Saturday, December 24, 2011

Chapter Forty Two: Christmas Special!

Twas the night of the twenty fourth
And the cold winds did blow
But there's no Weather Expansion Pack
So there was not a bit of snow

A house sat defiantly
At the edge of the sqare
Unknowingly preparing
For the magic that is to happen there

The babes slept soundly
Safe in their beds.
While nightmares of their mother's sketchy maternity wear
Flashed through their heads

And there on the porch
A strange man stood with a grin
No one came to the door
So he had to break in

And then through the night
There rose such a clatter
Good parents would awaken
To see what was the matter

But Alessi stayed sleeping
All silent and chill
She cared nothing for her children
So she chose to stay still

But I forced her out of her slumber
And out to the hall
And what she saw right then
Was not what she expected at all

The house was filled to the brim
With toys and decor
Alessi seemed especially unnerved
By the tree near the door

She cursed the Voice loudly
Thinking this treatment wasn't fair
Until she noticed a little ways off
A strange man in a chair

He clutched her young infant
But Alessi cared nothing for that
She wanted this man's babies
Though he was a bit fat

The children all gathered around him
With joy twinkling in their eyes
They were very escatic
About their Christmas surprise

Buffy got a teddy
A friend for her to love
Boo recieved a top hat
And a pair of white gloves

Shane got a baseball
And a new cap
And Dennis hugged his new blankie
And took a long nap

And little cat Tuxie
Got a gift too
A brand new cat house
For whatever cats do

But Tuxie didn't appreciate it
In fact he was quite upset
So he murdered the easel
And made a huge mess

Alessi walked out
In a big fashion-not
But Boo couldn't help but express
That his mother looked hot

Alessi grabbed the strange man
And pulled him into an emabrace
The kids all watched them
And there was a scowl on each face

Alessi said his white hair
Made her feel shy
Than she expressed that she thought
He was a hot guy

She asked him if she could
Get a gift too
The strange man nodded
And followed her into her room

Shane watched them go in horror
With an angry scowl on his face
 His mother had ruined Christmas
She was such a disgrace

The two entered the room
And crawled up on to the bed
As dirty ideas
Flew through the two's heads

They cuddled a bit
But that's not where it ends
Alessi's not content
With just being friends

She pounced on top of him
And they quickly locked lips
Alessi pulled the blankets up over
And under they slipped

Woohoo was done that christmas morning
With Father Christmas himself
But he forgot to take off his shoes
The silly old elf!

And what happened after that?
Well, who can really say?
But we all know that Alessi's stomach
Grew three sizes that day


  1. That was amazing! It must have taken ages! Santa babies!

    Ah.. this is awesome. Merry Christmas.

  2. My sister and I laughed so hard XD

    Merry Christmas, Gracie!