Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chapter Fourteen- Booooooring!

WARNING: Nothing of any importance is going to happen in this chapter. Seriously. This is only because I promised Alessi a break, so this chapter has no woohoo, pregnancy, or birthes in this chapter. It's disapointing, I know, and I am sorry. But I don't need a rebellion on my hands, so we all have to suffer.

Alicia and Ace are just as close as they were when Alicia was only a little kid playing with her little brother. They are together pretty much all the time.
Alicia: Mmmmm these are sooo good. Aren't you going to eat some, Ace?
Ace: You know Mom made these, right?
Alicia: Oh..... OH! Eew, eew, eew!
Ace: I know, right!
Alicia: Well, we need to eat them anyways.

Ace: Ugh. I hate the world!
Alicia: Fine. I'll go scrape off what's left of the pancakes in the sink.

Alicia: Okay, there. The pancakes are gone and the plates are clean.
Ace: Yay! Let's go celebrate!
Alicia: Well, what do you want to do?
Ace: Let's go get some burgers at the diner!

Not long after the two ran off, Jazmyn sat down and did her homework, which is extremely unlike her!

But she pretty much made up for it by just sarcasticly rolling her eyes the entire time.

Alessi, the meanwhile, was in the nursery playing with Mickey, which is something she hasn't done since I forced her to play with Stephen eleven chapters ago. And I'm not even forcing her this time!

I'm thinking that Mickey is going to be the only kid who's life isn't completely screwed up. Lucky kid was baby #10, and that is certainly a big deal to Alessi!

Ace: No Mom! No more cooking! Please Mom, stop it! I can't stop throwing up Mom, stop making food!

Ace: Oh, no! Are you baking baseballs now, Mom? Please stop it, Mommy! PLEASE!

Jazmyn: Eat up little Swimmerton. That's right, be a good little fishy and eat all your food.

Jazmyn: The sushi is going to taste delicious.
Jazmyn reminds me of Casper a little bit, in the sense that they both wanted to eat poor Swimmerton. Aren't you guys excited for when I get Pets?!

And when she isn't torturing the precious family pet, Jazmyn just sits around all day and watches the history channel, which is strange considering that she hates school so much.

But it's not nearly as strange as Ace watching the home shopping network.

Alessi: Coming Mousie!

Alessi: There, there, Mousie. Mommy's here.
You call him Mousie?
Alessi: Well, it fits.
Sounds kind of girly, doesn't it?
Alessi: Oh, whatever! I'm too happy to deal with you!
You're happy? Well, we can't have that!
Alessi: Oh hardy har har har!
What do you possibly have to be happy about?
Alessi: My break of course!
Ah, yes, that. I can't wait till it is over!
Alessi: Gee, way to care about someone else's happiness!

Gee, Alessi. It's after midnight. isn't there something that you should be doing right now?
Alessi:.... Sleeping?
Just go put Mickey to bed!
Alessi: Alright, fine! *puts Mickey in crib* Night, night Mousie!
Don't call him that!
Mickey: Mama no go!
Alessi: Awww, I must be a really great mom!
Why don't you ask your other nine kids about that?

Two hours later...
Alicia: *runs in* Hi Mickey! Let me go get you a bottle!
Mickey: *crying* Hungwy.
Alicia: Yeah, Mom always forgets to feed us too. And when she does remember no one dares to even eat it.

Alicia is still great with babies. It's the Family Orientated trait I guess. It really comes in handy when Alessi is too comfortable to get up to keep her son alive.

But Alicia is good for other things, too. Like scrubbing the toilet.
Alicia: How did the top of it get all black?

And cleaning the bathtub.
Alicia: *sigh* I wish we had a clawfoot....

However, since Alessi is absolutely adoring Mickey, she had decided to sit down with him and teach him some valuable life lessons.
Alessi: Okay, Mickey. I've decided that when you grow up you need to become famous, okay?
Mickey: Oh tay.
Alessi: Yes. Now, you need you get yourself in the newspaper. Can you say newspaper?
Mickey: New-raper!

Alessi: Yes, Micky, yes! Newspaper! But remember to only get it the newspaper for good things. Okay?
Mickey: Oh tay.
Alessi: No drowning in the swimming pool!

Alessi: And also no arson, except for in emergancies!
Mickey: Awson bad!

Alessi: Yes sweetie! Good job! *sniffles* It just warms my heart to see you promise me not to light anyone on fire!

Look who Jazmyn brought home from school! The first thing I thought of when I saw this was.... GOTH GRANDBABIES!!!!!!!
Jazmyn: Man, you're so fine that if you walk into NASA they'll just make you an astronaunt!

But the only hopes and dreams I had for Jazmyn were quickly dashed when this happened:
Morty: But, Jazmyn! I just want to play rocketship!
Jazmyn: I'm not playing rocketship with any man who doesn't like the color blue!
Morty: Well at least I don't have nine brothers and sisters!
Jazmyn: Well my dad doesn't look like the female version of Willy Wonka!
Morty: But at least I know who my dad is!

As you can see, the Bright children have no future. Or at least with Mortemier Goth.

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  1. Stupid Alessi! You deserve a break when you start taking care of your kids!!! Now go out there and have MORE!!! >:)