Saturday, November 5, 2011

Chapter Thirty Seven: A (Belated) Halloween Special!!!

Sooo... I feel like I owe you guys an explanation. Okay, so i was planning and working so hard on a halloween special that I would actually be able to get out on Halloween out.. and then, boom! Blizzard strikes in October, and suddenly there is no power for Six. Whole. Days. It figures, right?
So by this point, I'm assuming you guys aren't in a very halloweenie mood, and I apologize for how late this is, so I am going to try to make this as awesome as i can. Sooo *clears throat* Here we gooo!

Ah, Halloween. The fear, the merriment, the childhood innocence. It was it is a holiday like no other, because it does not focus on love and joy and family values. No gifts are exchanged, except under the threat of your house being egged, and you can not....
Alessi: What are you doing?
Coming up with a Halloween special intro, what are you doing?
Alessi: Halloween? What's a Halloween?
It's a holiday!
Alessi: Oh... umm... What is a holiday, exactly?
*facepalm* Okay, okay... You know what, forget the intro! Let's just move along with the story!
Alessi: Oh, thank God! I don't think that I could take another second of your rediculous babbling!
You realize that I am still not going anywhere, right?

Moving right along to get to the spookiness, here is Miss Skylar Bright all aged up into a beautiful young lady. She aged up with that peticular hair, and even though I'm not personally a fan of the style, it's actually really cute on her! So anyways, Skylar aged up well, though for one reason or another she didn't actually get a new trait (The magic of Halloween, no?). But altogether, she is a smart and friendly outdoorsman who is a great kisser.

And this is Lyric! Aint she a doll? She's still my little twin with the puffy cheeks, except that they actually look good on her. And I love the color of her eyes! Too many of Alessi's kids end up with the dark eyes, so I looove when a kid gets a different colored eyes, especially the blue! So, anyways, Lyric aged up well and rolled the Kleptmaniac trait, which I wish that she could have gotten earlier so we could have had some fun, but alas, it was just not meant to be *sigh* Ah, well. Lyric is, altogether, a lucky neat freak, who excitedly steals things, and sleeps heavily.

I'm also sad to announce that our first ever triplets are now big bad *sniffles* TEENAGERS! *hysterically crying* This is Eva, our lovely little brunette... Who rolled the Insane trait! Mwahahaha, that is something to be happy about!

But what's better than one insane triplet, you ask? What about two? That's right, our lovely little Rachie also rolled the Insane trait! Ha, this soooo makes up for missing Lyric's klepto years!

And finally, here is the only triplet who actually inherited one the parent's hair, Lara. And she was also the only one spared the insane trait (What a pity, too. Three insane triplets would be EPIC!). Instead she got the Family Orienated trait, which is always good. Means that she will make us all some good grandbabies... As well as help her father out with his baby army....

Lyric: Oh, baby girls! I am going to miss the two of you sooo much!

Sabrina: Whatevs, ugly face! Me has a bottle, I no want you!

Jaycee: Oh, me is too busy with stick thingy! Can we do this later?

Skylar: Oh, forget it Lyric! You actually need to pick them up and hug them like this *snuggles*
Sabrina: If you do not put me down wight now, me will wip out your eyes and feed them to the fishies!
Skylar: Awww, you're soooo cute!
Sabrina: I mean it, sister! I mean it!

Eva: La la la laaa! Chopping up hotdooogs!
Hello Eva.
Eva: Uhh.... Lara? Was that you?
No, it wasn't Lara....
Eva: Rachel? .... Mommy?
No, Eva, it's Voice.

Eva: Oh no! It's the goverment! They put a chip in my head and now they are attempting to control my brain! Go little hotdogs, go into the microwave! The goverment won't find you in there!
I'm not the goverment, Eva! I'm...
Eva: You are, you are! You are Big Brother, I know you are!
I am not, and frankly I'm a little insulted that...
Eva: YOU'RE insulted?! I'm the one with the chip in my head! I'm the one being controlled! I'm the one being harassed day and night...
Okay, that's it! I'm done talking to you, this is rediculous!
Eva: I'M rediculous?! You are the one who has inserted a chip into my brain...
Okay, you know what, I am done with you!
Eva: No, Big Brother, I am done with YOU!

Rachel: Wow, I've never tried showering in my formal dress before! What a thrill!
I bet it is, Rachel.
Rachel: Uhhh..... Is that an echo?
No, it's not, I'm...
Rachel: Wow, there is such a big echo in here!
I am not an echo! I am your creator.. Well techicinally your mother's creator.... Hmmm...

