Saturday, August 13, 2011

Chapter Ten- Choosing Favorites

Hey Alessi! What are you doing?
Alessi: I am dancing all my troubles away!
What troubles? You aren't pregnant anymore. You literally just gave birth. And your mood is high!
Alessi: Yes, Voice, but my kids are all acting weird.
Weirder than you?
Alessi: Possibly...

But it was true. Everyone WAS acting weird. Ricky was talking and making guestures to himself. And no, he doesn't have an imaginary friend, since I never got Generations. And he doesn't have the insane trait. So I am very confused.

Rodrick stood around all the time doing nothing but making sexy-face.

And as for Celio... well... he's been standing around in a trance like state for a while now. I'm thinking that discovering that his vampire brother, his role model, was not a bad boy, but just a pathetic whimp, was a little too hard on the kid.

The girls had also been acting funny. All Alicia ever did was hug that creepy little pink rabbit of her's. She could be playing with, say, the dollhouse, or the pegbox, when she suddenly stops and goes and plays with the rabbit. I think she needs rehab or something.

And, finally, Jazmyn never smiled. She always looked like someone left her cake in the rain.

Alessi: Hey Voice?
Alessi: Remember when you said that after my tenth kid I can take a break?
A small one, yes. Why?
Alessi: Let's go get a baby daddy!
But you just gave birth! Your still wearing sheep!
Alessi: Like I care! If I have twins I get to rest just as fast.
It's not really...
Okay, okay. Calm down, let's go! I have the perfect guy!
Alessi: Hurray!

Alessi: Ooh, a nice big fancy house with a big garage for my lovely Pinky. I bet this guy is really special.
Oh, he is! You're gonna love him, cause I sure do!
Alessi: You're capable of love?!

It's Mike Posner!
Alessi: Who dat?
Mike: Who what?
He's a singer. I keep forgetting that people in my world don't exist in yours... unless I want them to, of course.
Alessi: Uhhh.... who are you, I mean?
Mike: I'm Mike.

Alessi: So Mike, I noticed that you are rather wealthy, huh?
I did NOT give you the gold digger lifetime wish!
Mike: Not really. I don't have a lot of money. I do have this big house, though. So I guess I'm rich with nice things.
Alessi: Well, I'm rich too. Except not in nice things. With babies.
Mike: That is so hot!
I can not believe that you made Mike Posner an idiot!
Alessi: I can do whatever I want!
Mike: Yes, yes can. Do what you want to me!

Alessi: Well, I know that I want to seriously woohoo you.
Mike: Your wish is my command!
Alessi: *giggling* So you're a genie now, huh?
Mike: Only if you rub my lamp...

Impressed by that very disgusting remark, Alessi leaned in and kissed Mike Posner.

He was really happy about that, and invited Alessi inside.

Alessi: Hey, Voice, what's that?
What's what?
Alessi: That thing over there. It looks like a door... but it's not.

Oh, that's an elevator. I hardly ever use them in your world.
Alessi: Can I woohoo in it?
Well, techinically yes...
Alessi: Hurray!
But, you see, my game is acting up and isn't letting me do that.
Alessi: Game?
Uhhhhh nevermind...

Alessi: It's smexy time!

Mike: Go easy on me, okay? I'm new at this.
Alessi: You're new at this? Your waaay too hot to be new at this
Mike: Well... no, I'm not. I've done it a few times.

Alessi: Well, I've done it a few times as well.
Mike: Is that so?
Alessi: Yep.
Mike: Well we have that it common.
Alessi: We are discovering so much about each other!

I can't believe that something I created is woohooing with Mike Posner! *squee*

Mike: I have learned so much about you.
Alessi: Ditto.

Alessi then proceeded to strut outside to her car.

Alessi: You know what, Voice? I am so happy that I called the babysitter instead of taking the girls!
And why is that?
Alessi: Cause now I can drive in my Pinky.
You realize that your babies are probably dead, right?
Alessi: Nonsense! I trust the sitter 100%.

