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Chapter Twenty Four: Happiness and Luck

Before we begin, I would like to make an announcement. Three innocents tragicly died recently, and I feel that we should pay the proper respect before beginning our overly rediculous story.

Swimmerton, Inspiration, and Devianto were all found dead last night by me. And I am a little torn up about it, you know? They didn't do anything wrong, just swam in their little bowls like the tiny angels they were. But, unfortunetly for them, this batch of kids didn't care enough about them to feed them on a regular basis, so they slowly starved to death, forgotten to the world.

Dashiel, however, cared enough about them to properly dispose of their little carcasses before Alessi had the chance to chop them up into sushi.

So with that, we pay tribute to our three little heroes. They survived longer in that house than most people could stand.

But let's not focus on the negatives, shall we? Let's focus on the good things in life... like cute little Kevin. I mean come on, babies can not get any more adorable than this!

And, Alessi is pregnant! Not that it is much of a surprise, but hey, I'm sure that it will be adorable. (Still hoping for a girl here!)

Scotty: Hey, look everyone! I'm about to become a young adult!
Alessi: Yes Scotty, we can see that! And we can also see those candles. Why don't you blow them out?

Dashiel: Oh come on, Mom. Leave him alone. It's a big day for him.
Scotty: Well then why don't you come over here and celebrate?
Dashiel: I can't.... I don't like crowds....

Scotty: I'll show you! I'll show all of you! Because I wish to grow up hot, rich, and successful.
Dane: Okay, even I know that's expecting too much.
Scotty: Shut up stupid child!
Dane: I won't be a child for much longer!

Aaaaand, here he is. He's kind of hot, I think. Could be worse. He aged up well and gained the Heavy Sleeper trait, so altogether he is an unlucky brave athlete who sleeps late and tells good jokes.

Dane: Hey Dashiel, what's wrong.
Dashiel: It's my time to age up.
Dane: Oh yeah! Happy birthday!
Dashiel: But I don't want to do it in front of all of these people.
Dane: But these people are your family. We all love you, and we wanna see you age up.

Dashiel: *sigh* You're right. And besides, the sooner I age up, the sooner I can get out of this house!
Dane: Yeah, that's the spirit!
Dashiel: I wish to find a quiet place to work on my artwork!

Here he is, all aged up! He looks good! And he's got muscles, which is always a good sign! He has gained the Angler trait, so altogether he is an artistic loner who is shy, and easily impressed by fishing.

Awww, Dane? Why are you pouting?
Dane: Cause I don't wanna be a teen, that's why!
What? You were just encouraging Dashiel to age up a minute ago!
Dane: Yes, but I just realized that my childhood is over. And I don't want it to be over just yet!
Oh, sweetie. It's okay. When you're a teen you can do all sorts of new things!
Dane: Like what?
Like, parties, and driving... And girls?

Dane: Ahhh, yeah! Girls!
See, now you're excited!
Dane: Sure am! Thanks Ghostie!
You're welcome!
Dane: Wish me good luck!

Scotty: Oh great, another lunatic! Just what this family needs!

Ooh, look at him! Dane turned out kind of... hot! He rolled the Born Salesman trait.

Alessi: Okay Kevin, time to become a child!
Kevin: No Mommy, me no wanna be a child!
Alessi: Why not?
Kevin: I wike being carried...

Alessi: Come on Kev, blow out your candles!
Kevin: No!
Alessi: Fine, I'll do it for you!
Kevin: No! Me no wanna have to walk evewywhere!

Kevin: One last cuddle, Mommy?

Awww, look at him! He is sooooo cute! He looks a little like a china doll, I think because of his custom skin. But still, he is gorgeous! He rolled the Perfectionist trait. Alessi's got a little OCD baby!

With the birthdays over, it was time for Alessi to say goodbye to the twins *sob*
Alessi: Bye Dashy. Good luck in the real world!
Dashiel: Thanks, Mom! I'll miss you!
Scotty: Hmph. No one wants to say goodbye to me!

Alessi: What are you talking about? Come here and give me a hug!
Scotty: Huh... You care about me?!
Alessi: Well yes, I did give birth to you!

Scotty: Awww Mom, that's the nicest thing you have ever said to me!

Scotty: I'm so happy that I can't help but cross my eyes in joy!
Alessi: That's my boy!

Later that evening I sent Alessi over to the Landgraab estate to talk to Dr. Geoffry Landgraab, since he is a doctor and can determine the gender. And I really want to know, because I'm tired of being disapointed everytime she gives birth and it says that she had a boy.
However, things don't go exactly how I plan...