Rachel: So... Let me get this straight, Echo...
Not an echo...
Rachel: Whatever! You are a voice... In my head?
Yup! Gee, your getting this faster than your sister!

Rachel: My sister?!
Ummm nothing?
Rachel: No, what about my sister?!
Well... She is a little bit whacky...
Rachel: LIAR!
Okay... So maybe this isn't going so well....

Alessi: *snore* So many smelly babies... *snore* Smells so bad.... *snore* Like rotting leftovers....

Alessi: Must marry rich man *snore*
Alessi: *snore* Marry him, and then get a big big ring *snore* Sell it for moneys...

Alessi: Okay... Okay! I'm up! I'm up!
About time!
Alessi: What could you possibly want?! It's nearly midnight!
Great, come on!
Alessi:... What am I missing here?
Just hurry up!

Alessi: Whoa.... What is this place?!
This is the old abandoned Goth place...
Alessi: Old?! Abandoned?! Goth?!
Ummm... Goth is the last name....
Alessi: Pfft, Voice! Houses don't have last names!

Alessi: Huh... This place has a certain... Rustic charm!
Really? I think that it's creepy!
Alessi: That's just because of your coward trait, Voice!

Alessi: The guy who lives here must be really special! I think that I'm going to give him some flowers!

Alessi: Hey, you aren't a guy!
Kyra: And you aren't the pizza guy!
Alessi: Pizza at 1 am?
Kyra: *sigh* Come on in....

Alessi: So this is awkward....
Kyra: Yeah, yeah it is!
Alessi: But there IS a guy here, right?!
Kyra: Only my ex husband, but I'm not sure you would wanna see him!
Alessi: Show me the way blue head! Show me the way!
Kyra: Your a loon... Though I think that you could use a good scare...
Kyra: Go up the stairs and through the door on your left
Alessi: Great! Thanks Blue! Come on Voice!

Alessi: *whispering* Wow Voice... There's something slightly eerie about this place...
I say...
Alessi: *gulp* Do you hear that moaning coming from the bedroom?
Yeah, it still sounds like a soul suffering for enternity!
Alessi: Ooh, I thought it was a couple of people having woohoo in there...

Alessi: Woah.....
Purplie: Hey, a person! A real live person! With skin and hair and everything!

Alessi: Huh... Soooo what are you exactly?
Purplie: I'm a ghost.
Alessi: You can't be! You aren't wearing a sheet!

Purplie: But I AM a ghost! My ex wife trapped me up here and starved me, and...
Alessi: I always thought ghosts were supposed to be white, not purple...
Purplie: Well, I starved so...
Alessi: Can you go through walls and junk?
Purplie: Oh sure, I just don't like to because it makes me feel....
Alessi: Are you like a bijillion years old?
Purplie: *sigh* Why are you here?!

Alessi:  Well Mr.Purpleghost!
Puplie: It's Purplie...
Alessi: Oh, whatever! Look, how long has it been since you have had woohoo?
Purplie: Erm... Maybe a few decades... I don't know how long I've been up here...
Alessi: Well, let's just assume that it's been a few hundred years!
Purplie: But, my ex wife is downstairs, still alive...
Alessi: Oh, hush! Now, do you want woohoo or don't you?
Purplie: Yes please.

Alessi: Okay, first things first! KISS ME YOU FOOL!
Purplie: Hmh?

Purplie: Wow... That was great! I haven't kissed a pretty girl in so long!
Alessi: Well, all I tasted was air! And it wasn't even good tasting air!
Purplie: I'm sorry...
Alessi: Oh forget it, I'm sure the woohoo will be better!
Purplie: Probably...
Alessi: Okay, so let's go!
Purplie: I haven't the left house in so many years...
Alessi: Oh, well, there's a first time for everything!
Purplie: Buuuut...
Alessi: Come on, let's go!
Purplie: But what about my...
Alessi: WE'RE GOING!

That seemed a little cruel...
Alessi: What? The blue haired one didn't put up much of a fight!
No, not that... You shouldn't have forced Purplie...
Alessi: And why not?
Because you could have had woohoo right there in the house....
Alessi: True, very very true.... But the cemetery seemed more appropiate!
Of course...

