Thursday, August 25, 2011

Chapter Fifteen- Back to the Swing of Things

Alessi: *snore*
Alessi? Alessi?!
Alessi: *yawn* Five more...

Alessi: Okay, okay! I'm up!
Alessi: What do you want?!
It's time for your kids to age up.
Alessi: What?! No way!
Yes, way.
Alessi: But that's violating the terms of my break!
I told you last night that your break is over! Don't you remember?
Alessi: Uhhhhh no.
Not surprising.

Alessi: What is THAT supposed to mean?!
It means that you are stupid.
Alessi: And what is THAT supposed to mean?!
Your stupid. So stupid you can't do anything on your own!
Alessi: I am not! I can do anything you tell me too!
Can you age up your kids all by yourself?
Alessi: Of course I can! In fact I can do it right now if I wanted too! *marches away*
Hehehehe too easy!

Alicia: I'm going to become a young adult! *sigh* It's just too bad Mom doesn't care though.

Alessi: What are you talking about, Ali? I'm right here?
Alicia: *gasp* You came to one of my birthdays?!
Alessi: Of course I did sweetie! I am your mother after all!
You mean that your trying to prove me wrong?
Alessi: Yes Voice, that's what I mean!

Alicia: Oh Mommy! I don't even care if you're acting psychotic! I'm just glad you love me!
Alessi: Yes yes dear. Just hurry up and blow out your candles.

And here she is. She is drop dead gorgeous! She gained the trait Vehicle Enthusiest, so altogether Alicia is a clumsy brave family orienated vehile enthusiest who has comminment issues. So far is she is my only hope for grandbabies, but I think that the Commiment Issues trait will keep that from happening. A shame too, since she would have such beautiful children.

Jazmyn: Finally! Little Jazzy is finally becoming a young adult!

Ace: Uhhhhh you are in your bra...
Jazmyn: Yes, well, this is all about me!
Ace: Yes but I don't wanna see all of you!

Jazmyn: Look out world, here I come!

And here she is! Definetly not as beautiful as Alicia, but pretty just the same. Jazmyn gained the Lucky trait, and is altogteher a lucky friendly ambitious genius who likes books. So in theory she would be a nerd.

Ace: Mini-rockstar is growing up!

Alicia: Yay Acey! You go kid!
Ace: You're wearing your bra AND underwear!
Alicia: *laughing* So you don't like what you see?
Ace: Well, you  ARE kinda my sister!

Ace: *sigh* Well anyways... I wish to be the hottest of the hot! So maybe then I will be Mom's favorite!
Alessi: Uhhhh sure...
You really mean that Alessi?
Alessi: No.

Ace: Uhhhhhh Mom? The cake looks kind of funny...

Alessi: Oh no! Not again! Jazmyn! Grab Mickey and get out of the house!
Still choosing favorites I see?
Alessi: Shut up Voice! This is no time for you meaness!
You are so failing at the aging the kids up thing.

Alicia: Oh hey, look at that, a fire! I got it!

Because of Alicia's brave trait, she put out the fire before the firefighters even got there. And nothing was even damaged in the fire.

Alessi: Oh Alicia! I can't believe that you are putting out the fire all by yourself! You are my favorite twin now!
Jazmyn: NOOOO! I can't be second! Not to stupid Alicia! Dear God tell me that this all a horrible horrible dream!

Ace: I hate my life.

I ended up buying the poor kid a new cake before the counter was even done smoking.

Ace: Forget hotness! I just wish that I won't burn the house down!

Well, he may of not wanted hotness anymore, but he sure got it anyways! He looks exactly like his dad, except with red hair and random purple eyes. He earned himself the Charismatic trait.

Last but not certainly not least, it was Mickey's turn to age up.

Why do you look so sad?
Alessi: My tenth baby is aging up!
Only into a child! You still have plenty of time with him.
Alessi: Yes, but just like Stephen, he is going to be gone soooo fast!

Alessi: Oh... I promised myself I wouldn't cry!
What a baby!
Alessi: Shut up! This is an emotional time for me!

Awwww look how cute he is! Mickey aged up and rolled the Excitable trait.

Before the twins were to leave, Alicia had an emotional moment with her baby brother.

Ace: I can't believe that your leaving me here! You're the only one who cares about me!
Alicia: I'm sorry Ace! Please forgive me, but I really need to leave! But you are ever in need of a little attention, you can always stay with me!

Ace: *pulling Alicia into a hug* I love you Ali!
Alicia: I love you too Acey. And I'm going too miss you sooooo much! Please come and visit all the time, okay?
Ace: *crying* I promise I will!

And with that, Alicia left. Jazmyn did as well, but she didn't say a word to anyone. I'm thinking that she's upset about not being the favorite anymore.

Alessi: Oh Christopher, I'm too busy for woohoo now!
Uhhhh Alessi?
Alessi: But if you write me a letter I might reconsider!
Alessi! Wake up!

Alessi: What is it NOW?!
I can't believe you are sleeping again!
Alessi: Is that all you wanted to tell me?
Nope. It's time to get pregnant again!
Alessi: Noooooo! I mean I can go for some woohoo, but no more babies!
Break's over, kid. Get up.
Alessi: Fine! But he better be hot!

Alessi: Ugh! Who's the creepy looking hobo guy?!
Barry Tenderlove.
Alessi: Why did you choose HIM as a daddy?
Well, he wasn't my first choice. But the other guy I wanted to use... well, there were a couple of technical problems.
Alessi: Technical problems?
Yes. But don't worry, I ran a test and you and Barry will have decent looking kids.
Alessi: How do you even test that?!
Uhhh I don't really want to talk about it.

Alessi: So, Barry..... are you rich?
Barry: Uhhh what?

Alessi: My apologies. I am just so attracted to you right now that strange and unusal things pop out of my mouth.

Alessi: Oh baby, you look like your hurting! Do you want me to make you feel all better?

Based on the big blue smiley faces floating above their heads, I'd say that all is forgiven.

They then began to neck a little bit...

...Before Alessi hints that they take it one step further.

Alessi: Oh Barry-O, Barry-O, where for art thou Barry-O?

Barry: I'm right here!
Alessi: Oh okay... wanna woohoo now?

Barry: Well I don't know.... I mean I'm kind of very very hungry.
Alessi: Pwease baby? *puppy dog eyes*
Barry: Oh... okay!


And so they woohooed. Barry was still really hungry though and hey, look at those pillows fly. Wheee!

Alessi: Hobo lovin' is reeeaaal nice!
Barry: Huh?
Alessi: Uhhh I mean you wild like a... hobo?
Barry: Oh okay!

Barry: I'm tired now.
Alessi: *sigh* Men! They are never completely satisfied are they?
No, no they aren't.

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