Saturday, June 30, 2012

Chapter Forty Four: BIA

Heh... Hi... Sooo I'm guessing it's a safe bet that I don't have any readers anymore? Its been like five months after all...

Sooo yeah... First thing I'd like to say is...

Alessi: HEY!

Uhhh all explainations will have to be saved for later.... I think Alessi wants a word with me first... And based on that lovely expression, its not gonna be pleasant

Alessi: Hey! VOICE!!!
Erm, hey Alessi...
Alessi: You've got a lot of balls showing your face 'round here!!!
I don't have any balls. And you've never seen my face!
Alessi: Heh, right.
Well it's true...
Alessi: Doesn't stop the infuribating rage I feel inside!
It's not infuribating, its infuriating, and I'm sor-

Alessi: I don't wanna hear your stupid apology!
But I-
Alessi: Five months, Voice! FIVE MONTHS!!!
It's not my fault!
Alessi: Really? How hard is it to log on to a game?!
You don't log on to... Wait?! You know that you're in a game?!
Alessi: I've had a lot of time to think!
*gasp* You think?!
Alessi: Oh, shut up Voice!

Still, I feel that you deserve an explaination...
Alessi: I more than deserve it! I've been stuck here all alone with these sniffly little brats!
You're just as pleasant as I remember!
Alessi: Compliments won't get you anywhere! Get on with the explaination!!!
Fine! See, it wasn't my fault! I got grounded!
Alessi: It wasn't your fault you got ground?
...Okay, so maybe it was my fault!
Alessi: Ooh! What did you do! Rob a bank? Have a baby? Hire a prostitute? *gasp* Hire a prostitute to help you rob a bank and then have his baby?!
Uhhh no?
Alessi: Than what?!
I failed a class

Alessi: WHAT?!
Yeah! It's terrible, isn't it?
Alessi: That's it?!
That's it?
Alessi: You led me to believe that you got in a sexy love triangle with a prostitute and a banker-
Uhhh... What made you think...?
Alessi: And that the three of you got into a sweaty night of passion-
The three of us?!
Alessi: And then you had a baby that belonged to both of them-
Is that even possible?!
Alessi: And then you disapoint me by only failing a class!
I'm sorry?
Alessi: Me too, Voice! Me too!

Alessi: *High pitched voice* Hi I'm Voice! I'm gonna write a chapter every week! Oh never mind, that's not gonna happen because I'm stupid and I'm failing a class! And there's no prostitute in sight! I'm such a loser! La la la!
*sniffles* You're mean!

Alessi: I refuse to listen to you anymore! Get out of my head you stupid voice!
No way! You're stuck with me!
Alessi: Until you fail another class, right?!
Well, its summer you know...
Alessi: What's that?
Oh right, you guys don't have seasons... Well lets just say I dont have classes for a while
Alessi: *snorts* Doesn't matter, you're such a failure you wont even finish forcing me to have a hundred children against my will!
Is that a challenge?
Alessi: More like a prediction
Your on!
Alessi: Great... Now shut up! You're giving me a migrain...

Buddy: Ello there, Mr. Bear. Have you seen Lady BunnyPants lying around by any chance?
Oh my glob! Why is Buddy talking in full sentences? And in a weird british-y accent? And in rhyme?!
Alessi: Cause he's been left alone for five months, that's why
Left alone? Where have you been?
Alessi: Eating ice cream
I see...
Buddy: Mother, is somebody here? I don't see anybody anywhere. Why are you speaking to yourself?
Alessi: Hush up you oddball little creature!
Buddy: I might be the son of Santa, but you're the real elf!
Alessi: *bursts into tears*
Alessi: He called me an elf *weeps* Elves are faaaat!

Dennis: Weee! Pweety pink wunny flying evwerywhere!
Dennis hasn't changed all that much
Alessi: Yeah, but I'm sick of his annoying-ness. I'm aging him up
Why didn't you do it earlier?
Alessi: There was too much ice cream that had to be eaten
Of course

Alessi: Alright little boy child, let's-
Dennis: Mama! When I cwose mah eyes I swee spawrkles!!!
Alessi: *gasps* Really?! *closes eyes* Hey! I don't see anything!
Dennis: *giggles* Wust kwidding!
Alessi: I'm gonna get you for that...

