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Chapter Eleven- The Sweetest Thing I've Ever Seen

I think that Alessi absolutely adores this baby. She is always rubbing her stomach and smiling. Now this I am comfused about, since she was even miserable when she was pregnant with Stephen, and Stephen is her pride and joy!

There's been a ton of other weirdness as well. Rodrick stands around for hours and hours on end doing nothing but smexy-face.

Celio has kinda figured out what makes a bad boy, but he isn't quite there.
Celio: After I take these permission slips to the mayor, I will go slow, and be late for supper! Mwahahahaha!

And in slightly depressing news, Ricky had electricuted himself while working on his newest invention. He then rolled the wish to sell the inventing station. Of course I granted him it.

But after a quick bath, he was fine. And just in time to blow out his candles!

Ricky: Oh God this is my only wish! Please make me hotter than my twin! I just want to be better for once!
The closest thing to God you've got is me, and I can't really help you with that either.
Alessi: Silence, Voice! Ricky is praying!

Well, he didn't turn out too bad. He looks a little Greek though (I'm Greek so I know what they look like!). I think that I am going to end up changing the hair, though. Anyways, Ricky got the trait Virtoso, so altogether he is a sloppy, musical, friendly, eccentric, outdoorsman.

Rodrick: Get ready, world! The sexiness that is Rodrick Bright all grown up is coming!

Rodrick turned out pretty handsome as well. Yes, I am aware that he has had curly hair for most of his life, and also that he has a mullet, but that is the hair he aged up with, and I think it kind of suits him. Anyways, Rodrick gained the trait Hates the Outdoors, making a total of four traits, since one didn't lock in. So altogether he is an athlete who likes to read alone inside. I'm pretty sure that that didn't make a whole lot of sense, but whatever.

Now it's time for our very own bad boy wannabe!
Celio: Look everybody! I'm going to blow out my candles now!

Celio: I wish to be the baddest of the bad!

Ooh, he certainly is adorable! Celio gained the Brave trait. I'm still hoping that he gets the Evil trait so all you lovely readers won't have to sit through his pathetic antics and will instead see some real evil stuff going on, but I doubt that will ever happen.

Alicia was up next.
Alicia: Mama me gonna blow the candles!
Alessi: Yes sweetie, that's why we have the cake.

Alicia: Look Mama! Me can blow them out all by myself!
Alessi: That's nice. Oh wow! Look what Jazmyn is doing! That is too cute!

Alicia aged up awfully pretty, didn't see? Maybe Alessi loves the wrong twin? Alicia aged up with the trait Family Orienated. Ahhhhh yeah! Grandbabies!

And finally, it was Jazmyn's turn to age up.
Alessi: Ready to age up, Jazzy?
Jazmyn: Yeah Mama!
Alessi: Here, let me help you blow out your candles!
Jazmyn: Okay!

Alicia watched this horrifed. I don't think that she realized how much more Alessi loves Jazmyn. Poor pretty little dear.

And here is child Jazmyn. She is cute, but not as pretty as her sister. She aged up with the trait Ambitious. Great, now I'm gonna keep getting the stupid "Too Long Since Advanced" moodlet! Thanks a lot, random trait thingy!

Before the boys left, they both said goodbye in their own unique way. Ricky hugged his mom tightly.

And then started to chat it up with her unborn baby.
Ricky: Hi little guy! I'm Ricky, your big brother! I'm going to visit you every day, and we will hang out all the time and...
Alessi: Oh, wait a second Ricky! Rodrick wants to say goodbye!
Ricky: *rolling eyes* Yeah, of course!

Rodrick: I wanted to say goodbye, but I didn't want to just leave it at a lame hug or something.
Ricky: Hey!
Alessi: Shut up, Ricky! I'm talking to your brother!
Rodrick: Thanks Mom. So anyways, so I got you a gift.
Alessi: Oh, thats so nice! What is it?

Oh, wow! Ha ha ha ha ha!
Alessi: Uhhh... what is that?!
Rodrick: It's a fish!
Alessi! He got you a fish!
Alessi: Umm... sweetie... that's nice and everything but... I don't really like fish.

Rodrick: Oh, you'll like this one! I got him especially for you!
Alessi: Well...
Rodrick: His name is Devianto!
Alessi: Again, I'm not really...
Rodrick: *interupting* Well, see you, Mom! Come on, Ricky! Let's get out of here!
And so they left. But as soon as they left, the sweetest, cutest, most precious thing I have ever seen occured.

The radio started to play a Mike Posner song. Now, I can't be 100% sure that it truly was Mike Posner, but it was definetly his song, and it sounded just like him. It was in Simlish of course, but it might have been a remix, or he sang it especially for the Sims. I'm not really sure how it works. Either way, I was thrilled, since Alessi was pregnant with Mike's baby.

So, Mike Posner sang Cooler Than Me to his little unborn offspring. You guys have no idea what a beautiful moment that was.

Meanwhile, Alicia was chatting online with somebody. This worried me for a bit since there are a bunch of weirdos and pedophiles on the internet, until I realized that she was chatting with Casper. Then it worried me again because he is a VAMPIRE!!!

Alicia: What is my blood type? What kind of weirdo brother do I have?!

Celio was acting like Rodrick by fighting the bathtub.

And then acted like him again by making smexy-face.

He then performed another of his little pathetic antics by climbing on the slide.
Celio: I'm too big to be on the slide, yet I'm on it anyways! I'm so bad! Mwahahahaha!

