Sunday, August 7, 2011

Chapter Eight- Forever Alone

The twins were really well behaved. Even better than Autumn was at that age. They would always get excited to go to school.
Ricky: School is COOL! I can't wait to get there and sit down at my desk!
Rodrick: Yeah! We're going to have a blast!

Rodrick was also willing to clean up his own messes, although he didn't do it that often. But he never got upset about cleaning like Autumn used to.

Casper was also taking after Autumn. Celio was his Rodrick, and Casper became addicted to making his little brother smile.
Casper: *In a high pitched voice* Who's the cutest one in the entire house?! Who is?!
Celio: *giggling* I is the cutest!
Casper: Yes you are, Celio! Yes you are! *sigh* Well, I guess your the one person who's blood I'm not sucking when I get my fangs.
Wait, the one person?! What about your mother?! The boys? Your sister?
Casper: Because you are the cutest little munchkin the world has ever seen!
Oh, right. You can't hear me. Only Alessi can hear me.

Later that day, after Casper and the twins had gone off to school, Alessi grabbed Celio and headed down to the bookstore to compete in a logic competetion.
Alessi: Oh nom nom nom!
What are you doing?
Alessi: Munching on my son's head.
What are you, some kind of ZOMBIE?!
Alessi: Oh relax, you whiny little baby. I'm just joking.
Don't scare me like that!

Alessi apparently didn't learn anything from Casper, as she left Celio on the ground as she went to go into the bookstore. Celio's half-sister's father ended up scooping him up.
CycLon3: D'awww, look at you! You're so cute! I could just eat you up!
Celio: My big bwother gonna kill you if you twy anything, mister!

Alessi never did make it into the bookstore, however. She ended up chatting it up with none other than doctor Geoffry Landgrabb.
Alessi: So, as I was saying, I love a man with money. Doctor's money.
Geoffry: Errr I'm married.
Alessi: No one you're with could ever compare to ME.
Alessi, I am NOT going to let you have Geoffry's baby.
Alessi: And why not, Voice?!
Geoffry: Uhhhh... Voice?
Alessi: Listen, Voice, you want me to have woohoo with a guy... here's a guy!
Geoffry: Excuse me?!
Maybe look a little to the left, and you will see why you can't have Geoffry's baby.

Alessi: Ooh... okay.
Get it now?
Alessi: Loud and clear, Voice!
Geoffry: Do you want me to prescribe you something?

Disgusted, Alessi turned around and saw CycLon3 cuddling her son.
Alessi: CycLon3 Sw0rD! What are you doing with my Celio?!
CycLon3: Whoops, sorry Alessi!
Celio: Get em, Mama!

CycLon3 puts Celio down on the ground, and then Alessi starts to chat it up with him.
Alessi: So, I'm sorry about woohooing with you and then never calling you ever again.
CycLon3: Yes, what was with that?
Alessi: Well, see, I'm to have a hundred babies by orders of a mysterious Voice...
CycLon3: Wait... What?
Alessi... baby on the ground...
Alessi: Shut up, Voice! Anyways, maybe we could have gotten engaged and been happy if it wasn't for the challenge, though you are a bit of a loser....

Alessi? Are you playing foosball?
Alessi: Yep.
Yesterday you were looking for a new victim, and today your playing foosball?
Alessi: Yep.
Go get Celio. I'm getting you out of the house.

Alessi: Kay, I got Celio. What now?
We're going to a new guy's house.
Alessi: Fun!
Fun fun fun fun! Looking foward to the weekend!
Alessi: What?

So Alessi and Celio went to the new guy's house, but as soon as they pulled up, he ran outside screaming, and then took off down the street. At first I thought that his house was on fire, but since there appeared to be nothing wrong, I just just shrugged it off as him being weird.

Alessi quickly jumped out of the car, put Celio on the ground, and then took off running down the street after him.

Alessi chased him all the way down to the neighborhood pool.
Alessi: Yay! Finally, a chance to wear my bikini in public!
You have issues.
Alessi: Issues that you gave me since you created me.
Alessi: So where is my burning hunk of meat? I can't wait to get him in my home!
Here he comes now.

The second he lay eyes on Alessi, he scrambled out of the pool to meet her.

Rocco: Hi, I'm Rocco.
Alessi: Sup. Wanna have woohoo?

Rocco: Yay! Yay! Yay! Great idea!
Alessi: Let's get started, then!

After making out for quite a while, Alessi suggested that they move elsewhere to finish up.

Rocco: Uhh.... why are we going into town hall?
Alessi: Just trust me, okay?
Rocco: Okay!

Just like the last time, little tiny hearts starting coming out of the top of the building.

The Alto's watched the whole thing through the window.
Vita: Oh Nick! This is turning me on! How bout you?
Nick: Yeah, baby! I'm a hungry for some loving!
Vita: Okay, I'm turned off now.

The two strided out of town hall hours later, big stupid grins on their face.

Alessi then began strutting all the way to a party that Autumn had invited her to, humming her woohoo song the whole way there.
Alessi: I love doing woohoo in public, Voice!
Hey Alessi, did you forget about Celio?
Alessi: Called the babysitter to take him home.
When did you do that?
Alessi: In townhall.
While you were having woohoo?
Alessi: Well, yeah! That's all I did in townhall.

When she got at the house, Alessi spun into her bikini for no real reason then she likes to be half naked, then went in search for Autumn. She threw open a door to an upstairs bedroom, and ended up whacking Autumn in the face.

Not even upset at all, Autumn ran over and hugged her mother.
Autumn: Oh, Mom! You came!
Alessi: Of course I did!
Autumn: And you walked past Stephen to come say hi to me!
Alessi: Woah... Stephen's here?!

Alessi ran blindly from room to room, throwing open every door and looking under every bed, until she found her first born hanging around on the first floor. Alessi just stopped and smiled at him, pride in her eyes.

Stephen: Oh, hey Mom! Autumn mentioned that she invited you here. I didn't think that you would come, though.
Alessi: Of course I came! And I was excited when I found out you were here. I miss you baby boy.
Stephen: Oh, come on mom. You have a ton of other kids.
Alessi: None are like you, though.

Alessi then grabbed her son and started to weep on his shoulder. Stephen started to chuckle a little.
Stephen: Oh, it's great to see you, Mom.

From that point on, the party got kind of weird. Lorn stood around in his speedo for hours, doing nothing but staring into space.

Blair Wainright was standing behind Alessi and Stephen, staring at the wall, mumbling quietly to herself.
At that point, I decided that it was a good idea for Alessi to leave.

Things at home were kind of weird as well. Despite it being after midnight, Celio wasn't in his crib. He was just sitting on the floor, acting all adorable.

The twins were acting rebellious for once, and had snuck outside to play. Rodrick found a new love in the swing.

While Ricky had taken after Casper in going on the slide after dark.

He also gained the same fear as his brother.
Ricky: Oh, that hurt! I would ask Mommy to kiss it and make it feel better, but Mommy doesn't love me enough to!

Casper, meanwhile, was acting very un-vampire like by sleeping all night.

Alessi took a bath then, but ended up getting the floor all wet.
Alessi: Stupid Autumn moving out to a stupid house so I have to do all the stupid chores myself!

Alessi then attempted to try her hand at chess again, but this time on the computrer. However, she failed epicly.
Alessi: Whaaaat? What kind of stupid move is that?
Why is it that whenever someone does something smarter than you, they're stupid?
Alessi: Because I am my toughest opponent, not them!

She ended up having to cut the game short, however, when the vomit started to come up.
Alessi: They're beating me because I'm not there!
You've already lost.

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