Monday, July 2, 2012

Chapter Forty Five: Adios Gato!

It's birthday time in the Bright household! The first real one in over five months!

Alessi: About time too! I've just about had enough of looking at all their faces! They need to age up so they'll look different already!
Are you still in your night gown?
Alessi: Yeah, so?
Eew! How long have you been wearing that?
Alessi: A while. Why does it matter?
It's just icky! Put on some normal clothes!
Alessi: No! you abandoned me! I shouldn't have to listen to you!
You change or no birthday party!

Alessi: Here. Satisfyed?
Very much so.
Alessi: Great. Can we start the party now?!
Uh huh. Everythings already set up, they just have to blow out the candles

Buffy: Heh! Time for me to become a young adult and get out of this nightmare
Alessi: *whispering* Did she light those candles with her laser vision?
Shh! She doesn't have laser vision!
Alessi: But her eyes are so RED!
Buffy: What was that Mom?!
Alessi: Nothing! Just blow out the candles already!

Boo: You call this a party? When I age up next, its going to be ten times better than this!
Hey, why don't you drop the cool guy act for five minutes and be happy for your sister?!
Boo: It's not an act. I really am cool!
Buffy: Boo, who are you talking to?
Boo: Monster. Who are you talking to?
Buffy: A complete whack job, that's who! And how DARE you call me a monster!
Ah geeze...

Tuxie: Mew! Mew!
Buffy: *sigh* Thanks Tux...
Boo: You can understand him?!
Buffy: Well, no, but I know he's cheering me on!
Boo: He's a CAT!
Buffy: And your a loser! Any questions?!

Well after that whole thing, Buffy aged up into a lovely young woman. She gained the Dramatic trait, so all together she is a mean spirited animal lover who notices a lot of stuff and likes to be dramatic alone. Quite an interesting mix, no?

Boo: Yes, my turn! Now things are about to get twenty percent cooler in the house!
God, Boo, when was the last time you showered?!
Boo: I'm too cool for that!
NO ONE is too cool for that!
Boo: Well I guess that makes me cooler than everyone! *laughs*
Oh, please just blow out the candles so we can be rid of this rediculous phase!

Dennis: *giggling* Look, the trainwreck's gonna blow out the candles!
Alessi: Hush, Dennis!
Dennis: Hush yourself, old hag!
Alessi: You'd watch your mouth if you knew what was good for you!
Buffy: *laughing*  Have fun at your party Boo Boo! I'm going to go nap!

And with that, Boo reached adulthood. Isn't he adorable? He gained the Cat Person trait, which I suppose goes well with his sister's Animal Lover trait. All together, Boo is a geniusly insane cat person who trips all the time and gets excited about everything

Alessi: Hey blondie!
Shane: Hey redhead! I have a name you know!
Alessi: Oh fine! Shea, get over here!
Shane: That's not my name! And I'm buuusy!
Alessi: I don't care! You're going to age up whether you like it or not!
Shane: No!
Alessi: What did you say to me, Shannon?!
Shane: No! I don't want to! You don't even know my name, why should I make your life easier by aging up early?!
Alessi: Cause if you don't, someone's losing their fairy princess doll!
Shane: *drops book* You know about that?!
Alessi: Uh huh.
Shane: *twitch* Okay, I'm coming...
Buffy: *snore*

So Shane reluctantly blew out his candles, though his mother didn't even stick around to see it

Though I must admit, he grew up to be rather handsome! He rolled the Family Orienated trait, which is unusal with the Hot Headed trait, but eh, even the best father loses their temper sometimes, right?

After the parties, I arranged a little surprise for Alessi. I wanted to make up for the five months I left her to her own devices, and also because I want to get the ball rolling on this challenge
This is Dusk Carmody, who is from the story Tough Love, which unfortunetly isn't being written anymore due to glitches and all that, and also unfortunetly I lost the link so you can't read it... I'm on a roll of being a horrible person, huh?!

Alessi: *runs out* Hey, a hot guy on my porch!
Dusk: Hey, an attractive redhead coming out to greet me
Alessi: *giggles*

Alessi doesn't like to waste time ;-)

Buffy: *snore*

Alessi: Come on hot dude, this way...
Buffy: Huh?! Who's there? SHOW YOURSELF!

