Saturday, September 24, 2011

Chapter Twenty Five: Little Bit of This, Little Bit of That

So, you guys all remember how in the last chapter I told you how my game completely glitched out on me and I had to install a mod to get it to work again?
Well, guess who's game offically hates her *points to self* WHHHYYYY?!?!

Well, anyways, nothing really changed too much. Had to completely redo the whole town, then move Alessi and her children into a a new cozy little casa, cept it's the same one. Only, since I saved the house around the time Eros was born....

They're baaaaaack....

Anyways, so instead of staying with her poor confused little children, Alessi took off to go meet the newest member of the Bright clan....

Alicia's daughter, and Alessi's first grandchild, Cathy Bright.
Alessi: Oh Voice! I'm a grandmother now! I am so OLD!
Are not! You haven't changed a bit!
Alessi: That's nice of you to say, but...
No, I mean that you really haven't. You haven't even aged up by one day!
Alessi: What kind of weird Voice magic is this?!
Just go play with Cathy.

Alessi: Okay Cathy. Let's get down to business!
Cathy: Kay.
Alessi: I'm going to teach you how to talk!

Alessi: Okay Cathy, can you say Grandma A?
Cathy: Gamma!
Alessi: No! Grandma!
Cathy: Gamma! Gamma Ray!

Alessi: *sigh* Can you say say Cathy?
Cathy: Coffee.
Alessi: No, not Coffee! Say Cathy! Cathy!
Cathy: Coffee! Coffee! My name is Coffee!
Alessi: Okay, that's it!

Alessi: Alicia, sit down, I have some bad news for you!
Alicia: What is it, Mom?!
Alessi: You gave birth to a stupid child!

Alicia: She is not! She just has a problem enunciating her words, that's it!
Alessi: Unkuniating?
Alicia: Enunciating.
Alessi: Inwhatiaking?
Alicia: En-UN-ci-at-ing.
Alessi: Enchunkiating?
Alicia: I think that you need to leave now.

Meanwhile, back at the house...
Clover: Hello Mr Dolly, you is ugly! Now I murder you! *chews on head* Hahahaha! You is chewy!

Joy: No do that to my dolly!
Clover: Shut up!
Joy: But is MY dolly!
Clover: I know.

Alessi: Hey Rover Clover! *picks up Clover* I'm home, pumpkin!
Clover: *giggling* Hi Mommy! Me missed you!
Joy: Mommy, Wover ate my dolly!
Clover: No I didn't! Joy, you being mean!
Joy: I am not! Mommy she ate my dolly!
Alessi: Joy, stop picking on your sister!
Joy: But Mommy...

Alessi: Shush, Joy! Honestly, you are so mean to Clover!
Clover: *laughing* Mommy, you is the bestest Mommy in the whole wide world!
Alessi: D'aww, who's the sweetest little girl in the entire world? Who is?
Clover: I is! I is!

Kevin: Dane? Dane? Dane, where are you?!

Dane: Whee! Whee!
Aren't you a little old for that?
Dane: No one's too old for swinging!
Yes, but you can be too big for it.

Dane: La la la, I can't hear you!
Singing won't block me out. I'm in your head!
Dane: La la la! I still can't hear you!

Dane ended up getting off the swing to teach little Joy the importrant things in life.
Dane: So, you want to be a winner, huh?
Joy: Yes pwease!

Dane: Well, you need to be a little heartbreaker. Make the guys come right to you!
Joy: HeartBaker!
Dane: No, no cooking hearts. HeartBREAKER!
Joy: Heartbweaker.
Dane: Yeah, now you've got it!

Dane: And getting the guys to buy you a car doesn't hurt either.
What are you doing?!
Dane: Teaching Joy important life skills.
Sounds like you are trying to corrupt her.
Dane: Oh, shut up Ghostie!
Aww, you are turning out so much like your mother!

Poor little Kevin has been lonley lately. He hasn't talked to anybody really, and only ever plays with the teddy bear in the nursery.

Clover: Hehehe, Mommy, you so silly!
Alessi: Aww, Clover!
Come on, Alessi! We have things to do!
Alessi: What things?
Well, we have to go and meet the next baby daddy...

Alessi: Oh, no! No! No! No! No!
Why no? Five times.
Alessi: Because last time I was pregnant for a really really long time, and then I wasn't pregnant, and then I was pregnat AGAIN! And now I have two little monsters!
Clover: Me no monster Mommy.  Joy the monster!
That's not going to happen again, I promise!
Alessi: LIES!
I'm not lying!
Alessi: I'm not going, no matter what you say!
Clover:..... Who are you talking to?

Alessi: I can't believe that you made me come here!
Well, yeah, this is the 100 baby challenge! You need to have woohoo often if you wanna finish it.
Alessi: But isn't this where that family of ugly people live?!
Don't worry, they don't live here anymore.
Alessi: What did you do?!
Let's just say I didn't want any of your babies marrying anybody too hard on the eyes.
Alessi: Hmmm... true. So who lives here then?

Alessi: Ooh, sexy ear man!

Onyx: Hi, I'm Onyx Moore.
Alessi: Oh, hi hot stuff! I'm Alessi.
Onyx: What's a sexy little thing like you doing out here at this time of night?
Alessi: Oh, well, just wanted to stop by and say hello, as all.

Alessi: And maybe we could possibly woohoo, and little tiny hearts will fall from the heavens and on to our bed.
Onyx: Well, Alessi, you are rather beautiful.
Alessi: Ha, thanks!
Onyx: Yes, so maybe we can do some.... things.
Alessi: Yay, cool!
Onyx: Let's go inside, shall we?

Alessi: Okay Onyx, want to get started?
Onyx: Uhhh, wait. We ARE going to use protection, right?!
Alessi: Can I get pregnant if we use protection?
Onyx: No...
Alessi: Than no...

Onyx: Well, then we have nothing to talk about!
Alessi: Are you serious?!
Onyx: I'm too young to have a kid!
Alessi: Well, I'm not! I'm a grandmother already!

Onyx: You disgust me!
Alessi: Pfft, whatever!

But the temptation was too much for Onyx, especially when it refused to leave. Without even apologizing to each other, they started to dance, and after a little while, in a dirty way.

Things got even dirty later when there was a little bit of innappropiate touching....

Before they did a little bit of this...

...And a little bit of that.

Before Alessi did the stride of pride all the way home.

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