Friday, August 26, 2011

Chapter Sixteen- The Difference Between Love and Hate

Mickey was the first kid in the Bright family who used the play table while he was a child. He spent hours building tall towers before destroying them and starting all over.

But his very favorite activity was sitting on the couch and watching TV.  He was really taking after his grandma Maia! And he was also taking after his mom by watching daytime dramas.

Mickey: Oh no! Billy, why would you leave Delia and Victoria?! But especially Victoria?!

Mickey: Ugh! A cliffhanger! How disapointing!

Alessi sometimes joined him, since she still had a soft spot for soaps.
Mickey: But Mom, I don't get it! Why do those pictures in his room make his happy?
Alessi: Well... hmmm... how do I put this delicately?

Alessi: See, they were dirty pictures...
Mickey: What were on the pictures?
Alessi: Uhhhh well... don't focus on that sweety. He had too much medicine and it made him all happy.
Mickey: Hmmmm.... I thought the pictures made him happy?

Alessi! Are you CLEANING?!
Alessi: Is that so weird?
Alessi: Well, it was starting to stink in here, and come on, how bad could it be?

Alessi: Uh oh!
Uh oh? What uh oh?!
Alessi: Uhhh nothing...
What did you do?!
Alessi: Nothing! Nothing I tell you!

Alessi, there is water spraying everywhere!
Alessi: No there isn't!
I can SEE it!
No! the sink is broken!
Alessi: Well what do you want me to do about it?!
You KNOW what I want you to do about it!

Someone's a bit dramatic, huh?
Alessi: Dirty water is all over me!
And it will be all over the house if you don't clean it up!
Alessi: I. Still. Hate. You.

Alessi: Eew it's on my foot! It's on my foot!
Calm down!
Alessi: I will not! I refuse! This is the most traumitizing moment of my ENTIRE life!

So, your all done now?
Alessi: Yes, and thank God for that!
You are such a baby!
Alessi: But it was really really horrible.
I doubt that!
Alessi: *crying* BUT YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!

We have been having a bit for a money problem lately. Alessi, for the most part, is unemployed, and none of the kids have brought in any money since Casper left. Not to mention that house is huge and is full of expensive electronics, so we lose a ton of money everytime Alessi has to pay the bills.
So I send her on a butterfly capturing adventure.

Alessi: Yay! I think I caught one!
Are you in your bikini?
Alessi: Yes, Voice, I am in my bikini! But didn't you hear me? I caught a butterfly!
When did you put that on?!
Alessi: *eye roll* On the way here! But....

Alessi: Look! A butterfly!
I just want to know why you are wearing that!
Alessi: Because I like wearing it!
You have way more problems than I thought you did!
Alessi: You're just prude!

Alessi: Lookie, Voice! A rock!
Please put back on your clothes!
Alessi: The rock is shiny! Think it's worth a lot?
I am so confuzzled!

After this, I sent Alessi to the science faucility to sell the butterflies that she caught.

Alessi: WHAT?!
What's wrong? They didn't give you a good price?
Alessi: Only $943.
That's really good! That'll cover the bills for two more times!
Alessi: I thought the butterflies would be worth more though.
You almost got $1000 for them! That's really good.
Alessi: *sigh* But I wore my bikini and everything! That should count for something!

And then something really weird happened. Ace came back from school in his bathing suit!

And so did Mickey.
Mickey: Look Mom! My bare chest is sparkling in the sunlight! I look like a diamond!

Ace is a Slob, so he eats in a really disgusting way. I mean look at that! It reminds me of picture of a possessed person I saw once! I mean really!

Alessi: Whee! Go little tiny red people! Beat those ugly blue people up!
You're still in your bikini?
Alessi: What's it to ya?

Why'd you stop?
Alessi: I'm tired.

Alessi: And pregnant!
Your maternity wear is a bathing suit?!

Oh, that's better!
Alessi: No it's not! I hate blue!
Well it's better for me, and that's all that matters.

Meanwhile, hanging around outside in the darkness was the friend that Mickey invited over. I forget his name, but he is Marty Keaton's son.

Alessi strolled right past him in order to get to Christopher Steele's house before nine.
He was throwing a party, and Stephen was going to be there.

And here he is. He looks bigger than before, but it looks like he's been working out. In fact, he looks pretty good.

Alessi: STEPHEN! *hugs* How are you?
Stephen: Hey Mom! I'm doing the same.
Alessi: No job?
Stephen: Uh huh
Alessi: No kids?
Stephen: Uh huh.
Alessi: I'm so proud of you!

Stephen: Woah... Are you pregnant again?!
Alessi: Unfortunetly.
Stephen: *feels tummy* How many is this?
Alessi: Eleven. Unless I have twins, then it's twelve.
Stephen: Geez, Mom. You need to get yourself a hobby.

Victoria Andrews: *yawn* Alessi Bright, you never cease to bore me!

Victoria Andrews: Wait a second.... Your that freaky woman with all the babies! Ahhhh! Keep your mutant son away from me!

So you got kicked out of the party....
Alessi: It was that stupid vampire lady's fault!
You slapped her upside the head, kicked her in the shins, and then threw her out the window!
Alessi: No one messes with Stephy!
Afterwards you jumped out the window, landing on her face, and then you danced on her face, which led to you stomping on her stomach while screaming "DIE MONSTER DIE"
Alessi: Like i said... NO ONE messes with Stephy!
She was a VAMPIRE! You could have been eaten.
Alessi: A stupid weak vampire!
You could have gotten arrested!
Alessi: I could have gotten out. Cops need woohoo too.
Not the point! I am NOT going to lose my baby mama because she is stupid moron who has anger managment issues!
Alessi: *eye roll* Whatevs, Voice.
I swear to God, I am THIS close to deleting you and replacing you with a nicer, better behaved version of yourself!

When Alessi got home, she was welcomed by the Keaton boy booing her. I think he stands for my anger, and his striped shirt represents my conflicting feelings of love and hate, and his boxers represent how upset I currently am.
Yes, Maddy, I AM ready for English class!

Alessi was cutting through the nursery to get to her room, when she suddenly went into labor.
Alessi: Oh! This is bad! *thinking* Unless....
Oh boy...

Alessi: Oh Voicey?
Don't call me that!
Alessi: Can I have a teensy weensy little break after I have this baby? Pwetty Pwease?
Well, ordinarily I'd say no...
Alessi: Yay!
...But after what you pulled tonight, it's a no times infinity


Well, despite how violent and angry Alessi was during the pregnancy, Baby #11, Eros Bright, was born happy and healthy.

He was born with the traits Slob and Loves the Outdoors. Which means that he will roll around in the mud, and then refuse to bathe. Hurray for filth!


  1. Yaaaaaay for English class!!! I think this is my favorite chapter yet! Also, when did Mickey turn into Edward Cullen!? Obviously, a better looking child version of him, still a fairy, but cuter :)

  2. I've just read your entire challenge and I love the arguments you have with Alessi, I can't help but laughing at how she thinks she will get one over you and the way she has favourites, ignoring the other children for the others.

    You can of course use any of the lads from my challenge, they can be seen on the family tree page with links to the mediafire version of them due to EA deleting my kids.