But he's a cutie. He aged up well and gained the Heavy Sleeper.

Alessi: Okay Joy, let's blow out your candles.
Joy: Me no wanna!
Alessi: Joy, I'm trying to be patient with you. Now, let's blow out your candles.
Joy: But I'm afwaid of the fire!

Alessi: Joy, I will THROW you into the fire if you don't blow out your candles!
Alessi: What? Kids need tough love!
That isn't tough love! That's child abuse!
Alessi: Is not! I would never throw Joy in there! She doesn't know that, though.
She knows it now.
Alessi: .... Just blow out the candles, Joy.
Joy: Okays.

Well, despite how... Scary her party was, Joy made it out unscathed, and adorable! She rolled the Vehicle Enthusiast trait.

Alessi: Yay, Clover! Make a wish, sweetheart!
Alessi:... What?

Clover: Uhhh.. I mean... I wuv you, Mommy! *hugs*
Alessi: Aww, I love you too, Panda Bear! Now blow out your candles, okay?
Clover: Otay, Mommy.

Aww, who's a cute little sociopath? Or, at least she would be if she wasn't making that face. She looking like she wants to stab someone... Anyways, so Clover gained the Vegetarian trait. Sooo she's an evil vegetarian? What, does she torture the carrots to death before she eats them?

Dane: And that was the time that I unclogged the toilet!
Alessi: Oh, how interesting!
Dane: Yeah, your lucky that you weren't there...

Dane: Well, I think I'm going to leave now, Mom.
Alessi: Oh, Dane! I'm gonna miss you!
Dane: Really?
Alessi: Yeah! You make me look less insane!

Dane: Uhhh.... Your welcome?

Alessi: Bye bye, Danie! Good luck in the real world!
Dane: Thanks, Mom.
Alessi: Get me some grandbabies, okay?
Dane: Okay, Mom, I promise!
Alessi: Good boy!

Dane: Oh Ghostie? Are you here?
Dane: You didn't think that I'd forget to say goodbye to you, did ya?
A little....

Dane: Oh, Ghostie! We've had our ups and downs, but I'd say that me and you are like best friends!
Clover: What is wrong is with you, you freak?! Talking to the air again?

Dane: Oh, look at me! I'm Clover! I think I'm soooo cool but I really just have anger issues!
Clover: Whatever, whackjob.

Oh, Dane. Don't look like that! You aren't a whackjob.
Dane: *sigh* It doesn't matter anyways. I'm leaving now.
Right now?
Dane: I need to get away from these people...
Oh okay. Sooo I'll see you around then?
Dane: Yeah, Ghostie. I'll see you around.

Clover continued her reign of terror even after Dane was gone.
Kevin: Huh... What's with the random trash on the floor?
Kevin: AHHH!

Kevin: *gasping for breath* Clover, you almost made me have a heart attack!
Clover: *giggling* You're such a loser!

Things got really bad a little while later...
Clover: Mommy! Mommy!
Alessi: What is it Clover? Mommy is busy with foosball right now.
Clover: But Mommy, this is really really important!
Alessi: *sigh* Okay, sweetheart, what is it?

Clover: Well, see, I was talking to Joy... And she said that you are fat and ugly and you look like a hippo!
Alessi: *gasp* But I'm pregnant!
Clover: Yes, and I told her that, but she said that you ALWAYS look like a hippo!

Joy: Oh Mr. Moo Moo, you're my only friend!

Joy: Yes, Mommy?
Joy: But I didn't...

Alessi: I am surprised at you, young lady! You have always been... unpleasant, but never this rude!
Joy: But Mommy, I swear I didn't call you a hippo!
Alessi: I am tired of your lies, Joy! Go to your room! And leave that stuffed animal here!
Joy: *sigh* Yes Mommy...

You shouldn't have yelled at her, Alessi.
Alessi: And why not? She called me a hippo!
I bet you anything that Clover just made that up to get her in trouble.
Alessi: Not my Clover! She's a sweet little angel!
She's a demonic little tyrant!
Alessi: Nuh uh! You're just jealous that you're kids won't be as good looking as mine are!
What does that even have to do with anything?!

Clover: Hey Kevin! There you are!
Kevin: I've been standing here for...
Clover: Listen, I have a plan and I need some older person's help!
Kevin: Wait, what...
Clover: We get a rocket, and we burn everyone to a crisp! We're going to have to take Joy out first, though, and possibly Dane, but we...

Kevin: Woah, woah, woah! There is no way I am helping you murder people!
Clover: And why not?!
Kevin: Because it's WRONG!
Clover: Oh, so your that kind of person. Oh, well. Guess you're going first.
Kevin: *eye roll* Good luck trying to find someone who will help you with your scheme.

What are you doing up? It's like four in the morning!
Alessi: I feel funny!
Funny how?

Ooh, okay.

Well here he is, Baby #18 Bradley Bright.

He was born with the traits Slob and Perspective.
Aint he a doll? I'm not sure where the black hair comes from, since both of his parents have reddish hair, but I'm certainly not complaining! I'm glad he isn't another redheaded clone, and I just can't get over how cute he is!

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  1. :'( Dane never knew his poor aunt who didn't think he was completely insane.... *Sigh!* And I WANNA SEE THE NEW AND UPCOMING GRANDBABY!!! Show me the grandkids!!!!