Jazmyn: You better get down from there! The slide might break, and then your going to crush your arm or your leg!
Celio: Oh, shut up Jazmyn! You're just a little girl! What do you know?!
Jazmyn: Way more than you, apparently.

Now as I assuming you all remember, Alessi's last pregnancy bored me to tears, and I am NOT letting myself go through that again. So I'm sending her off to meet the next baby daddy.
Alessi: This is stupid. I'm pregnant, and after I give birth I will be taking a break.
Well, only if you have twins you will be taking a break. Besides, I stuck the daddy in town without thinking, and I need you to kiss him so he doesn't run off and get a girlfriend.
Alessi: Okay... but I kiss a ton of guys and I always go find more to smooch.
Yes, but sims that are out of my control tend to act as if a kiss means your destined for love. It's a weird thing, I know, but I'm using it to my advantage.
Alessi: It's still stupid.
Just be nice for once!

Here he is, boys and girls! The next baby daddy! Harley Hespepo from Mama Maia's 100 Baby Challenge. I figure that the two will be a good match, since Alessi is being forced against her will to have 100 babies, and Harley is the first born of 100 babies. (Well, there isn't 100 yet, but you know)
I must say, Harley seems almost kind of... puzzled by Alessi. Maybe it's the fact that it's his first day in town, and some pregnant lady is already trying to pick him up.

Alessi: Okay, listen up Harley! I am going to be honest with you. I'm not here for woohoo right now. I am pregnant.
Harley: Oh yes, I can see that.
Alessi: Excuse me?!
Oh don't get all offended, Alessi! You are rather large.
Harley: You look great for a woman in your condition.
Alessi: I'm not sick! I'm having a baby!
Harley: And it's a wonderful thing!
Alessi: Yeah, it is. Wanna feel my belly?

Harley: Eew, no! Are you serious?!
Alessi: Wait... what?!
Oh boy...
Harley: I don't wanna touch your baby belly! That's disgusting!
Alessi, don't....
Alessi: You did NOT just call my child disgusting.
The one time you decide to care about your kids and go all mama bear!
Alessi: He said my baby was disgusting!
Harley: I'm sorry! I didn't mean it like that!
Alessi, his mom popped out 50 kids. I'm assuming he's a little afriad of pregnant women...
Alessi: Yeah, but...
Now go make nice.
Alessi: But...

So with that, everything went back to normal.
Alessi: This isn't normal...
Harley: No! This is magical!

No sooner had they finished kissing did Harley just suddenly walk back into his house and slam the door. Alessi then started to clap her hands and scream excitedly.
Alessi: Well, that went well!
Well?! First you confuse him, then he gets grossed out by your baby belly and you go all mama bear! And then you kiss him and he just walks away and slams the door?!
Alessi: That was a nice little summary.
I have never been so confused in my entire life!
Alessi: Try living here!

Meanwhile, back at the Bright house, Jazmyn had clogged up the toilet.
Jazmyn: Oh no! When Mom finds out I won't be her favorite anymore! That stupid Alicia will be! WWWHHHHYYY?!
So, in order to keep herself out of trouble, she leaves the bathroom without telling anyone. And a little while later...

Alicia: Oh no! Did I clog up the toilet?! Oh, when Mom finds out she'll love me less, if that's even possible!

Alicia: Oh, why does everything bad have to happen to me?! I hate my life!

Do you see that face? That is the face of a person who got away with a crime. Celio should take note... THIS is how you be a bad kid.

A few hours later, I found Alessi in her room doing smexy-face... Geez! What is with this family?!

She then proceeded to rub her stomach.
Alessi: *To the baby* Hello little chicklet!
You sure are excited about this baby!
Alessi: Well... I'm not excited about the baby, exactly.
Alessi: I'm looking foward to the break, that's all.
Okay... but you realize I promised you a break after tenth baby is born, and you need to have twins for that to happen.
Alessi: I'm not worried. I know that whatever controls how many kids I have at a time will not let me down!
Well, since you've had eight kids and four of them are twins, I'd say that your chances are pretty good.
Alessi: That's just what I'd like to hear!

The next morning at exactly 8 o'clock, the bus pulled up by the curb to bring Celio to his first day of highschool and the girls to their first day of elementry.

Meanwhile, inside the house, at exactly 8 o'clock, Alessi starts to go into labor.
Alessi: Oooooowwwww! It hurts too good!
You're weird...
Alessi: Break here I come!

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to our newest rockstar, baby #9 Ace Bright.

Ace was born with the traits Good and Slob. And yes, he is the only one. Alessi wasn't lucky enough to have twins. But he is a cutie! Since his dad is my favoritest singer ever, I dressed Ace up as much like a rockstar as I could. I'm not sure if I ever gave any of the the other boys that shirt, but it's my favorite shirt, and it fits him so well.

Alessi is pretty ticked that she isn't getting her break after all.
Well, you only had nine babies. You need to have ten.
Alessi: Oh.... details, details!
Yes, details! You didn't have twins so no break for you!
Alessi: This isn't fair!
Yes it is! ....Oh, and before I forget, Maddy says hi.
Alessi: Maddy? Oh yes, isn't she your only friend?
I have other friends!
Alessi: Name 20 more!
Alessi: Ha ha! You friendless loser!
You don't play fair!
Alessi: Like that stupid loophole you put on me was fair?!

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