Saturday, September 3, 2011

Chapter Eighteen- Making Progress

Alessi: Voice?
Alessi: WHAT IS THIS?!
It's a birthday cake. Remember? You've seen them like a bijillion of them!
Alessi: Already, though?
Sad about your babies growing up?
Alessi: Eh. Ever since you've been making me be nice I've grown a little.... attached.
Alessi: Shut up. I'm not happy about this.

Ace: Oh, Mom. Is that my birthday cake?
Alessi: Oh.... yeah, it is.
Ace: Yay! Finally!

Ace:  Finally, young adulthood is mine!
Alessi: Uhhhhh......
Be supportive, Alessi!
Alessi: *takes out party horn* Whooooo! I can't wait for you to leave!
Not THAT supportive!
Ace: *horrified* Gee.... thanks.

Ace: Oh, well. I'm happy to leave.
Alessi: Sweetie, I was lying!
Ace: No, you weren't....
Alessi: Yes, I was!
Ace: Whatever. I wish that I could be a rockstar just like the dad that I never met.

And here is our Posner baby, all grown up. And so handsome! He gained the Mean-Spirited trait, which I'm not really happy about. However, it does add to the whole Rockstar image. Altogether, Ace is a good, grumpy, charismatic, mean spirited, slob. Like literally, most of those are rockstar traits. He is so much like his daddy!

Mickey: What is THAT?!
Alessi: A birthday cake.
Mickey: It can't be MY birthday cake. It's all pink and flowery!

Mickey: Wait, Mom. Am I going to become a teen?!
Alessi: Yes, sweetheart. That is the next age, and it is your birthday.

Mickey: Yay! I can watch more grown up TV shows now!
Alessi: Take a shower first. Seriously, you smell, and not in a good way!

Ooh, look at our handsome man! Mickey aged up with the trait Workaholic.

You certainly look bored.
Alessi: I just want to get this over with. This is torture.
Oh come on, smile. It's your kids birthday for crying out loud!

Alessi: Here. Happy?
Your eyes are closed.
Alessi: I am trying to pretend I am not here!

And here is Eros, all aged up into an adorable little child! He has gained the Friendly trait.

Alessi: So, Ace, what are your plans for when you leave?
Ace: Well, I'm gonna go live with my dad in his beach side manor.
Alessi: Oh, well, is he okay with that?
Ace: He was the one who invited me, actually. He told me that he wanted to get to know his only child.

Alessi: Well, that's sweet.
Ace: Uh huh. And I'm sure that you are happy that I'm leaving.
Alessi: I told you that I was lying! I really am going to miss you!
Ace: Really?

Alessi: Well, I'm trying to be more caring. And I am finding that I really am feeling a little bit of affection towards you little creatures.
Ace: Awww, Mom! That is so sweet!

Alessi: Bye sweetie. Have fun at your dad's beach house.
Ace: Bye Mom. And thanks.
Alessi: For what?
Ace: For making me feel loved for once.

After that mushy-gushy junk, Ace left and thinks returned to normal. Eros continued the tradition of the Bright children sneaking out after dark to use the slide.

And he was also continuing the tradition of being traumatized by it.

Mickey, all the meanwhile, was sitting around, STILL watching QVC.
Mickey: Who needs Friday the 13th? Come on ladies, show me what's next. Ooh, this one's from Mexico, too!

Alessi: *snore* Gotta meet a hot guy online.... *snore*

Alessi: *snore* Gonna have good looking babies with him *snore* And he will be mine forever....

Alessi: ....And.... and he willl *snore*....He will buy me a brand new house.... in the hamptons.... with illegial immigrants waiting on me.... hand.... foot *snore*

Eros, being a slob, actually enjoyed eating the fridge cereal. He would scarf it down...

...And then he licked the entire bowl clean.

Mickey, on the other hand, was quite the opposite. Even though he didn't have the Neat trait, he was always cleaning up everyone else's messes.

Once when the sink broke and Mickey tried to fix it, Alessi helped him out by mopping up the puddles.

But she grew bored of it after five minutes and left poor Mickey to clean it up all by himself.

Mickey: Ugh. All this cleaning is giving me a headache!

During the pregnancy, Alessi began to write a trashy novel in order to get some more money for the household. She entiltled it, "Do You Have a Banana in Your Pants?"

When she was nearly done with the book, she jumped up and went into labor.
Alessi: AHHH! WHY?!
You deserve it for writing a book called, "Do You Have a Banana in Your Pants?"
Cheer up. The baby may have blue hair!

Alessi: Huh. That would be kinda cool....

Alessi: But it's not making me feel any better!

After several hours of horrible, painful labor, Alessi gave birth to baby # 12 Scotty Bright.

He was born with the traits Brave and Athletic.

And here is his twin, baby #13 Dashiel Bright.

He was born with the traits Loner and Artistic.

So neither of them have the blue hair, though they both have the dark blue eyes. I was also really hoping for girls, since Alicia and Jazmyn were the last ones to be born, and they are gone now. Oh well, Scotty and Dashiel are cuties :-D

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  1. Yaaaaay!!! Twins!!! And Scotty will be the jock while Dashiel (LOVE that name!) will be the hotter, deeper one that all the girls will go for ;) He is cuter, you have to admit! :D