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Chapter Five- Muscle Man

This chapter is dedicated to my friend, the marvelous Maddy, who has been "patiently" waiting for this chapter to come out for like seven hours, and freaked out when I refused to tell her the gender the of Alessi's newest offspring. Not to mention she created the new baby daddy in this especially for Alessi. This is for you, Maddy-O!

Despite the struggles with the pregnancy, Alessi adores her newest addition to her growing family.
Alessi: Here comes the tickle monster! He's going to eat your belly!
Casper: No! No!
Alessi: Here he comes...

Casper: *giggling* No Mommy! Stop the tickle monster!
Alessi: Nothing stops the tickle monster! He LOVES to eat bellies!
Okay, so maybe she's holding a bit of a grudge....

Alessi, please stop torturing your son for one second to listen to me.
Alessi: What is it now, Voice?
It's time to go on a bit of a road trip.
Alessi: Road trip?
Yeah. Don't argue, just come on.
Alessi: *rolls eyes* Okay, whatever.

Alessi: What is this place?
Pondcentric House.
Alessi: Okay... why are we here?
Because this is where your next baby daddy lives!
Alessi: Why didn't you just say so?! I've been dying for some woohoo!
Oh, there he is now! Go say hi, and be nice!

Alessi: Hi Muscle Man!
Alessi, be nice!
Darshan: Hi! Who's this cutie?
Alessi: Oh, this is my son, Casper.
Darshan: I was referring to the cutie holding the baby.
Alessi: *Giggling* I'm Alessi. What's your name?
Darshan: I'm Darshan.
Alessi: Darshan? What kind of name is that?
Darshan: It's Indian.
It's what my friend Maddy decided to name him. She made him especially for you.
Alessi: You have friends?!
Darshan: ...What?
Alessi: Uhhhh nevermind..... can I go inside?
Darhsan: Yeah, sure.

Alessi: Wait here, Caspy. This won't take long.

Alessi: Sooo.... You wanna go upstairs and... well, you it?
Darshan: My house doesn't have an upstairs...
Alessi: *slightly embarassed* Oh...
Darshan: You're adorable when you're embarassed!

Alessi: That's so sweet, Darshan.
Hurry it up, Alessi! Your son is waiting on the porch!
Alessi: Fine, I'll use my special skills!
Darshan: Special skills?

Alessi, you really are skilled when it comes to this kind of thing.
Alessi: I'm good at what I do!
Darshan: You sure are! Do you wanna go have woohoo?
Alessi: Of course!

Alessi: Yeah move it, Muscle Man! Just like that!
Darshan: Whoo!

Alessi: Hey kiddo! It wasn't that long, was it?
Really?! It went from day to night while you were in there!
Alessi: I'm too tired to deal with you right now, Voice.
All I'm saying is you need to take some parenting classes or something.

Alessi then started to strut home when...

...She strutted right in the way of Darshan's mom.
Mom: Did you woohoo with my husband?
Alessi: Is your husband a hot twenty year old who is also your son?
Mom: No...
Alessi: Then no.
Mom: Okay, carry on.

It was late when Alessi got home. Stephen was working on the last couple of questions on his homework.
Stephen: Oh no! The square root of 144? I don't know that!

Stephen: Oh well. Chuck Norris is the answer to everything!

And Autumn was upstairs, having nightmares.
Autumn: No Mommy! No more dirty dishes! I can't wash anymore! Please Mom, have mercy! Nooooooo!

After striking a quick pose with her son...

... Alessi put Casper to bed.
Casper: No, Mommy! No leave! Me fraid of the dark!
Alessi: Oh no, son. Your a vampire! You can't be afraid of the dark!
Way to be supportive, Alessi.
Alessi: Well, how can a vampire be afraid of the dark?
You probably traumatized him by leaving him out on strangers porch all alone in the dark.
Alessi: It builds character!

Hey, you made pancakes!
Alessi: Yeah! Jealous?
Ew, no.

Hey, you okay? You look kind of... ill.
Alessi: Yeah, my stomach kind of hurts.... uh oh!

Awww. Poor Alessi got food poisioning!
Alessi: It's morning sickness you dolt!
You make all the meals in the house?
Alessi: Yeah...
It's food poisioning.

Stephen took up painting again.

And his painting was kind of adorable, so I decided to put it the nursery as a way to remember the first baby born in this challenge.

Autumn, on the other hand, was always busy cleaning up after everyone. Even when Alessi broke the kitchen sink, she made Autumn go wash the dishes in the bathroom.

Autumn: This is disgusting! And it isn't fair! Why can't Mommy clean up after herself?!

Alessi: Look, Voice! I got my baby bump!
You aren't going to call the baby an alien again, are you?
Alessi: I gave birth to a vampire! I'm not calling anyone a monster or creature ever again!

Autumn has started to sneak out after dinner to avoid cleaning up everyone's mess.
Autumn: Whee! This is much better than doing the dishes!

She also took up an interest in fishing. She would go whenever she had the chance.

She started selling the fish she caught to help her mom pay the bills, but couldn't bare to seperate from Swimmington, the first fish she ever caught. Alessi reluctantly agreed to let her keep it.

Alessi: Fish are disgusting, slimy little creatures, Voice! I hate that one has to be living in here!

Autumn: Stephen, why is Mom always talking to a Voice that isn't there?
Stephen: She can't help it, Autumn. Just be nice to her, and remember to be patient.
I see myself as the opposite of Santa Claus. The adult believes in me, the kids do not.

Alessi grew huge. As big as a balloon. I've never seen her so big.
Alessi: Did I mention my self estem issues?

She went into labor in the same way she did before: looking in the mirror.
Alessi: Am I really that ugly?
No sweetie, your beautiful. I'm not sure why that keeps happening!

You look calmer than usual.
Alessi: I've had way worse labor pains before. I GOT THIS!

After a short painless labor, Alessi gave birth to Baby #4, Ricky Bright.

He was born with the traits Loves the Outdoors and Slob.

And here is his twin, Baby #5 Rodrick Bright.

He was born with the trait, Athletic. I'm not sure what happened to his other one. I guess it didn't lock.

This is kind of a win, because not only are they Alessi's first twins, but Ricky is the first baby to not have the red and yellow hair. Which is good, since I'm sick of seeing orange every where.

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  1. This... *content sigh*... This is the best chapter yet ;) I'm famous! Lolz! Why'd Darshan have to look like an idiot though??? Even his mother! He's supposed to be a good guy in a family of mobsters! (No, not monsters... Well, ok, maybe!) And can he be at least somewhat involved with his kids??? And tell Alessi I say HI!!! And in my defense, who WOULDN'T want to know the genders!? Alessi has such cute kids!!!