Alessi: Yes, thats right, good boy. Reach for the flame...
Alessi: Not now Voice, I'm busy!
Trying to maime your son?!
Alessi: He lied about sparkles! How could a person do that?!
I don't know, but this isn't the answer!
Alessi: Oh, what would you know?! You haven't been here in five months!
Dennis: Mama's a screwbwall...

Buddy: Yes I do agree, brother of mine. Something in Mother's head is less than fine
Alessi: Go away! You give me the creeps
Buddy: Creepy I may be, I'm not the one with no sanity
Alessi: That's it! Go back in the nursery so I won't have to hear you! *mumbling* Geeze, first Voice now this...
Buddy: I'll go back, but just keep in mind, something always goes wrong to those who are unkind
Alessi: *snorts* I don't know what that means, but you better get your caboose back to the nursery right now!

So anyways, Dennis escaped from his party unharmed, aged up to be rather cute, and gained the Grumpy trait
Dennis: Who gave me this stupid haircut?! It's so stupid!

Dennis: This cake is stupid too! I'm a guy, not a little girl! I never asked for a flowery cake! And it better be chocolate! Vanilla tastes like hatred!

Buffy: You idiot! Where are you going?! It's only second period!
Boo: So what?! I'm too cool for school!
Buffy: So your good with not getting an education?
Boo: Heck yeah I am!
Buffy: Well McSims needs workers too
Boo: Screw you, I do what I want!

Boo: Good riddance, high school!
Boo? What are you doing?!
Boo: Oh, hey Monster. Haven't heard from you in a couple years
Five months!
Boo: Whatevs
Where are you going?
Boo: I dunno. Maybe I'm gonna go start my life as a gangsta in Stangetown
That's nuts
Boo: Maybe, but it's my calling. I'm too cool for this town

What's with the pink bike?
Boo: I took in from my sister. Aint it fly?
Yeah, Boo, you really are pretty fly for a white guy
Boo: Heck to the yeah I am!

Shane: I don't know what Boo is complaining about! I love school! I love reading and writing and speaking spanish!
Kid, I wish you could hear me. You're my new favorite!!!

Alessi: Ah shite, Tuxie! Not again!
Does he do this often?
Alessi: That's the eighth dresser this month
Alessi: But it's a small price to pay!
A small price to pay for what...?

Alessi: He ate all the fish!
What?! All of them?!
Alessi: Yep! I can say I'd never been happier when I saw those empty bowls!
Alessi: Whaaaat?!
That's terrible!
Alessi: I don't care! I love this cat now! He keeps my house smelling normal!
As normal as it can with 100 kids living in it
Alessi: Exactly!

Buffy ended up coming home early and sleeping on the couch

Dennis: Whaaaaaaat?
Alessi: I do hope that you're planning on cleaning that up!

Dennis: Why don't you do it, old lady?! You have a lot of practice from cleaning up after your other thirty one smelly brats!
Alessi: Uh, no! No one makes fun of my babies, except me! Not even my other babies can my fun of babies! You go clean that up and take a shower, before things go baaaad for you!
Dennis: Things turned bad when you gave birth to me!
Alessi: What is that supposed to mean?!
Dennis: It means you're a terrible mother!
Alessi: And what is that supposed to mean?!
Dennis: *grumbling* Forget it...*stomps away*

And with that, this chapter is concluded! Hopefully I still have an audience of some sort, and I really am sorry about me getting grounded and all. But I am so determined to actually finish this thing, and I promise that if I ever take a very long break again, I will be back!

Also, I'm going to advertise my bestest friend Maddy's 100 baby challenge, which features Rowan Evander, who is like Alessi in many ways (Although I still think Alessi is crazier!!!) Anyways its really funneh and really awesome, so check it out!!!

Okays, seeya later!!! :D


  1. Buddy reminds me of Stewie Griffin!!! Buddy scares me. O.O

    1. And thanks for the advertisement!!! :D

    2. Hi Maaadddddddyyyy!!!
      I was going for that! And I added a bit of Zecora with the rhyming... Though you dont know who Zecora is, so never mind that xP
      And no problem!!! <3