However, the second Alessi got home she went into mother bear mode, something I've never seen her in before.
Alessi: Hey! Are you the sitter?
BabySitter: Yes ma'am.
Alessi: Have you been standing out here on the porch the whole time I was gone?!
BabySitter: Yes ma'am.
Alessi: What if something has happened to my daughters?! *gasp* What if something happened to Jazmyn?!
Chosing favorites again I see?
Alessi: Shut up, Voice! This is not the time! Now, young lady, don't you ever expect a call from me again! And if you ever come to my house or talk to my kids baaaaad things will happen to you. And don't even think about being paid! Just get out of here before I make you leave!

A nice surprise there. For a moment it seems Alessi may actually be a good mom. That is, until she goes inside and starts trying to teach a glitchy Alicia how to walk without even touching her.

She then starts teaching Jazmyn, hands on, how to walk, while Alicia tries to nap.
Alicia: Mama me twying to sweep!
Alessi: Quiet Alicia! Mommy's teaching Jazzy how to walk!

Celio had been trying to act like a bad boy, since Casper had been such a disapointment.
Celio: I will do my homework, but I will not try my best! Mwahahahahahaha!

Ricky had taken up inventing. I was thrilled about this, since I had never had an inventor before. Maybe he will make something spectacular and prove to the world and his mom that he is better twin... but what are the chances of that happening?

Meanwhile, Rodrick was in the bathroom fighting the toilet.

After being defeated, Rodrick headed into the nursery to help his mom with the girls, since Alessi wasn't really doing to well.
Alessi: Now, my precious little Jazmyn, in order to gain complete happiness, later in life, you need to locate the Golden Jellyfish. It glows in the sun and floats like air, but it is 100% gold. However, beware the creatures guarding this treasure, because they will not give it up without a fight! They will sting you until you go blind and deaf! But never give up fighting! Never! Because without the Golden Jellyfish, you will never know what true happiness is...

Rodrick wasn't doing much better.
Rodrick: Soooo... Jazmyn is mom's favorite twin, huh?
Alicia: Yeah....
Rodrick: I'm the favorite of me and my twin, so I will help you.
Alicia: Yay!
Rodrick: Yes. So, first things first. When you are old enough to properly talk, you should act like a drama queen....

During her little lesson with Jazmyn, Alessi ran to the bathroom and barfed.
Alessi: Ugh... I hate this!
But it's Posner puke!
Alessi: That's not helping!
But it's helping ME!

As soon as Alessi ran off to vomit, and cut the lesson short, Jazmyn smiled for the first time. I'm guessing that either she hates her mom, or she's just a big slacker.

Celio continued on with his rebellious antics.
Celio: I will make my bed, but no one else's! Mwahahahahahahaha!!!!!

Ricky finished his first invention! Confetti rained down only on him and happy music played.

I'm not really sure what it is. I think the game said a sipping llama thing? Reguardless, I've decided to keep it, as it is kind of cute.

Rodrick had to go catch a fish for an assignment, and ended up loving the sport. He spent hours out in the hot sun standing by a pond watching fish swim by.

That evening, Alessi was in the tub when several things occured.
Eeew! Your naked!
Alessi: I was in the tub!
Put some clothes on!

No! Not those clothes!
Alessi: But Voice, don't you know? This is my maternity wear! I got my baby bump!
But that shirt doesn't go with that skirt!
Alessi: But this is your Posner baby! You should be happy!
Let's just hope the baby isn't as traumatized by this whole experience as I have been.

Alessi: No fair! Why should I have to fix the tub?! I'm the pregnant one!
Teach the baby the handiness skill?
Alessi: That's not how that works!
Oh, I know. But you never pull your weight around here.
Alessi: What are you talking about. I GIVE BIRTH! OVER AND OVER AGAIN!
Well, that isn't enough anymore.

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