Purplie: Hey! A cemetery! Are we here to lay me to rest?
Alessi: No, havn't you been listening?! We are here to get some woohoo done!
Purplie: Woohoo here? How would...
Alessi: Just follow me inside the mausoleum!

Purplie: Oh, it's so dark and scary in here!
Alessi: Be a brave soul, man! You are the undead!
Purplie: I'm not undead, I AM dead!
Alessi: Exactly! You have nothing to fear anymore!
Purplie: You know, I can still feel pain and stuff!
Alessi: Yes, but now nothing can kill you! You have already been killed!

Despite offending the ghost, Alessi did get what she came for.

Alessi: Well, that was a waste of effort!
In what way?
Alessi: I didn't even feel it! And something definetly happened, but it was like the wind blowing at me!
Oh, well, what can you possibly expect? He's a ghost!
Alessi: I just thought that it would be special....
What a second, where is Purplie?
Alessi: Oh, I don't know. He said someting about going to Kevin. Not sure why he would wanna see my geeky son, though...
Going to Kevin? Don't you think he meant going to HEAVEN?!
Alessi: Oh no, that couldn't be it. He said he saw the Bright. And Bright is my last name...
He probably said the LIGHT! Why would he say he saw the Bright? That doesn't even make any sense!
Alessi: Well, there WERE a lot of echoes in there...

Rachel: Come on Eva, the bus is here!
Eva: I'm coming, I'm coming!
Rachel, listen!
Rachel: I don't wanna!
But you should really talk to Eva about me...
Rachel: And have her find out how weird I am?! No way!

Eva: Okay, I'm here! Who were talking to?
Rachel: Uhhh.... The busdriver?
Busdriver: No you weren't! You were talking to yourself!
Rachel: No I wasn't!
Rachel: Shut up, Echo!
Eva: I bet Big Brother is behind all this madness....

Sabrina: Hey, this dolly has bite marks on it!
Jaycee: Put the dolly down!
Sabrina: I is going to put my own bites on! Oh nom nom nom!

Jaycee: No no! You is scaring me!
Sabrina: Be scared, sister! Be very scared! Mwahahahaha!
Jaycee: Mommy, help me! Help me Mommy!

Alessi: *snore*

Alessi: *jumps out of bed* Good morning Voice!
It's three in the afternoon!
Alessi: Oh well, whateeevvvveeerr!
You sure are in a good mood today..
Alessi: Well, I have had no morning sickness!
Alessi: So maybe the pregnacy didn't take! And the challenge is over! Hurrah!

(Random floor change FTW)
Alessi: Aah! Nooo!
Haha, you got your baby bump!
Alessi: Whhhhhyyyyy?!
Because you are expected to become pregnant over and over and over again, that's why.
I try!

Rachel: OMG! It's here! It's finally here!
Lara: What's here?
Rachel: I have been waiting my entire life to see one!
Lara: Waiting your entire life to see what?
Rachel: I have heard they were real, but I didn't think I'd ever get to see one in person...
Oh come on Rachel, just tell us what it is!

Rachel: Oh Echo... it's the Frosty Dreams Ice Cream Truck!
Lara: Is that it? And who is Echo?
Rachel: Oh, I can't wait to taste  that popsicle!

Eva: No, don't go out there! See the black windows, and hear that suspicious music?! It's goverement checking in on us!
Oh Eva, would you just calm down? It is just an ice cream truck!
Eva: And now I hear Big Brother again! Aaaaaah! Make it stop! End the madness! END THE MADNESS!

Lara: Haha, you guys are sooo entertaining!

Meanwhile, in the bathroom....

Alessi: It burns! Like a millions suns!
How is it that every other time your in labor it's in front a mirror?
Alessi: Well, pregnant ladies need to look good too...
You are a fruit cake!
Alessi: Yum, fruit cake! That sounds... AAH!!!

Well, after all of that, Alessi gave birth to baby #28 Buffy Bright

She was born with the traits Friendly and Slob


And this is her brother, baby #29 Boo Bright

He was born with the traits Clumsy and Excitable

Aren't they both just a big pile of adorable?! I mean, but I am upset that they aren't ghosts, but I am thrilled that I finally got boy/girl twins! I mean, it took nearly thirty babies to get them, but better late than never, right?



  1. Aw, the twins are adorable! Too bad you didn't get any ghosts, though... Oh well, I suppose there's still 70 babies to go. :)

  2. Awe the Twins are gorgeous :3 No ghost, but, they make up fro it with adorableness <3