Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Chapter Three- I Know What You Are!

I finally caught Alessi being a good mom to Stephen!
Alessi: Hey, come on!
Well, your kinda horrible at parenting.
Alessi: I'm not going to let him starve! And besides, a warm bottle makes him smile...
So you care about his happiness now?
Alessi: Well, his smile is so cute...

Alessi: What?!
You forgot to put Stephen to bed again!
Alessi: Well there's a lot of things to remember!
And your back to being a horrible parent...
Alessi: Hey! I resent that!
And Stephen is going to resent you...

Alessi: Here, I'm putting him to bed!
Was that so hard?
Alessi: Awww...look at that! He looks like he really loves me!
I can't imagine why!
Alessi: Shut it, Voice! Is it so weird for a child to love his mother?
When the mother is you, yes.

Alessi: I'm sick and tired of your attitude, Voice!
I'M the one with attitude?!
Alessi: Yes, and can't you just leave me in peace?!
Whatever, Alessi. I'm just trying to help.
Alessi: You've done enough!

Alessi, what are you doing in the bathroom? Stephen is crying for you!
Alessi: Why do you think I'm in the bathroom?!

Ah, morning sickness.
Alessi: Blech! This, and labor, is the worst part of being a parent!
Wait till you hit the teenage years!

Now that Alessi knew for certain that she was pregnant with her second one, she started spending a lot of time with Stephen.
Alessi: Come on Stephy, come to Mommy!

Alessi: *gasp* Yay Stephen! Your walking! Your walking!

Alessi: Whose the best walker in the whole world? Who is it?
Stephen: Me!
Alessi: Yes! You are the best walker in the whole world! Yes you are! Yes you are!
D'awwww! You do love him!

Alessi: Yes, Voice, I do love him. He's my baby boy, and my best friend.
That's adorable, Alessi.
Alessi: Shut up.

Oh, hey, you got your baby bump?
Alessi: Yup! And you know, Voice, I've been thinking about this pregnancy thing.
You were thinking?!
Alessi: Yes, well, I was thinking that it may not be so bad.
How so?
Alessi: Well, there's a little person growing in my belly. Growing bigger and bigger, like an alien of some sort laid her eggs in me.
Gross. And don't call the baby an alien! It's 50% you!
Alessi: Let's hope it's 100% me. I don't want it to have it's daddy's giant ugly nose.

Oh no, Alessi! Please tell me your not...
Alessi: I'm making some waffles.
But your horrible at cooking!
Alessi: Maybe I'll get good with practice!
But that's only in Disney movies!

Alessi: Pray for me, Voice!
I do every day...

Oh... wow!
Alessi: They are gorgeous! Just like my salad!
Please stop saying that your food is attractive. It's disturbing.

After Alessi was done eating, I sent her and Stephen off to go visit baby daddy #3
Alessi: Who would live in a shack like this?
Alessi, please be nice!
Alessi: But look at that cheap car. MY car is waaaay better than that junky little thing.
You may wanna be nice to this guy...

Alessi: Woah, is that a...
A vampire, yes.
Leighton: Greetings, I'm Leighton Sekemeto, and welcome to my home.
Alessi: This. Is. Awesome!

Alessi put Stephen down so she could go work her magic on Leighton, and Stephen went off and made a new friend.

Woah, that was fast.
Alessi: What can I say? I'm irresistible!
Leighton: Yes you are! I can just take a big bite out of you!
Uh, Alessi. I think you should grab Stephen and get out of here! NOW!
Alessi: Hang on a second!

I'm starting to think that I made a sim who has chemistry with everybody, because these two kind of make a beautiful couple.

However, the second Leighton turned around, Alessi whipped out her cellphone and called Christopher.
Alessi: Oh hi, Christopher. Nah, I'm not busy. Just hanging with a vamp.
Uh, Alessi...
Alessi: Shut up Voice, I'm on the phone!
Leighton's looking kind of... angry...
Alessi: Oh... okay then... time to get out of here!

Oh Alessi, what's wrong?
Alessi: I'm ticked off.
Alessi: Because I have that fabulous car, but everytime I wanna go some where with Stephen, I have to take a cab!
I'm sorry sweetie.
Alessi: Fix it, Voice!
But I can't! Your just going to have to deal.
Alessi: I hate you so much.
Things could be worse...

Baby's coming?
Alessi: This is worse than the first time! Can I please go to hospital NOW?!
Let me think about it. No.

Cheer up, Alessi. They say the most painful labors end quicker.
Alessi: Really?

Alessi was in labor for quite a while, but it all seemed worth it when she gave birth to baby #2, Autumn Bright.

She was born with the traits Friendly and Absent Minded. She also seems to have inherited her father's wonky nose, just as Alessi feared.

But now that Autumn was here, it was time for Stephen to become a child.
Alessi: Oh Voice, this is breaking my heart!
Oh come on, Alessi. it isn't a big deal!
Alessi: But he's my baby!
But you have another baby! And you're to have 98 more!
Alessi: But Stephy is my first!
Oh come on! It's the kids birthday, just put on a happy face and act like your thrilled!

Well, that's the creepiest happy face ever.
Alessi: Shut up Voice! I'm acting happy.
Like a clown?
Alessi: *sighs* Come on Stephy, blow out your candles.

Stephen aged up well and gained the trait, Light Sleeper.

Because of his artistic trait, Stephen took an intrest in painting.

Ummm Alessi? What are you doing?
Alessi: Oh Voice, my baby is growing up so fast!
Stephen: Mom, can you please stop talking to yourself for a minute? I need to focus.
Yeah, Alessi, stop talking to yourself!
Alessi: But look at him, he's a big boy now and is painting a masterpeice!
I don't think that it's really going to be...
Alessi: *starts to cry*
Stephen: Mom!
Oh boy...

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