Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Chapter Four- You're Delicious...

After Stephen went off to school, Alessi grabbed Autumn and headed over to the Sekemeto household.
Alessi: But Voice, I still don't understand how someone would willingly live in this miserable little hut.
Come on, Alessi.
Alessi: And why would you ever be caught dead with that ugly hunk of metal?
What are you talking about?! You took a taxi here!

Leighton: Woah, Alessi!
Alessi: What?!
Leighton: What happened to Stephen?! I thought he was a boy?!
Alessi: Oh no, this isn't Stephen. This is my newest baby, Autumn.
Leighton: Oh, so you aren't pregnant anymore?
Alessi: Do I look pregnant?
Leighton: Come on, let's go woohoo.

Alessi: I'll meet you there!
Why do you look worried, Alessi?
Alessi: Well, he's a vampire. And besides, what if he chooses the TV over me like Christopher and CycLon3 did?
Don't worry, I'm sure he won't. He's the one who suggested the woohoo this time.
Alessi: I sure hope your right. I'm not sure how much more my self estem can take.

Leighton: Your gorgeous.
Alessi: You're sweet, Leighton. But....
Leighton: But what, darling?
Alessi: Don't you want to maybe... do something else? Like watch TV?
Leighton: All I want is you.
Alessi: That's all I wanted to hear.

Alessi seemed to get excalty what she wanted right then, until....

Leighton: Now that I did that for you.... I need you to do something for me.
Alessi: Wait... what?!
Leighton: I want your blood.
Alessi, get out of there!
Alessi: You don't need to tell me twice!

Alessi: Come on, Autumn, Mommy needs to get out of here fast... oh look, my phone's ringing!
Alessi, we have more important things to worry about!

Uhhhhh.... If you're running for your life, then why are you doing the stride of pride?
Alessi: Have you ever woohooed with a vammpire?! It's impossible for me NOT to do the stride of pride!

Later on, since Alessi knew she had a vampire baby on the way, she got to teaching Autumn everything she would need to know.
Alessi: Now Autumn, to truly be happy in life, you need to snag a rich man with a good paying job, preferably a doctor or a lawyer.

Alessi: Snagging them is easy if they already have a broken heart, because they want you to heal it.

Alessi: Having more than one man doesn't hurt, unless one of them finds out. Then you need to beg for forgiveness. Can you say forgiveness?
Autumn: Fo-gin-nass!
Alessi: Yes! Good job sweetie!
And you wonder why I question your parenting skills.

Alessi: Not in the mood, Voice.
What's wrong?
Alessi: I feel like there's something in my stomach eating me alive!
Something IS in your stomach eating you alive.
Alessi: You aren't helping!

Meanwhile, Stephen was out apparently making friends.
ScarfMan: I like pink! Pink is my life! Pink is pink, who doesn't like pink?!
Stephen: You're just like my mom, except your a dude, and your homo apparently.

Stephen: Me, on the other hand, am a fan of red, and red is more dominant other pink because red is pink's father, so I win.
ScarfMan: This wasn't a contest...
Stephen: Well if it was, I would have won.

He then abandoned his new friend and caught a butterfly that he named Flutterby.

And then when the poor kid tried to work on his homework, the Bunches surrounded him from all angles! Of course I sent him home.

Hey Alessi. You look happy!
Alessi: I gotta alien in my belly!
Well, it's not an alien. It's a vampire.
Alessi: OW! I think it's eating me alive!
Hey, isn't that what I said earlier?
Alessi: This hurts, alot! Can't you do something?
Like what? I can't control it if your unborn child is hungry!

Alessi: Listen here, you stupid Voice! Your the one making me do this stupid challenge, and you are responsible for my well being! Because if a vampire child eats my womb, I can't have anymore babies!
Don't worry, it won't eat your womb. It's probably just nibbling.
Alessi: And it hurts like a thousand suns!

Alessi soon found a cure to her pain though.
Alessi: Whoo! Dance party! Come on Voice! Feel the beat and move your feet!
I'd rather not.
Alessi: Oh come on, you can do it! You just need to find your rythm!
No thank you!

Alessi: But Voice, it's magical! I feel so much better now!
Let's see how long that lasts...

Since she was expecting another baby, Alessi started to spend time with the kids she already had,

Alessi: So, Stephy, I have something important to tell you.
Stephen: Okay, Mom, what is?
Alessi: I'm pregnant!
Stephen: Oh okay. Cool.

Alessi: Oh hey! The baby's kicking! Stephen, feel!
Stephen: Ooh, cool!

But a little while later, it was time for the kids to age up.
Alessi: Yay Baby! Yay! Whoo! It's totally your birthday! Yaaaaay!
Stephen: Stop it, Mom!
Alessi, I think your freaking him out a little.
Alessi: Oh, Voice, I'm just trying to act happy, but this is so sad for me! My baby's growing up!
Stephen: Mom, can you please stop talking to Voice for a minute, please? I'm going to make my wish!
Alessi: *weeping* Sure, sorry baby boy!

Stephen: I wish to pick up a bunch of chicks!
Alessi: Great wish, Stephy!
Nice parenting, Alessi.
Alessi: Shut up, Voice.
Stephen: *sigh* Oh, Mom...

Stephen aged up well and gained the Over Emotional trait. He is turning out quite nicely, I think he just needs to grow into some of his features a little more.

Then, it was Autumn's turn to blow out the candles.
Alessi: Ready Autumn?
Autumn: Yeah!
You okay, Alessi?
Alessi: Well, she's my first girl. However, Stephen was my first born so it's more sad when he ages up.
Glad to know you don't have favorites...

Autumn aged up well and recieved the Good trait. I think that she is adorable, although her nose is pretty big.

Alessi: You know voice, I'm kind of glad everyone aged up.
Why? I thought you were heartbroken.
Alessi: well, for the time being, there are no crying babie and no smelly diapers.
Really, Alessi?
Alessi: Well, I needed a break!

That night, however, as Alessi was admiring herself in the mirror, she went into labor.
You've been saying that throughout the whole pregnancy!
Hang in there, Alessi! It'll be over soon!

Despite how hard the pregnancy and labor was for her, Alessi safely delievered Baby #3, Casper Bright.

He was born with the traits Eccentric and Good. He looks exactly like his dad (down to even being a vampire), except he has Alessi's red and yellow hair. So far all of her kids have her hair. I really need some different colors!

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