Sunday, April 13, 2014

Chapter Fifty: The Ticket Gamblers

The evening after spilling her guts to Don, Alessi spun into this cute purple dress thing.

Alessi: Lookie Voice! I got my baby bump!
Yup! That's to be expected. You are pregnant after all.
Alessi: Do you think that the baby'll be pink?
Alessi: I hope so. I like the idea that there's a pink thing inside of me.
Well you can speculate about that later! There's business to be taken care of, first.
Alessi: What business?
You have to age up Erik!
Alessi: Bleh.
Oh come on, you know how this goes! 
Alessi: I know, I know, whenever I'm preggers the kids are all aged up.
Yeah, that's right!
Alessi: But that seems like such a hassle!
Oh would you just go get it over with?!
Alessi: Can't we just do it in the morning? I'm soooo tired after telling my life story to Don today!
Fine. Whatever. As long as it gets done soon. 

Erik: Mama, ish my birthday!
Alessi: Just blow out the candles. I wanna go relax.
Erik: But I dun' know how to!
Alessi: What? What the heck is wrong with you?
He's a toddler!
Alessi: He's practically a child!
Well, he isn't one yet! You're his mother, help him out a bit, won't ya?
Alessi: I don't want to!
Erik: Mama, who you talking to?

Alessi: Nevermind. Just do what I do, okay?
Erik: Otay Mama.

Erik aged up into such a little cutie! I see a good mix between Don and Alessi in him. Anyways, he rolled the Hot Headed trait. Should be entertaining!

Immediately after Erik's party, Alessi passed out in the rocking chair

Erik: Hark! It's the great white whale! She's a big one alright, and she's...She's a redhead! Oh the humanity! She's coming right for the ship!

Erik: Battle stations! Battle stations, everyone! If she wants a fight, she's gonna get a fight!

After pretending to shoot torpedoes at his mother, Erik starts to teach himself how to play chess. He get's pretty good at it too, considering he is just a beginner.

Geoffrey Landgraab ended up showing up with his kid a short time later, as well as  with the smallest, brightest little fairy wings I've ever seen.

Erik: UGH! Who's the at the door?! I'm trying to practice!

Malcolm: Hello there!
Erik: Hey. Who are you?
Malcolm: My name is Malcolm. I live just next door.
Erik: That's cool. Why are you here?
Malcolm: My father was concerned that I wasn't getting enough social interaction, so I thought you and I could um, 'hang out'.
Erik: Look dude, that sounds terrible, and frankly, I'm in the middle of practicing chess...
Malcolm: Oh! I love chess! I could play against you!
Erik: Well... I could use some experience playing against a real person.... Oh, okay, come on in.
Malcolm: Excellent!

Malcolm: Hey, you're pretty good at this.
Erik: I know.
Malcolm: Why don't we make this a little more interesting?
Erik: Funny, I thought a nerd like you would find chess interesting enough as it is.
Malcolm: Well my father gave  me fifty simoleans to order a pizza.
Erik: Fifty bucks?! What kind of pizza costs fifty bucks?!
Malcolm: My dad is sort of out of touch with the real world.
Erik: Obviously.
Malcolm: But instead I'll bet you fifty simoleans that I win this game.
Erik: No way! I don't have fifty bucks!
Malcolm: Well, then what do you have?

Erik: Nothing of value! Except...
Malcolm: Except, what?
Erik: My dad bought me some baseball tickets...
Malcolm: Oh. I don't really like sports.
Erik: I didn't think you did.
Malcolm: But my dad does... Hmmm.... Okay, it's a bet!
Erik: Fine. I hope you are prepared to lose your money, chump!

Malcolm: I am most unprepared, because I have... CHECKMATE!
Erik: WHAT?! NO WAY!
Malcolm: Hand over those tickets you nit!

Erik: I'm not giving you my tickets, you turd face!
Malcolm: I won the game fair and square!
Erik: You know you were about to win! That's not fair!
Malcolm: Yes. Yes, it is fair!
Erik: You aren't getting my tickets, scumbag.
Malcolm: Yes I am! Or else I'm going to tell my father on you!

Erik: Get the hell out my house.

Erik: Mom?
Alessi: Yes, Don Spawn?
Gosh, Alessi, put a shirt on! You're going to scar your kid for life!
Alessi: Shut up, Voice!
Erik: Mom, I really need to talk to you.
Alessi: Okay, okay. What?
Erik: Mom, I bet some baseball tickets that Dad gave me on a chess game, and I lost.
Alessi: So?
Erik: So I don't wanna give 'em up! And Malcolm's going to tell his dad on me!
Alessi: Just ignore him. I ignore all my problems, and I turned out just fine.
Yeah, right! 
Alessi: Didn't I just tell you to SHUT UP Voice?!
Erik: .... I'm in trouble.

Later that night, Alessi was working on a trashy novel that she entitled "Your Lips Say No, But Your Eyes Say 'Take Me'".
Erik: Eww! What reeks?!
Alessi: I got all sweaty writing about all the passionate love making.

Alessi: OW! Here we go again!

Erik: Ahhh! What's going on?! Are you in labor?!
Alessi: Stop yelling, Don Spawn! You're stressing me out!
Erik: Well, shouldn't we go to the hospital or something?!
Alessi: No, I usually just give birth right here.
Erik: Huh?! Does a midwife come, or...
Alessi: No. Usually it's just me. And sometimes Voice.
Erik: That's crazy!
Alessi: It's how things are done here. Either get used to it or get out!

Erik: Fine! I'm going to bed! Have a good labor, you weirdo!

After a quick and painful labor, Alessi gave birth to baby #32, Henry Bright

He was born with the traits Adventurous and Perspective

And here is his twin, baby #33, Ryan Bright

He was born with the traits Adventurous and Friendly

Two little adventurous boys! So cute! I named Henry after Indiana Jones, but Ryan isn't really named after anybody. I just thought up the name. Oh well, Ryan sure is a little doll despite the utter lack of a cool namesake. He's pink, for crying out loud! Alessi will be pleased.

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