Buffy: Mom?! Did you hire me a stripper for my birthday?!
Alessi: What?! No!
Buffy: Well why is there a hot guy in here?!
Alessi: He's my sex puppet for the night!
Buffy: *gags* Why would anybody want to spend a whole night with YOU?!
Alessi: Are you calling me fat? *weeps*
Buffy: No, I'm calling you a self centered pig who's popped thirty two kids out from between your legs!
Alessi: So I'm fat?!
Buffy: Very much so! *marches away*
Dusk: Nevermind her, you aren't fat, and I think we should go do stuff now
Alessi: Sketchy stuff?
Dusk: Yep!
Alessi: *brightens up* I like that idea!

Alessi: Haha! I haven't done THIS in a while!
Really? I would have thought that you would have made your rounds while I was gone!
Alessi: How could I, with you not sending guys up to my front door every few days?!
Dusk: ...Whaaa?
Alessi: Nothing!
Dusk: ?
Alessi: Ah, come on babe! Don't stop now! We have a few more hours to kill!

The next morning, Buffy approached her mother
Buffy: Mom, we need to talk
Alessi: Erm, go away red eyed child!
Buffy: *snorts* Really? You're still on that?! What about Boo? He's got red hair!
Alessi: That's different, red hair can't shoot out lasers!
Buffy: Niether can my eyes, but I WISH they could! I'd love to see you go up in flames!
Alessi: Touchy...

Buffy: Look, I'm out of here! Boo and I are all packed up and we're leaving now!
Alessi: Awes! Where's Boo? I need to say goodbye!
Really? Still choosing favorites?
Alessi: Shut up, Voice!
Buffy: Mother, can't you cease your brainless babbling for ten seconds and let me speak?!
Alessi: *scowls* Fine. Talk.

Buffy: I've always hated living here, and Boo had too! We're going, and we're never coming back!
Alessi: Well, the two of you ARE young adults now. I can't really control your lives
Buffy: Exactly.
Alessi: So get out. And send Boo over so I can say goodbye!
Buffy: I'd be glad to, trust me, but there's one more thing I need to say before I leave.
Alessi: What?

Buffy: I'm taking the cat

Alessi: What?! No! You can't...
Tuxie: *hiss*
Buffy: Yes I can! You never feed him! You've never loved him!
Alessi: I don't have to feed him! He eats all the fish! And I love him cause he eats all the finsh!
Buffy: That's not enough, and I refuse to leave him here for you to taint
Tuxie: Mrrow mrrw!
Buffy: Exactly, Tuxie *turns and walks away* Goodbye mother. I hope I'll never have to see your stupid pink face ever again!

Boo: Monster? Hey Monster?
Hey! You're leaving?
Boo: Of course! i'm a young adult now!
And you're gonna go live with Buffy?
Boo: Yep! She's letting me stay because I'm going to pay for the cat food
Well, that sounds like a healthy relationship...
Boo: Oh well. I need a place to crash and she needs to feed Tuxie
Well, I guess that seems fair... Just be careful, alright?

Boo: I'll be fine!
And promise me you aren't going to be acting like a cool jerk!
Boo: *laughs* No way! That was just a teenager thing!
Okay... And if you happen to run into Dane or Rachel or Eva, could you tell them that I say hi?

Boo: Huh? Who are they?
You're half-siblings!
Boo: Half-siblings?
You don't know about them?
Boo: Nope!
You don't even remember Eva and Rachel? They lived here when you were a toddler!
Boo: I don't remember them...
*sigh* Okay then, well make sure that you stay safe. And take care of Tuxie, alright?
Boo: *grins* No problem, Monster!
Boo, I'm not a-
Boo: I have to go! Seeya!

And with that, our halloween babies, and the first girl/boy twins, along with Alessi's precious pet, walked out of their home forever

Hey Alessi, what's wrong?
Alessi: Nothing! I just have a cobweb in my eye!
Do you miss the twins already?
Alessi: Huh? No! Well... maybe Boo a little. But not Buffy. If I ever see those eyes of her's ever again, it'll be too soon!
So whats the matter...?

Alessi: If you must know, I miss Tuxie!
But  Alessi, you can always get another cat!
Alessi: I don't want another cat! I want the greatest fish killer in all of Sunset Valley!
Alessi: *runs out*
*sigh* Pregnancy hormones... I hope!


  1. Lol she took the cat! XD But no new babies... D: ...yet!

    1. The babies are coming, don't worry!

  2. And on another note: Why do I have to prove I'm not a computer? I am not Cleverbot!!!


    I miss him <3

    1. Yeah, I found him on my computer and I just had to use him ^.^