Because you see, Geoffry has apparently been shrunk down to microscopic size, though his thought bubble is still normal. And also, according to the wishes Alessi keeps rolling, Geoffry is a celeberty, which means that Alessi can't talk to him ever again.

Alessi: Oh, that's too bad! Let's go home!
Uhhh... Alessi... Why did you just roll a wish to have a boy?
Alessi: I want a boy! Is that so bad!
But you have had 12 boys and 3 girls!
Alessi: Still, though. I like my boys better.
Geez, you sound like half my relatives!
Alessi: How can a voice even have relatives?

Despite the fact that he hates the outdoors, Kevin is a very adventurous little guy. He's always biking around town, meeting new people and trying new things.

I was thrilled when he rolled the wish to try fishing. I was hoping that someone would, because I really miss those three little fishies. D:

Uhhh Dane?
Dane: Oh hi Ghostie!
What are you doing?
Dane: Working out.
How come?
Dane: So I can become a hunk and get me a lady friend.
Well, I'm a lady, and I think that you are handsome enough as it is.
Dane: Sorry Ghostie, you don't count. I can't make out with you, after all.
I still don't think you need it.

Dane: Just you wait Ghostie! I'm gonna be a hunk and I'll have a different girlfriend every week!
I don't doubt that, actually. Just promise me you won't break too many hearts.
Dane: We'll see...

Kevin: Mommy Mommy Mommy!
Alessi: What is it sweetie? Mommy's busy.
Kevin: But... You were just playing foosball....
Alessi: Yes, and the blue team was just about to kick the red team's butt!

Kevin: Oh, well, Mommy I got you a present!
Alessi: Oh Kevin, that's precious!
Kevin: I know that you'll love it!
Alessi: Don't leave me in suspense Kevin! Show me what it is!
Kevin: It's over there! On the table!

Alessi: Oh.... What is that?
Kevin: It's a fish!
Alessi: Oh, ummm...
Kevin: I caught him especially for you!
Alessi: That's really nice of you, Kevin, but...
Kevin: I called him Flappy! But you can change the name if you want.
Alessi: *sigh* Thank you, Kevin.

Kevin is an absolute doll. He is the only one who eats Alessi's cooking, and he also cleans up everybody else's mess. And without complaining, too. I love him sooo much!

Alessi: Oh, Voice. Those other fish just went away, and now this!
Kevin's a sweetheart. He thought that you would really like it.
Alessi: Well, I don't! Can't I please just get rid of it?
No. It would kill Kevin.
Alessi: I can live with that!
Well I can't, so you're just going to have to get used to it!

Alessi: I hate you so much, Voice.
That's old news by now, Alessi.

Unfortunetly, this is where things took a turn for the worse. Because Alessi was pregnant for six whole days, without her stomach even growing. This was a glitch, a really really bad glitch, because if Alessi was pregnant forever then... the challenge would be over. This story would be over.
I wasn't ready to give up on this just yet.

A few helpful simmers saved this entire challenge by helping me with installing and working some mods. Because of this, I aborted the forever baby *sniff*, and pollinated Alessi with Vincent's baby a second time. Granted, she ended up in the horrible CC maternity wear, but hey, she was pregnant again! Though I was extremely nervous throughout the entire pregnancy.

Alessi was nervous too. She didn't know what the heck was going on. I ended up having to stop talking to her, because how do you explain to a person that they glitched out?

And I think that we were both extremely relived when she finally went into labor.

I would like you all to meet our little miracle baby, baby #16 Joy Bright.

She was born with the traits Friendly and Absent-Minded.

We also had a second little miracle, baby #17 Clover Bright.

She was born with the traits Brave and Evil (An evil little miracle? Hmmmm...)

I am thrilled for girls, especially little twin girls, and they couldn't have come at a better time. I named them after happiness and luck, because that's how I was feeling when the mods worked. Joy is another word for happy, and a clover is a symbol of luck. I think that they both describe the situation very well.

I would also like to thank WriterGurl97, Spiderg1rl, Bobby31998, and gsdluver4. Without your help, these girls would have never been born and my challenge would be over. Thanks so much guys!

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  1. *Sigh* Will Dane ever know he has an auntie watching over him??? But Kevin is a cutie! And the girls will grow up with big noses. Congrats! First Autumn,now these twins! I want to see grankids!!! *WE WANT GRANKIDS, WE WANT GRANKIDS!!!!!!* I just blew through a lotta topics, I know, but there is one more thing I want to say to you... Are you going to tell Alessi she miscarried the babies??? Drama!!! K,
    See you in school Comatose Child!!!